Midlife crises

Let’s talk about it. It’s been some time I have been pondering on midlife crises and its implications. So to know about it, my first point of reference was Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, midlife crisis is a phase taken from life between 45-60 where most people go through the so called “midlife crises” displaying a variety of symptoms and a range of behaviours. Now that’s a pretty broad range and time to go through the crises!

I remember, not to long ago, for having cut my hair too short (which was more a remedy for my chemically treated hair and I desperately wanted to have a new crop of hair), I was subjected to few crude remarks from my male colleagues indicting me to be going through midlife crises.  Very frankly, until that time I remained very much ignorant of what midlife crises was all about. The thought however remained fertile and now that I have some time in hand, I am tempted to explore the topic.

If I look at my parent’s life, it makes me wonder if ever they had to go through his phase. As far as my recollection goes, I doubt if they ever were subjected to this life conundrum. I think our lives as children was a very dull and nondramatic in many ways! I guess my sister and brother can vouch for it.  Which implies that my parent’s emotions graph, if plotted, remained very much within the normal ranges.

Not getting into details of what it is like going through midlife crises, or challenging its existence or calling it a mere cultural construct, it would be worth exploring if there are  ways to bypass this phase? In my view, taking life as it comes and not think too hard about the future is one way to avoid being a petulant. I am fortunate in many ways to inherit few good genes, particularly from my father side, which allows me to dodge all the negativity and feel young at heart! Let’s keep it simple. Let’s live and enjoy life. What say friends?


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