It is produced in all countries, including America. There are 96,865 registered tobacco farmers in India . It must be remembered that it is poisonous and can cause cancer. All Governments spoil the health of citizens and refuse to ban the cultivation of tobacco. Like liquor , it gives revenue to the State; so let people suffer!

My memory is that of my father , who used to chew this , along with betel leaves and areca nut. If I go near and smell the hollow bamboo in which it is stoked, I would sneeze! I hate those who smoke.



The Prime Minister of Greece , has received the mandate of the people for continueing his fight against the Capital of Europe and America. The prices have gone up , but the Government will not surrender to the dictates of International Capital.
This is the first time , a nation has broken away from Global Capital. India has to watch the developments. We too may be forced to follow the example of Greece In spite of all efforts of Prime Minister Modi , we have not received investments from abroad.


The second Sunday of May is observed as MOTHRS DAY’
This began in 1905 in America. I am surprised that the print media have ignored this. We owe our life to mother.
How patient she is ! For nine months she alone can look after us.
In India, there is Devi worship. It is real love of mother, who is personified as a Goddess



While I was going to attend a marriage, a very amiable gentleman came close to me . “Who are you? What do you want? “ I asked irritably. He was tall and has a likeable face with curly hair . But a lady cannot be comfortable, if followed by a man.

He replied:”I am a wanderer. I thought I may get food in the feast, if I pretend to be your companion. I have no invitation.”

I could not help laughing , but did not want to offend him. In a marriage party, anyone can come and eat. Is it necessary to have a friend?

“You must be having some job, a family in the town or some background. Tell me , I may be able to help.?”

“I worked in the army for some months; but was disqualified after Police verification. They found some leaflets circulated by my Communist friends. Actually I have no connection with Naxalites. At home I have my parents and a sister, studying in the college. I belong to Wynad.”

I felt sorry for him. The marriage was to take place later in the night and we sat at the same table and began enjoying snacks and sweets. My companion (Sunil) ate voraciously . Poor guy might not have taken food in the day. The microphone blared songs for some time and then it was announced:”If anybody can sing , he or she is welcome?”

Immediately Sunil went up and began singing a beautiful Hindi song of some fifty years old. Pin drop silence prevailed and there were cries:”More and more” After half an hour , when he stopped, there was thunderous applause.”Who are you?”, the man at the microphone asked.

I stood up and cried :”He is my friend, Sunil by name.” The bride had come by my side, by this time and she asked me:”You never told me about this wonderful chap?” I explained the circumstances . When Sunil came, the bride shook hands with him. I felt proud .

We three talked for some time. Then her father also came. All guests crowded round the new hero. After the wedding I invited him to my house. Father had come by his car and we all went home. I showed him the guest room and wished him good night. “You must be very tired . At what time do you have bed tea?”

“As early as the maid can prepare it.” “I will make the tea or coffe?”

Tea at five in the morning and then I go for a walk.”

His stay continued. Father contacted some film guys and soon his recordings began. He got more offers.

Our happy days came to an end when the Police located their Naxal prey.

As I had his home address, I went to his home. I told them of our efforts to get his release. Unfortunately, Some Naxal activity was reported in Wynad. Still his sister and myself went to Wynad and contacted Police station. They confirmed his presence but refused permission to meet him. They were sympathetic as Sunil’s song CDs were very popular . Many pictures were released . Everywhere it ran ‘house full’

Meanwhile, there were demonstrations in all districts.”Rajan case must not be repeated “ the crowd demanded. Matter was raised in the assembly. But nothing came out. As the arrest was under the National Security Act, the culprit cannot be released, until his innocence is proved.

I missed my monthly period. I did not panic, because I had decided that I will not marry any other man. I told Sunil’s sister the good news . As I knew that my father will not allow marriage with a Terrorist, I went to the US to my close friend’s house and remained there till delivery. It was a cute girl ,resembling its father. I felt I am the happiest woman in the world. I used to contact his family and gave them the good news. After some time , I returned to India and gave the child to its grandmother. I stayed in my house, as if nothing had happened.

The fight for Sunil’s release continued . As a special case, the court gave him parole to work for the film industry. After his release, we registered our marriage.


Western historians talk of Greek city States, as the beginning of civilization. They refuse to recognize that the East developed much earlier.
Kashi and Anuradhapuram in Ceylon, to mention just two cities in the Indian subcontinent (Ceylon was part of India till 1936), were far more ancient than Athens.
In those days the population was so low that the whole land was covered with forests, which was unapproachable except for hunters.
As earliest travelers used the sea, Anuradhapuram must have developed earlier than Kashi. In Ramayanam, Lanka is described as a wonderful city, even Ayodhya paling into insignificance
Our mathematicians invented the decimal system and the zero, enabling us to write any number, however long it may be! In the west, the Roman numbers are cumbersome, with limited capacity. Astronomy too became mature.
We are likely to attribute all these achievements to the North.
As our Malayalam Panchangam is very scientific, I can say with authority, that the North was and still is, very backward. They follow the lunar calendar and have thirteen months in leap year!
The Maya civilization in North America and Incas in South America, were also very ancient. Because our early historians were not even aware of that continent, we failed to recognize it.
I have read about a university in the southern shore of Caspian sea, as old as our Nalanda. This too got obscured. In short, early city states were spread all over the world simultaneously, except Africa. It is singularly surprising that the Africans are even now backward in all fields, except sports. The explanation may be genetic.


