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It is strange how sounds, without any word, can make you sad or jubilant.
Veena, the musical instrument of Goddess Saraswaty, can be played in such a way as to make the listener weep!
A note played in flute may lift you to the heights of joy. It is said that even the cows listened, when Krishna, the cow boy, played his murali (flute)!
Muraliwale, murli bazaa, sunu-sunu….in the old film DILLAGI, which still enthrawls me.
Even the meek will gladly go to war, when the march is accompanied by the band, playing martial music.
Certain sounds make you irritated, as that produced by rubbing coconut shell on rock or by beating an empty iron drum.
Is there any scientific explanation?



The old war of Mahabharat was against adharma The new war is against the nuclear power which threatens to wipe off biological existence in the sea and land.
What happened in Japan is due to the greed for profit of the private company which owns the power plant. INSTEAD OF STORING THE SPENT FUEL IN A SAFE PLACE, THEY KEPT IT THERE ITSELF.
In a way this warning helps mankind to shed the inertia and start the campaign against nuclear power with all our resources.
Government is using force against people who want to hold demonstrations. We should do satyagraha in all sites where nuclear fuel is used for power generation, continuously, till they are all shut down.


For most of us, pooram is a festival of elephants, beating of drums and fire works.
Actually, it is a meeting of Gods and Goddesses. Here each God is highly individualistic. Each has his own paraphernalia of menials etc. Some own elephants to carry them from place to place, during the festival season.
En route, they receive paddy from their tenants, as most of them owned land.
During the meeting, they greet each other, for which the elephants are trained to do it with their trunks, folded as question mark (?)!
The drummers and warriar who holds the lamp, have to travel for hours every day during the ten days, beginning with the day the flag mast is erected, and ending with its demolishion by the elephant. It is interesting to note that no glag is attached; in the North, every temple has a saffron flag, triangular in shape, fluttering from the top of the building.


On the sixth of March, 2011, three elephants were kept ready for the parade of Guruvayoorappan. Suddenly, the elephant at the centre got enraged, apparently for no reason, and, charged its neighbour, which fell down. Seeing this, the third elephant became panicky and ran away to escape. The rogue elephant then came again to the one lying on the ground and pierced the poor animal, which was consoled and brought to its home, by its mahouts (keepers)
In order to understand it, we must see the conditions in which a number of elephants, belonging to Guruvayoor temple are kept in a comparatively small enclosure. The meek among them suffer in silence and remain docile, like inmates in a jail.
Elephants like to walk for thirty miles daily in search of food and water. Each herd has several cows and babies, but only few males. This allows plenty of chance for mating. In captivity, on the other hand, cows are not there. Males hate each other. So the action of this rogue elephant mentioned earlier,is similar to Americans killing innocent people.
After capturing them, elephants are totured and beaten to submission. This creates permanent enmity between these animals and their keepers.
I have seen sadhus in North India, traveling with an elephant, without any chain. They are lovable and esiy tamed. But the mahouts here in Keralam are very cruel. Elephants kill their mahouts only.
Vengeance is something only human beings are capable of. But elephants are capable of remembering some injustice done to them and wreaking revenge, when an opportunity comes. An elephant pulled down the mahaut sitting on its neck, when the other one went to buy something, and threw him into the air and trumpled him, when he landed, in the presence of onlookers.
All the roads here are covered with tar. It becomes very hot and unbearable to elephants which have no protection for the feet. During festival season, they do not get washed, as often as in the forests.
The only solution is to ban keeping elephants except in wild reservoirs.

WAR AGAINST THE ARAB PEOPLE –<script type='text/javascript' src=

The neocolonialists have started the war on Arab people
The United States and France are the flag bearers. They hope to divert the attention of the workers, who are waging struggle against salary cuts across Europe.
Bin LADEN IS SMILING. What has happened to the war on terror?
The Imperialists are eying the oil in Libya. But their calculations may go wrong, because they are isolated, with China, Russia, and even Germany abstaining from voting in the Security Council.
Another imponderable power is Iran, the seat of ancient civilization connecting the East and the West, along the silk route. They are a united people capable of action, defying the United States. They threw away the puppet regime of Shaw and held the US embassy staff captive for a long time. They have missiles capable of hitting Europe.
The Libyan war may prove a misadventure, like the take over of the Suez Canal in 1956.

SUPER MOON-<script type='text/javascript' src=

In the night (19-3-2011) at twelve, I happened to be coming from the Sastha temple at Chathakudam
There was special pooja of Thiruvellakav Sastha here, who had come as our guest.
I was surprised to see the extra brilliant moon; in fact, I could not keep my eyes glued to the moon even for a minute. Today, in the papers, I read about the super moon, with extra brightness, as it came nearest to the earth. This happened in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005.
It is Richard Nolle who coined the term supermoon.

PENIS IN THE NECK -;script type=’text/javascript’ src=

Snails are dirty and I never touch them. When giant snails came in the news, I studied them in the web and was very much surprised to see that they are hermaphrodites and have genital organs in the neck!
In all organisms, the bottom of the body is the point where excretary and genital organs are located. So this is a unique feature in snails. Both male and female organs are found in the same snail and conveniently located in the neck.
So they can do it by necking!