The whole world is actually controlled by the so called underworld. Smuggling of arms and drugs is their main business.Taliban controlled Afghanistan is their headquarters.They wanted to make Tamil eelam their safe domain and succeeded to a great extent.

Legitimate governments are just paralysed persons unable even to lift their hands.The smugglers have control over everything including construction activities,tourism etc. and provide finance for terrorism.That is why we are losing the war against terror. Everybody knows it but are helpless.

There are thousands of people making country made guns and bombs in UP alone. The local police know them. The political parties depend upon them for money and protection.    




Even during the British raj the demand for Tamil eelam in India came up in the form of the movement for Dravidasthan,when the DMK was founded against “Brahmins, Banias and Britain” by Periyar Ramaswami Naykar.The demand for independent Keralam was made by  Mathai Manjuran, during my childhood, who formed a weakling Kerala Socialist Party.The people of Kashmir were always free except for some sort of control by rulers of Delhi.The demand for linguistic states was an expression of the inherent craving for freedom experienced by all people, because language is the strongest binding factor!Konkan state, demand for division of UP, Gurkhaland,ULFA etc are all expressions of this urge.

Free availability of arms made LTTE a fighting force.

The bitter fact is that India was never one nation. Britain made it one, for their administrative convenience.The Hindi speaking people always dominate here.All others are just ‘they’!The rulers never addressed this simmering discontent as they are too busy protecting their own chairs!Periodic elections have served the purpose of evaporating this discontent.

The whole of India is united by culture and Samskritam which was the language of educated people.Capitalism (industrialization) changed the culture. Engish is still resented by Hindiwalas.The unitary nature of our constitution make the States just puppets.All this compounded the problems.

It is time to have a fresh look at things (to continue)   




 Wind and water flow over the world,unmindful of national boundaries. So too, animals and human beings. As soon as men were able to conquer the seas, they started exploring new lands,resulting in contact between different peoples.There was no one to stop them. Even two centuries ago movement of people continued uninterrupted. This natural flow was stopped by introducing passport and visa system which is not recognized by God! The greed for money made people make boundaries and stop undesirable people from entering their territory.We resent Bangladesh people coming here, even when we badly need their services as domestic servants. If they stop coming, how shall our well-to-do people manage?African slaves are welcome every where. Without them world economy will come to a standstill.The visa system does not stop people from illegally entering a country.Why not stop this outmoded and hyporcritical system? To revert to the Lankan issue. Rjeev Gandhi was misguided into intervening in the Lankan conflict.That time he was acclaimed for his boldness when he was actually helping the Lankan government.Prabhakaran even surrendered to Indian forces, only to realize his mistake later.If Rajeev lost his life the real cause was his misadventure.We should not forget this. Like all dictators,Prabhakaran started eliminating his rivals.His lack of wisdom resulted in many premature attacks on government forces, causing loss of soldiers.Had the struggle for Tamil eelam been democratic and peaceful, they could have achieved better results (to continue)



Long, long ago, before the coming of Western Powers, Anuradhapuram was the capital of Lanka.The Kings there had any number of Tamilians as advisers.In fact there is reason to believe that the contact between Tamil people and Lankans dates back to prehistoric times; even a woman like Shurpanagha could roam about in the forests without fear !

The country was essentially agricultural. There was a network of canals managed by community efforts.Rice and coconuts were the main products.

All this changed when Britain occupied the island. The canals were neglected. Instead, rubber, tea plantations were developed which demanded a huge work force. Tamilians were naturally preferred as they are good workers. These people were settled in separate colonies, resulting in a separate identity as their culture and customs were at variance with that of the Simhalese people who are Budhists. I have a sneaking suspicion that the rulers actually encouraged this separateness, as it was their policy to divide and rule !

So long as the British ruled, there was no domination of the majority over the minority. But as soon as independence came, the Tamil people found themselves cornered and the seeds of demand for Eelam were planted.If the rulers were wise, suitable mechanism for resolving the conficts could have been devised. Alas ! the rulers are almost always foolish and short sighted .

I shall continue tomorrow


Anything can happen, any moment , in Pakistan.

Taliban may even take over , after paralysing the government by a series of suicide momb attacks. India has to be extremely careful. At no cost should we be drawn into the whirl pool of conflict management, even though there is bound to be great pressure from Obama Administration


Fresh air and clean well water ! Every body knows each other. You can walk through green country avoiding busy roads It is really heaven, here in Kerala.

I have given my memoirs for printing.I feel excited like a girl about to be married.