Just twenty days to go for Parliamentary election, the scenario is becoming comical.

There is rebellion in BJP and the Indian National Congress, with a large number of disgruntled people standing against the official candidates.. Even the CPM has become subject to dissatisfaction and may lose some seats.  The voltae face by Achuthandan, in the murder case of Radha’s husband T.P.Chandrasekharan. has brought hom public ire.

There are allegations against Am Admi Party too.Kejriwal is spending money like water !



She is very excited, because they are giving a farewel party to her in her Anganwadi.
She is 3 years 3 months old and her parents have decided to shift her to CNN school at Cherpu, where I too studied for some time
These days, children are tied to schools, even before the end childhood. It is a pity.
Rabindranath Tagore hated schools and he started Shantiniketan, where children sat under a tree in the open and learned under the guidance of a Guru.
I could have easily prepared for my tenth year exams, in just three years, concentrating on mathematics, science and geography. Languages can be learned easily by reading books.
Today’s system aims at learning by heart, and discourages free thinking.


The distance between the Sun and the Earth is minimum on twenty first of March, the orbit being elliptical.
Another reason is that Kerala is nearer to the equator by 0.5 degree.
There was no rain during the last several months and the dam reservoirs are at low level. Power cuts will become inevitable.


AAM ADMI PARTY leader Kejriwal has declared his intention to defeat Modi, wherever he may stand for elections to the Parliament . In spite of opposition from Murali Manohar Josih,i, Modi succeeded in wrenching his seat at Varanashi and now faces a tough fight from Kejriwal. If the other parties stay away, Modi may be defeated because, only about 35% votes BJP used to get!
The media, especially TV channels are excited with this STAR WAR !!!


In my dreams, all my friends are very young. I see my image in a mirror, with thick flock of hair. A very orthodox namboodiry appears in sports attire or something funny about other people, whom I have never seen.
Why is this?
There is something the sympathetic nervous system, controlling our activities while we sleep. Digestion, breathing etc. are examples. It is like the bureaucracy which keeps the Government functioning, even when the Minister is absent.
This lower layer of the brain keeps all things in the brain, like a computer. It is necessary to screen the data, before sending it to the upper layer, the consciousness, as otherwise, the latter cannot function.
The lower level works like fitters; the upper layer like engineers.
Wish fulfilment too happens, like when I fly in the air! Before I wake up, I see water, pure blue water in my dream.
I like to have the views of my viewers.


At present there are a number of government offices, at various levels; the village panchayat at grass root level and the Union Government at the apex. All other offices should be abolished.
All work can be digitalized. Citizens may hand over a request or representation or complaint at a single window. Adhar number should be given.
Receipt clerk will give an acknowledgement, giving a number, like the PMR number of a railway ticket. With this, he can find out the status from the web site.
Officer can work from home too, studying the papers and giving orders in the file. Periodic transfers should be stopped. Consultations may be done through video conference.
All government orders, court Judgments etc. must be posted in the web page, avoiding the necessity of sending by post. This way, time and money can be saved.
Jails should be abolished. Culprits should wear jail cloths and work in Government Projects without wages. They may stay at home, if they like
No doubt, these are revolutionary suggestions; let us change with the times!


When I visited my old friend, A young woman, almost a girl, with a boy of about six years came to visit him. It seemed to be a courtsey call and the boy touched my friend’s feet. He gave him a hundred rupee note. When they departed, my friend explained:

“She is my sister’s dayghter, now a widow. Her husband was a clerk in Police

I had gone to visit my friend. When we were talking, a young woman, almost a girl, came with her son, about six years old. It was a courtsey call, and before departing, the boy touched my friend’s feet. He gave him a hundred rupee note. After their departure, he explained:

“She is my sister’s daughter, now a widow. Her husband was in the Police department, and now working in the same post. Her only problem is accommodation, because she was transferred to Trichur near your house. Can you accommodate her?”

“Of course I should be happy; but you know I am a bachelor. The house is in a dilapidated condition. If she can adjust, it is O.K. for me. “

Saumya came with her son. She did all kitchen work and my maid did the cleaning work. I used to take the boy on my cycle as the bus point was four miles away. I found the girl hard working and interested in gardening. As we became closer, she said:

“You have this big estate and you do not care for it?”

“I am only interested in my press. On Sundays I like to read. If you like it, I shall employ labourers to work in the estate.”

Within six months, the whole estate was transormed from a wild forest, into plantation. Hundreds of coconut trees and banana trees were planted, in addition to appale trees etc.
A friend who visited me on a Sunday cried out in surprise “What a change, my dear friend!”
Just then, Saumya appeared with and greeted the newcomer.
“Sau, bring tea. This is my old friend”
“Are you married?”
“Oh, no. She is a widow staying with me”
“How old are you?”
“Nearer to forty”
“Have you ever loved any one?”
“In the college; it was juvenile fancy. We never met again. I suppose she is in the US”
“Then seriously think of marrying this widow”
“I may welcome it, but will she agree? She is only twentyfive”
Months passed, without any change in our attitude. She looked after me like a dutiful wife, but never showed any signs of intimacy, let alone love.
One day I saw a stranger talking to Sau, when I returned home.
She looked elderly and could not believe my eyes when I recognised my old friend Sunanda. Greu streaks appeared in her black curly hair. She looked more beautiful than in her youth. She ran to me and embraced me tightly, ignoring the presence of Sau.
It took some minutes for me to regain my composure.
“I have been trying to get your address, in vain. I recollected your description of your village home and came here, as soon as I landed in India. I am an architect and have made a rough sketch of the plan to rebuild this house. Do not protest. It will be with my money.”
The next months were busy. I introduced some builders to my friend and work started.
Sau became pensive
“What is wrong with you?”, I asked.
“Your friend is like a white woman and very beautiful. Why don’t you marry her?”
I laughed. “It was like juvenile fancy. She may be married already”
It seems she talked to my friend, because afterwards she told me:
“You men fail to notice signs of affection. Saumya loves you deeply. Shall I talk to her?”
“I am too old for her”
“Bullshit. You are her only hope. Othrs may not agree to marry a widow with a child, unless she is very rich. Don’t you care for her?”
So it was decided and I felt relieved. At heart, I loved her from the very beginning…