Russia has launched all out attack on the Islamic State in Syria. Army , air force and navy are taking part in this WAR to drive away the invaders. This is the first time Russia has intervened so forcefully , after World War 2. By all accounts, this will be a prolonged war, as IS will put in all their resources . There is no end to this fanatical army , determined to exterminate all non-Islamic groups.

The West will be wary of Russian occupation , outside their zone of influence. Even in Korean war, Russia did not send its army.

Let us keep our fingers crossed!



Tariq Khosa , former Director General of Police of Pakistan has written a book , fully detailing proof for facts till now hidden by Pakistan.
1)The 26/11 attack on Taj Hotel was planned , equipment prepared and people trained for the attack
2) The 1965 attack was planned and started by Pakistan
3)1967 attack began by Pakistan
4) Kargil war was planned by Pakistan
This book is so damning that the author is not safe in Pakistan.
Now the question remains: what is the impotent Modi going to do?


We three were fast friends. Damu and Ravi were hard core Communists . The Party was banned at that time and our activities were top secret, because Police was on the look out for members of the party.
I could not understand all that was going on ; I joined them because we were friends. They stopped studies after tenth standard, while I continued and joined the College. There I formed the Students Federation and we used to discuss politics , without mentioning the word Communism.
In 1942 the Party decided to support the Government war efforts against Japan and ban on the party was lifted . I graduated and married my class mate. I got a job as clerk in a Bank and studied for passing the qualifying examination for promotion to Officers grade Needless to say that I became Bank Manager in due course. In this capacity, I wielded considerable power, as sanctioning loans was a leaver to mint money. I forgot politics and my friends R and D called me Judas. “you have become a capitalist ,”D said.
I kept mum. They needed money and I gave them this nectar of life, which all needed. My wife had many friends . One was a havala agent , I learned later. I never bothered to enquire her bank balance. Wherever I was working, she bought or constructed a house. We had separate cars.
In 1942, the Party decided to help the war efforts of Britain , when Hitler attacked the USSR and Japan joined Hitler. General public hailed the INA of Subhash Bose, but Communists exposed him. The ban on the Party was lifted . After India became free, the Party reversed its policy in 1948, when the Randive thesis was accepted and called for armed struggle to overthrow Capitalist Nehru regime. I opposed this line and the rupture with my friends became complete . At Pariyaram, a Police station was attacked , some Policemen killed and guns were carried away. Later, D confessed that he took part in the attack. Police repression became terrible . Some CIDs in plain cloths watched my house too.
I managed a transfer to Delhi. When this policy was abandoned and the Party decided to take part in elections, I came back.
However, my wife’s involvement in havala was discovered and I was asked to take voluntary retirement.
In our old age, we three used to review our life. I had helped in the marriage and studies of their children and D had to agree:”It was good that you became a Judas. We gained nothing from politics . Now the Comrades do not even recognize us.”
I said:” Judas was not an enemy. His uncle befooled him, saying that hey want to save Jesus from the public by keeping him in jail. Poor Judas committed suicide”


Blind men, mentally retarded children, lunatics, inmates of jails, old destitute- it is a long list of people left out from the mainstream of life and so forgotten by all. How much money is allocated in the budget? Compare it with the money spent in the name of defence. The idea of war is outmoded in this age of trade wars. There has to be a ceiling on wasting money for war ministry, misnamed as defence ministry.
Even at home, they are neglected. In India, eye donation is minimal. The practice of burning the dead, without removing the eye is most unfortunate. There should be a law to remove eyes in the case of those dying in road accidents. This way, we can get thousands of eyes daily.
Dead bodies are useful for medical students.
The media can play a useful role in spreading awareness in this regard.


Popular protests seldom succeed in bringing about a revolution. Economics is the base. When social relationships retard the economic growth, revolutions, either bloody or smooth, as happened in England during the period of Cromwell, wresting power from the King, become the harbinger of a new society.
In the present turmoil in the Arab world no economic issues are involved. Without a leader, it moves in circles, without any direction. The US is interested in oil only. This explains the lack of protests in Saudi Arabia, as the regime is US-friendly. Libya was liberated for its oil. Now the war clouds are gathering in Syria. These wars cannot be called revolution.
In Egypt, things are getting murkier, with the military regime refusing democratic reforms.
The US hegemony has to be ended. The economic collapse will end the capitalist monopoly and then the US too will become a friendly power, as at he time of Roosewelt.


Man is very cruel.
To kill, is his inborn instinct. Killers are heroes. A warrior was the hero of girls, during the romantic era. Desdemona loved the black Othello, hearing his exploits in war!
Tribal people went to war with neighboring tribes, probably for territory for hunting. But why do Americans kill innocent people,simply for the joy of shooting?
Now the nature of war has changed. Arms manufacturers want money. International market is prospering on illegal arms sales.
Maximum research is on weapons of mass killing.
Reckless drivers kill with impunity. People kill for money, the professional killers.
Killing of rivals in love, is old story. Jahangir killed Noorjahan’s husband, to marry her.
I am sure, God did not create MAN!


It was something like a cricket match, lasting eighteen days, at fixed hours every day.
Off the field, they all met and discussed the day’s events. Inexplicably, the war zone was Kurukshetra, far away from Indraprasth, where the palace is located.
The opponents stand at either end of the field and start fighting, when the bugle (conch- shamkhu) is blown.
At sunset, it stops. There is no mention of fighters injured, because, they go on fighting till death.
The very first day, Arjun told his charioteer Krishn about the futility of the war. What price for victory? Killing blood relations? I do not want to fight, he told Krisshn. The latter hoodwinked Arjun and the fight began.
Krishn used every trick in his armory to thwart the enemy, including telling lies. In the end, somehow he achieved his aim of annihilating the Kingdoms north of the Vindhya parvath.
Gandhary told him point blank about his misdeeds and cursed him
He had escaped to Dwaraka, having failed in his fight against Rugmy and Jarasandh; but like a vuture smelling death, he came to Indraprasth, solely to foment trouble
In Mahabharath, Krishn is human, not god.
The poet Jayadev made him a legend, removed all stains from his character and presented the Radha-Krishn love story.
Radha is the wife of a handicapped man in Gokul, among many who had illicit relations with the cow herd boy, whose flute became a call for sex orgy. Even the marriage between Radha and Krishn is celebrated every year in the Brahman villages in Palakkad.
The legitimate wife Sathyabhama is ignored!