The alayalam newspapers have given front page news, in very huge letters, the High Court order, allowing Governments commitment to allow dinking!

It would seem that drinking is the only pastime of the people.  Nothing else is important.



All evidence showed the militants using West Bengal as a stepping stone for their activities, against East Bengal too. Mamatha refuses NST to investigate it. Central Government should intervene.


Every year, during monsoon, crores of tons of wheat is lost in Punjab alone for want of storage facilitis. This is criminal negligence. It must be lifted immediatey and distributed to te States.

All formalities can wait. Will our PM hear?


Shivasena is boycotting the swearing in ceremony at Bombay Vankade stadium. An unknown peron is selected to become the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Imam of Delhi is anointing his son for the post and all excepting Modi, have been invited. Modi allowed the killing of innocent Muslims in Gujarat and he can never be pardoned, said the Imam.

As one sows, so he shall reap!


Indira Gandhi was a brave powerful woman! She saved the Nation, from a the catastrophy of Bindranwala declaring an independent Punjab, with Pakistan ready to declare immediate recognition.

Russia gave secret message about this scheme and  Indira lost no time in ammassing special troops around the Golden temple, where Bindranwalla and his die hard terrorists had dug in for a protracted war. We all all familiar with what is called the BLUE STAR OPERATION.

This was the cause of her death, this day, by her own Guards who were Sikhs. She refused to change them. If I cannot trust my own guards, why should I live?, she asked.

Another brave deed was her support to the Hindu refugees from what was then East Pakistan. More than one crore of Hindus entered India.and all were accommodated in Dandakaranya Project. Indian army entered Bengal as BUKTHIVAHINI AND THE WHOLE pPAKISTANI REGIMENT SURRENDERED.


.Atal Behari Vajpai called her Devi Durga!

Alas, we are ungrateful to her. The media forgot her…


I married late. She was beautiful and I was impatient for the first night. It was a great disappointment to see her downcast face, when I entered the nuptial chamber.

I sat beside her and lifted her face. “Are you unhappy?”, I enquired.

“I don’t want children.”.

“By simply lying together, child is not born. I will not do anything; but let me see you naked.” I removed her cloths and saw her full breasts and flat belly.

We talked for some time and lay down to sleep.

I had only ten days leave and we returned to the Project where I was working, after visiting near relatives.
My friends congratulated me for getting Miss Kerala as wife! Soon some members of Cultural Society arun by local Malayalees approached me for allowing my wife to take part in a drama to be shown at the time of Onam festival.
I was reluctant, but knew that my wife will be disappointed, if I refuse. I consented.
She would make food early, and get ready for the jeep to come and take her t the house where rehearsal was arranged.
“I have kept all things on the table. Don’t lock the door I may be late.”
She was very happy these days. Sometimes she would embrace me and kiss me in her sleep. I wondered whom she was dreaming at that time.
I was told by my stenographer, a Malayalee, that Saritha(my wife) was extrmely popular in the Project and even Hindi people visited her during office hours.”Why don’t you stop her?”
How can I? She does not like me and we have no sex relation.”
She looked at me with sympathy. “Do not hesitate to come to me when you feel like it.”
Thus we became friends; she was quite warm in the bed.
The drama was grand I went to see it. I should confess that her performance was wonderful. Even the Chief Project Engineer, a Parsee, congratulated her appearing on the platform and embracing her. He gave her a costly pearl necklace.
Afterwards, there was a picnic arranged by the Society. Only couples, without issues, were allowed.
A special bus was arranged I was surprised to see my steno there. I asked who her partner was. “You Sir!”, she replied, winking her eyes.”CPE is your wife’s partner.I sqirmed…
After dinner, all females were told to go to a room and and awit their partner. They are not to close the door from inside. The convener gave a number to the each male member and asked him to go the the room number given in the slip. I was the last to collect the slip and wondered who my girl is!
The door was opened by a sweet young girl, with dimples, when she smiled. She seemed to be waiting impatiently, and ran to me and said “Welcome, my lover!” She then pulled me into the bed. Seeing me hesitating, she explained:”This was arranged to give a chance to exchang wives.”. She pulled off her blouse, exposing white, soft, full breasts and put my hand on it. My blood began warming up and I do not know what I did. In the end, she kissed all over my body and cooed”Thanks. You must repeat after some time. My husband is a dullard, come to me whenever you can. I will be waiting”
The next day my steno said:”Sir, you are very innocent that is why yiu are scared. An article was published in a Malayalam weekly, exposing the sexual anarchy in this Project. It called this Project KRISHNAVILASAM. Who was your partener?”
She said Ganeshan is her husband. She said she is ready to come to Guwahathy in Assam, where I am expecting a transfer on Promotion, if Ganeshan too is transferred there. I am thinking of escaping from Krishnavilasam.
“I wish you all happiness there!”


