Kusuri was the Foreign Minister of Pakistan. He has written a book about his experience in the ministry and wanted to release it in Bombay, because it will benefit Indian readers.

In Bombay, Shiva sainiks blackened his face with ink and shouted slogans against him

He then came to Delhi, where he related his experience. NDTV sponsored the event. All intellectuals felt disgust about the behavior of Shiva sena




It has never happened before , a city is born ‘before our eyes’!

Before the British came here , the area now covered by the huge city , was seven islands , many of which were sparsely populated by fishermen. A British traveler, who visited India a few hundred years ago , saw only Parsees there, in one of the islands. When the Mohammedans conquered Persia , Parsees , who are Brahmins , migrated en mass to India. They found vacant land in the islands near the main land and settled there. That was the birth of Mumbai.

The major city near Bombay was Surat where the East India Company built ware houses. Surat was a very old city , perhaps the only city in the Arabian sea , except Calicut. They must have found it easy to occupy vacant land in Bombay, which could be converted into a port. The earth released during the works , was dumped in what is now called ‘Church Gate reclamation’ In due course , all the seven islands were interconnected and became one with the mainland. Now it is one of the largest cities of the world. When the British Queen visited India , the ‘Gateway of India ‘ was there , to welcome her!

It is ironical that he Capital remained in far away Calcutta , until they shifted to Delhi in 1911 . Why did they not choose Mumbai?



It is the quickest mode of transport here in Delhi. But it is as overcrowded as the suburban trains in Bombay. It has special seats for senior citizens and people are courteous . In Bombay no one cares .

DTC buses are crowed only during peak hours . The journey is more comfortable and I prefer it for short trips


I was working as a dhobi’s clerk in Bombay, when an item in the wanted column of the Times of India attracted my attention. A Publishing firm needed a fellow with fluency in English. I considered myself quite competent in this language, having read many novels and won prizes in Essay competition in schools. So I found myself among a dozen candidates in a posh building, waiting to be called inn and grilled with questions.
My number came early and I entered the room, not without some nervousness, However, the warm smile and easy manners of the chairperson, Ammukutty, put me at ease.
She asked me only personal questions about my family, the school where I studied etc.
The other three in the Interview Board simply looked on.
Then she called me to come close and whispered in my ear:”You have been selected. Wait outside.”
I felt quite jubilant, as the work as dhobi’s clerk was tiresome, in dingy atmosphere. While waiting, I wrote a letter to my mother that now I may be able to send more money, as I have been selected in a new copany.
A peon gave me the appointment order and an invitation from Madam, for dinner next Sunday.
During office hours she never called me. I waited excitedly for the Sunday dinner.
I wore the best dress I had; all ready made and cheap. Madam appeared in simple Malayalee dress, with uncombed hair, held in a bunch with the outer strands of hair, very dark and shining.
She was fair and looked much younger than her forty years. She had the look of nobility and she encouraged me to talk.
Don’t you want to know about myself? You are free to talk.
She told me her name is Priya. As she did not want all people to call her Priya ( which means beloved), she chose Ammutty, as she was called at home in Keralam.
In the end, she sent me home in her car.
Slowly she opened her heart. She lost her lover and chose to remain alone. “Now I am telling like a girl, not as your employer: ”Would you care to share my bed?”’ followed by a bewitching smile1
I kissed her and it was sealed. In the end she cried out “ You are an expert!”
We needed some more hands in the office. During the interview I fancied a girl, belonging to Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. I recommended her and she was selected. She was quite shy and I offered her accommodation as paying guest near my house. We travelled to and fro in the same train compartment every day. It was a new experience and I enjoyed it.
Once I visited her home in the interior village, where no one spoke Hindi. Her sister, studying in the High School, was eager to see a man from Keralam.
“Do you know Marati?”- She asked me.
She and her mother were very hospitable. For my bath, they placed a bucketful of water and soap, right in the quandrangle in the house and waited.
I called my colleague Meera and told her my difficulty. I always bathed in the bath room. She told me to give my cloths except the chaddy and poured water over my body. She rubbed soap and poured more water; then she gave me the towel.
“This is how we do it.”
Food was very similar to our own in Keralam; Cooked banana, dhal and rice. Rice was served with hand, not with spoon.
We had to return early. Meera’s sister was disappointed. I promised to come again.
Our friendship ended with Meera’s marriage to a rich farmer, who did not want her to work in an office.
I felt lonely, in spite of the affair with Ammutty.
Soon, we had a Keralite belonging to a Nambiar family in Kannur, where I too studied. It seems that some one has tipped her about me, because she came with a letter. It was easy for me. Now I was a small boss!
This girl named Vijaya was dark and short. She was smart and soon became a favorite in the office. She had seen my mother.
Gradually our friendship became thick. She wanted to tour the country. Often we went around, visiting temples and hills.
Slowly our circle widened to include Pune, Aurangabad etc.
Though we became closer, sex never showed its fangs; I don’t know why. Was Remya deliberately avoiding it for fear of pregnancy? Once I mentioned it.
“Do you like sex?”
She looked at me and remained silent. I persisted: “Do you like me?” Again silence. Somehow, I dared not use physical means to probe it.
One Sunday Priya asked: “How is remya?”
“She is alright for the job which is not difficult.”
“No; how is her character?”
“She is prudent”.
That day we didn’t have our sex session. We were simply lying side by side, with her body half naked. I turned and placed ny hand on her breast and kissed her. “Priya, do you like to have children?”
“ I am forty, is it possible now?”
“Oh, yes. The method I am using to avoid pregnancy, can be used to have a baby.”
Priya remained motionless for some time; then she challenged me: “ Show you are a man.”
“Give me one month.”
She missed her next menses!
She called me into her room in the office, to convey the news.
We decided to keep it a secret.
Remya started wooing me. She would entangle my body with her hands and kiss me lightly. I decided to know Priya’s mind before responding to Remya.
Priya told me to have the delivery somewhere in secret and give the baby to a nun, from whom it can be adopted.
That means she does not want to marry me. I was relieve.
Soon Remya too became pregnant. Somehow, Priya came to know about it. She asked me; “Are yu responsible?”
From my face she knew the answer. Her face hardened.
She dismissed her from the office. The poor girl had to go home in Keralam.
During delivery, Priya died, leaving the baby to me.
She had bequeathed the Publishing firm to me.
The first thing I did was to reappoint Remya.