I had gone to attend a marriage. After sitting among the guests for a reasonable time, for formality, I wandered into the rice fields, at the back of the temple .
I had seen the temple several times, always with my wife; but never ventured towards the east. Now I wanted to do it.
Half an hour took me to the Malabar of at least a thousand years ago. I found myself in the middle of a valley, surrounded by small hills. The paddy was only a month old, a stage which I like to watch and enjoy. There was the sound of clear water flowing along small channels among the fields. Not a human being to be seen.
I sat at a point along the path treaded by villagers, to collect ripe mangoes lying there. The sweetness of the fruit was heady and I did not see the girl coming from the temple.
Where are you going Sir? She asked.
Nowhere. I like roaming about. Just to see the country side. Most of the time I walk, a pastime I am never tired of.
Like my mother; she too enjoys walking.
Who is your mother?
Saraswathy teacher.
Where is she working?
She taught in the government school at Shoranur. Now she has retired and come back to her home.
How many people are there?
Only mother and myself. Sir, come home. We will give you plenty of mangoes.
I hesitated; her face somehow attracted me. I followed her.
Presently, we came to a spacious orchard. We had to walk for five minutes to reach the old fashioned house which was a three storeyed building with laterite stones, unplastered and with tiles.
The whole atmosphere has a romantic appeal.
The girl, about fifteen years, ran in and came out with her mother.
Oh! It is Sir: she cried out.
I could not recollect her face. Her hair is black and curly. Those eyes somehow ticked something and I tried to recollect it.
She continued: you taught us in the seventh standard. You were very shy and never looked at girls. You were very thin and always thinking of something. Among teachers also you remained aloof.
You are talking about Durga High School at Kanhangad? I was there only for four months.
We all liked you. You used to tell us stories.
Where is your husband? How did you study in a far away school?
Because there was no school here. My uncle was a teacher there. I forgot to ask for tea.; or is it coffee? Sarala, put water for boiling.
She was very excited and went on talking. In between, she went in and brought coffee.
What about your children?
Only one son. He married a negro, the daughter of his business partner. Rarely, they come home.
I am sorry to hear this.
I do not know how long I remained talking to Saraswathy. Her enthusiasm percolated to me.
At last I came to the marriage hall, not before promising to write to her. We had exchanged address and phone number of each other.
My wife and I went to the temples in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. When we returned, there were many bulky envelops and I hid them from my wife. Afterwards, when I read them all, I became pensive. What would have happened if I had continued to teach at Durga High School? Will she not let me know of her love for me? I was penniless and we are from different castes. Will I stand up for our marriage? It is a ticklish question. In a way I am glad it did not happen.
One day she came to our house with the girl. She is due to join college. Could I stand as her local guardian?
I consulted my wife. She agreed to accommodate Sarala.
I loved the girl as my own daughter. She was above average but needed tuition. So I arranged a masterji.
In the mean time, my son and his wife came home. They wanted a quiet place to spend their holiday. I suggested Saraswthy’s home. They later told me how devotedly she looked after their comforts. Their only regret is that she refused to accept any money. They returned, promising to come again.
Once when I fell ill, Saraswathy came and nursed me for about a fortnight. She had an opportunity to open her heart. She chided me for being so meek: There is nothing like love. Everything else is secondary. I am ready to die for love!
A decade later, my wife went to America. I received an urgent message from Saraswathy and went to see her. Sarala’s husband was also there..
She was very weak and held my hand tightly as if I can save her.
She told me when we were alone: say once that you love me.
I kissed her. I said: I LOVE YOU!!!
She smiled and slowly her grip of my hand slackened. Before my eyes, she breathed her last
Sarala told me that the house and orchard had been given to me as a gift.
I embraced the girl and wept.


There is always a contrast not only between the West and the East, but also between the North and the South.

The Northern hemisphere is rich; the South poor. North America wanted to abolish slavery, the South opposed it.

In India, Northerners hate the Madrasis and we heartily reciprocate the sentiment.  When it is cold winter for us, it is hot in South America and Australia.

Gujarat in the West is extremely conservative, very industrious and people united.

In the East, people are politically revolutionary, quarrelsome and very advanced in literature, culture and philosophy. Gujarat could not produce a Tagore or a J.C Bose.We do not have a single Advani in Bengal. Americans are capitalists; Communism is in Asia onlly.

All great religions like Budhism, Christianity and Mohammedanism were born in the East. Karl Marx was born in the Wet. up in the West.