Kesavan Namboodiri was the  thantri or high priest of the village Tall and handsome,  women would pause and admire his beauty, though he was fifty!

One day he saw Neeli, a tribal woman(cherumi) , coming with a bundle of hay on her head. She had nothing to cover her strong breasts, which stood erect, like lotus buds. Without any hesitation, Kesavan pulled her to himself and embraced her very tightly. He almost chewed her lower lip,until it bled. Then he took her to an arbour of bamboos and did all that any man would like to do. He said: “I will marry you”

From then onwords, he lived with her.

Namboodiris of the village excommunicated him. But he continued to clear their doubts regarding Vedas, in which he was an authority





In due course, Neeli gave birth to a bonny boy, a replica of his father. But her parents grumbled: “Tho old man is sitting idle. How will you look after the child?”
But she worked harder, as she loved her husband. Damu, the Namboodiri’s son by his earlier wife regularly visited them and gave rice and odding offered to the deity, where he now worked as poojary of the temple, where his father worked.
Damu put the child, named Neelan, in school, when he became six years old. He gave him books and clothes. The boy was bright in studies and always topped the class. He won scholarships too.
But he was expelled from the school for his political activities and he joined the Communist Party. Damu was upset, but Neelan became Panchayat President and then MLA, as he was liked by all, including his opposition parties.
He married a Nair girl and they had a daughter named Parvathy, Paru for short.
As a young girl, Paru quarrelled with her father.
“Your party is a bourgois party like the Congress. You travel in car,wearing costly cloths and wrist watches. If EMS is alive he will kick you all out of the Part.”
She used to take part in drama organised by Kisan Sabha, to instill among peasants.cosciousness about their rights. The hero was a handsome boy who she loved. As his parents objected, they ran away and began their activities among landless labour. During this period, some Hindi speaking Naxalites contacted them and explained the Maoist dictum that power grows out of the barrel of the gun. He took them to the jungle and trained them in guerilla war. During one operation, Paru was killed. After cremation, the ashes were brought home by her lover.
the whole village assembled to condole the martyrdom of their heroine….



His father, an old man, wanted to enjoy life all over again; so he asked Yayadi to transfer his youth to the old man!
So Yayadi became old and wise.
Such behavior was not uncommon. Bhishmacharya remained a bachelor, to enable his father to marry Ganga Devi.
There is nothing wrong in living long enough to fulfil our mission, but living only to enjoy life is disgusting.
We must grow with the years. Childhood is enchanting, without the worries of youth. Youth is enjoyed in other ways. So too, old age has its charms. People respect you and come to you for guidance. Experience of a life time is very invaluable.
Eternal life can be boring!


Before Travencore was consolidated by Marthandavarma, the area was ruled by a number of Principalities. Iravivarman was the ruler of one such State. He became famous by composing just one lulluby which is on the tips of every mother!
“Omana thinkal kidavo, nalla,
Komala thamara poovo.
Poovil niranha madhuvo nalla,
Poornenthu thante nilavo.Puthan pavizha kodiyo nalla,
Thathakal kojum mozhiyo.
The Raja’s Palace is in a dilapidated condition. It is a pity the Government is not taking any effort to preserve this valuable monument