Palette of life!

You can do it baby….nothing is impossible, it’s just a small elevation. Mama, I have vertigo!! And that’s the end of the conversation…:)  Well, this is not a scene depicting an effort to scale the majestic Mount Everest, this is my fallible attempt of blandishment to get my teen daughter to buy a pair of footwear with a wee bit of heels.

Another day, many moons back; on my return from office in the peak of Delhi summers, I opened the refrigerator to reach out to have cold milk to quench my thirst. To my surprise, I saw that the school uniform belonging to my younger daughter tucked in neatly in the refrigerator. When reminded that she swapped the place and these are supposed to go in the laundry bag and not in the refrigerator, prompt came the response ‘I want to wear cold cloths to school to beat the scorching heat.

Why did I had to pass on my junk jeans to my children, limiting them to a very narrow colour palette of life. I  was bewildered and was not sure if to celebrate their out of box thinking or to take cognisant to the fact that they are swimming against the stream.The fact that my daughters are so much off with the mainstream life of teens made me a bit anxious. But then over a period of time I realised and accepted their detestability for myriad so called ‘normal’ things be it cosmetics, taking selfies or as simple as getting used to the whistle from a pressure cooker! As long as benevolence and creativity thinking becomes their core characteristic, I now take comfort in our default settings.

She walks out of the shoe store with a strut and I follow her footsteps!


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