Farmers are the back bone of any society. They are exploited by all. If the crop is good, prices go down; distress sail is the result, as they are in no position to store perishables like tomato.

When prices go up, middlemen give advance money and corner to crop.

Farmers’ cooperatives are the solution. In this, we must learn from Gujarat, where I have seen banana plantations in several hectares of land. The coops have their own air conditioned ships to carry bananas to European countries.

Will Ooman Chandy wake up?


She lost her hearing aid and became totally deaf. Even if we shout very near to her, she could not respond.
We were most concerned and took her to a specialist. Ultimately, she was provided the fittings which can easily be concealed by tufts of hair and now she can hear very well.


With the final rupture of coalition between the BJP and Shiv Sena, Governor has recommended President’s rule in the State, which is going to polls on 20th of October.2014.

All parties are going alone, and it is any body’s guess who will form the next Government.

The most worried man is Amith Shaw, Modi’s trusted man, because,without the support of Sena, BJP has no chance.

The real fight will b betwen the Congress and NCP, the latter having better chance.


A teacher put a small girl student in a dog kennel as a punishment and threatened her with dire consequences, if she told her parents.This happened at Ernakulam.

In another case,in Bengal, a student died after being beaten up by an irate teacher..

Such teachers are unfit for the job of teachers who must be kind and considerate.

Suitable law is required for protection of children.


Built at Ernakulam, this rail bridge in the Arabian sea is the longest rail bridge  It cost a lot of money. Now the Railway has closed the container platform and withdrawn all the staff. The reason? No merchandise came by sea!

There is already a port and rail terminal at Kochi.


Some students killed stray dogs which attacked people. Instead of catching them, Police arrested the students for cruelty against animals. When will we become wise?


All are busy congratulating each other..Does this gimmic mean anything for science?

A stellite will circle the Mars and study its surface. This is being done by other countries too..Why spend money, without actual gains?