Recently, top secret military strategic notes about the Afghan war, were stolen by hackers and displayed in a web site!
My Yahoo mail and recently, Gmail pass words were hacked and I was forced to block it.
Actually there is no secrecy about anything in the net world; and one has t take all precautions like changing the pass word frequently.
Military secrets should not be posted in the net world. Good old paper and type writer is better from the point of safety.
Then there are spasms.
Occasionally some one congratulates me for winning lottery. At other times, beautiful damsels send me love letters.
Many people are put to great loss by such messages, about which we read in the newspapers.
Forward such messages to cyber crime branch in Bombay.
Then virus is a day to day problem.
On the whole, the virtual world is not a paradise!


All talk of a metro rail for Koch is wishful thinking.

No doubt, the town is horribly congested; but there is no scope for constructing a costly system, which is not economically viable.

The Delhi metro experience is a proof of my statement. Railway gets more money from suburban traffic in Bombay which costs almost nothing in working expenses, compared to the high cost of fully air conditioned and highly automatic coaches and signaling systems, including token system, instead of simple tickets of suburban traffic.

Study the economics first.

We should think of building a New Koch, like New Bombay.


Late Nayanar, who was a popular Chief minister of Kerala State, once remarked in a jovial mood, that ladies are responsible for rape! Why do they dress provocatively?

Now, one should make a distinction between ladies and women. The latter are simple females who have to work, either in the factories or fields or offices. They dress simply, taking minimum time for make up, because they are very busy, both in their work place and at home. How many of them have registered cases against rape?

Ladies are just the opposite. Twenty four hours they are free. They do not know how to while away their long hours of leisure, and so spend most of their time in shopping, because they have fat purses (now ATM cards in several banks), and social gatherings and parties. They may get up very late, take hours for their make up and “dress to kill”. I think Nayanar is right to some extent. if he meant “ladies”

There is a story that such ladies met Pratap Singh Kairon (who was the Chief Minister of Punjab), simply dressed and sitting in front of his house on a charpoy, a bedstead made of bamboo frames and ropes, very popular in the north, to complain about price rice. Kairon simply looked closely at the ladies (Punjabi ladies are the most fashionable in the whole of India) and asked: how much do you spend on your make up? The ladies were thus silenced.

Another important point is freedom for sex. In Calcutta and Bombay, there are brothels. In these cities, rape is rare.

Men are always hungry for sex. It is just biology. God made us like this.

Rape may be a temptation too. Initially a woman may appear agreeable. If caught, she will raise a hue and cry.

If the word means forcing sex on unwilling female, all husbands would be guilty. Have you not seen the hen running away from the cock, which has only one thing in the mind?

I am not advocating free rape. I feel that too much time is spent in the media on this topic. The law should understand human nature.

Rape cases must not be reported in the media, but settled mutually by negotiation in confidence, in the presence of the magistrate or judge.

Allegations of molestation split the Kerala Congress, causing a major storm in Congress circles and Kerala politics !