Aung San Suu Kyi has won by landslide victory ,as ruling party conceded defeat in Myanmar’s first free elections in 25 years

  • Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy has won by land slide victory .The 70-year-old led the campaign for democracy in the country, which is currently ruled by a military dictatorship
  • But a military constitution, condemned as ‘very silly’ by Suu Kyi, means she will not be made president herself
  • Nobel Peace Prize winner spent 20 years under house arrest until 2010 ,when military refused to accept 1990 victory. She is the only lady ruler in the world today


They live in a different world . We mortals cannot even see them. They have their own aircraft ;how can they wait for booking a flight? They own yachts to spend their days in the seas, to avoid inclement weather.
Do they have quarrels at home , divorces, frustrations ,  suicides etc.? They control the markets and have their own research centres.
The nether world
This is the very opposite of the super rich. Arm dealers, smugglers, pimps, traffickers in women, terrorists , IS warriors, dealers in narcotics –the list is long. They own wealth comparable to the super rich, but no luxury for these people ; rarely do they have a natural death. They enjoy the days in drinks and women , I suppose. They are never seen by us.
Our world
Between these two , lies our world where the majority eke a living, worrying about daughters’ marriage, loans , unemployment etc. Most stories and films depict our life and so it is familiar to us.



Prime Minister Modi has taken a bold step in visiting China. They have already signed agreements worth sixty five crore rupees investment by china in Indian Railways, infrastructure etc.

It is also decided that disputes between the two countries will not be allowed to come in the way of friendship between the neighbours . This is a bold step, which the old Congress Government will never have dared to venture. It is a sign of brave Statesmanship.

Times have changed ;the new world is concerned about commerce. There is no possibility of war and conquest now. China is the greatest economic power in the world. With India, we account for majority of world population and hence greatest purchasing power. We have what is called “Public Sector “ investments , which is a cushion against economic depression , still threatening the world.

I congratulate Modi.


A dirty war is being unleashed against Syria. The US forces withdrawn from Iraq, are being made ready to wage war, to destroy that country.

All Arab nations are facing uncertain future. In the power vacuum, created by the overthrow of Governments, fanatical Muslim extremists are quietly building up a united front, to capture power.
This is the worst thing to happen. Extremists all over South Asia find it convenient because Arab money and Asian man power can be a deadly combination.
The people all over the western world, are waging a peaceful war against the capitalists, Dalal Street movement.
In India, Anna Hazare is waging a war against the Government. Most likely, a hung parliament may come after the bext election.
Economic depression is threatening all the world.
Destabilisation is the key note of the Future.

WE ARE ALL LONELY – <script type='text/javascript' src=

Alone we came into this world, unsolicited and unwelcome. Alone we struggle against all odds, battered and broken hearted.
When we come across a friend, our spirits soar, expectations become high,the world becomes a paradise.
Alas! It is only a mirage; our hopes are betrayed.
Alone we continue to wade through slush, walk over thorns, fall and get up, because the journey must proceed, till death beckons us…
Alone we enter that unknown dark tunnel.

HEARTY WELCOME, OBAMA !!!=’text/javascript’ src=

As a great man and the President of the mightiest country in the world, you are most welcome, to see this ancient land of great thinkers and sages. India has given birth to mathematicians and astronomers like Aryabhattan and religious leaders like the great Budha, whose Ahimsa is a beacon to the world, weary with strife and wars.
I do not know whether your busy schedule will allow you to have a glimpse of the great Himalayas. At least, fly over the mountains!
We wish you a fabulous time!

I LIKE THE RAINS =’text/javascript’ src=

It is pleasant to watch the rains from the balcony of my bungalow, sipping coffee and eating snacks, because we are always hungry in this season, which brings down the temperature considerably.

I like to walk in the heavy rain, fully protected inside the mackintosh, watching the currents in the streams, at first muddy, afterwards clear, when little children catch fish.
I like to see the rainbow, drawn in the sky when He is in a jovial mood. It has a beautiful name in Hindi- indradhanush (bow of Lord Indra)

I like to see the lightning, followed by the deafening sounds of thunder, reverberating in the sky. I like even storms, shaking the trees and and blowing leaves in all directions.
The thirsty earth absorbs every drop of water, enabling grass and shrubs to come out from their hiding inside the soil, clothing naked earth with beautiful green saris, later laced with colourful flowers, attracting butterflies who impregnate the plants with pollen grains.
It is the time of all round growth.
When the soil is saturated with water, it flows in small channels which merge to form bigger rivers and flows back to the seas, from where the water drops evaporated to form clouds enjoying leisurely glide across the sky.
Alas! It is the season of floods, causing havoc all over the world. (See my blog about eliminating floods)