“Hey Namboori, see this”, my hostel mate Jose cried, showing me a ad inn classified ads page of a newspaper.


I was sceptic But Jose was enthusiastic. It was a holiday, about four in the evening. He took out his bike and we were on our way to Thrikkur, where the temple was located, as told by the manager of the temple when contacted on phone.

In half an our we reached there. The man was standing at the gate. He mounted his bike and we followed.

It was a big temple, with two Gods, one Shiva and another Vishnu There is a big pond near by.”Do you accept our offer?.The substitute poojary wans to hand over charge as soon as possible.”
I agreed. “When will you join?”
“The next Sunday, I shall come with bag and baggage”
We had tea at the Manager’s house. His wife and a young girl greeted us there. “Our Warasyar” told the Manager, pointing to the young girl. She looked hardly twenty, very fair and slim. I felt aliking for her.
On our way back, e passed the Thrikkur cave temple of Lord Shiva, where water dripped continuously over the Lingam, through a small water vein through the rock. I was eager to see it, but it was getting dark.
“”There is plenty of time after youu join the post in the temple. You should show it to me also. I sahall come as Ramu!”
Sunday morning we went to the temple and put our baggage in a large house, with tile roof, but ceing very high. The Manager had arraiged a small table ad chair, as I was astudent in the college..”Ramu” and I took bath,enjoying the cool clean water and I swam across the water. Jose did not know swimming. “You must teach me,” he said.
We then went to the temple. I was introduced to the Poojary. “Do you know how to cook?”, he asked.
“I used to do pooja as substitute.” I said. Warasyar took us to the Warium, and served dosa and coffee. “Wonderful,” cried Jose. He ate like a wolf and the girl smiled, satisfied. Jose then went away and we started to talk.
“How old are you? Don’t you go to school?”
She laughed loudly.”I am thirtyfive and still unmarried. My father died when I was three and grandmother, now very old, brought me up. I studied up to tenth standard.
We then went to my house, carrying some vessels, rice and vegetables provsions etc. needed for my cooking. “Shall I cook?” she asked.
“How can I thank you? You are like my Chechi. I said.
“I am so happy to have a young man for company. I must thank you. When I first heard of a new Poojary, I thought he may be an old man!”
So the days passed. After pooja, I used to catch a bus for Trichur, to attend college.
A Bank Manager used to visit the temple. Through him, I took advance from the bank and bought a bike. Now I used to take Deedi on my bike every day, after pooja in the evening.
Her mother had to go to her home and for some days, she suggested that I stay with her at the Warrium in the night.
She made the bed in her room and slept in her mother’s bed room. Early in the morning she would come with hot tea and wake me up. Then she would spread oil in my head and massage with her hands. The feminine touch , for the first time in my life, was like nectar to my sole! I kissed her. She gave me a towel and soap to take bath in the pond, as I have to be ritually clean, before I enter the sanctum.
Our contact invited attention of the people, who started whispering. One day we went all the way to my house where I introduced her to my people.
My brother asked me whether I intended to marry her. I loved her but did not summon the courage to ask her, because I am black. This I explained to my brother.
He laughed:”In olden times too, we used to marry upper caste Hindus. Your colour does not matte. I can see she cares for you.
On our return, we talked about this and agreed to marry.
A girl who has seen Jose, expressed her desire to marry him, Deedi told me.
“Does she know he is Christian?”, I asked, as he used to come as Ramu, in the temple.”Yes, she knows, said Deedi. So we arranged their meeting and they got married, by registration.
So I thus repaid him my obligation, because he was responsible for our marriage too!