Milma is the agency that collects milk from farmers who are given a fixed price , after testing the butter content. The cost of buying artificial feeds from the merchants, is high. There is shortage of grass. In these circumstances , the cost of milk collected must be raised.
At the same time, consumers like me, whose number far exceeds the number of farmers , will suffer if cost is increased. To help us, there is a proposal to subsidize milk. This is wise.
There are merchants, who import milk from Tamilnadu. They adulterate it, to sell cheaper than Milma .
A Dairy Corporation on modern lines must be launched by the Government. Crores of rupees can be amassed by floating shares. Such farms are rare here.



It is reported that the number of TB patients in India,
exceeds fifty crore.
This is alarming. My guess is, that most of them are industrial workers. Comparatively few farm workers fall ill, because of the healthy environment in which they work.
Lack of nutritious food like milk and eggs add to the problem.
My suggestion is that a wealthy man should adopt a TB patient, ie., he must send to the Hospital , money to feed the patient. Working hours must be reduced to six , with two days off in a week.
Humanitarian agencies must wake up, to save the Nation from this vicious disease.


If you throw blood, milk and water on a smooth floor, you will notice that water flows the fastest. This is because its viscosity is minimum.

Now you imagine a system of blood circulation in our body, exactly replicating it, with artificial glass tubes, and pump water from the “heart”; you may find it impossible to send the liquid to the minute “capillaries”.
Water will not travel for long distances, if the pipe line is narrow, say, one mm.
How does the circulatory system in our body, send blood to the remotest areas, seventy times in a minute?
I have been thinking about it for the past one week.


The liver is the most important organ in the human body, next only to the brain. It is the only organ that “grows”, when a part of it is removed.

Production of bile, necessary for digestion of fat, breaking up of red blood corpuscles and building new ones, producing 80% of cholesterol required by the body etc. are only some of its functions. It is very sturdy and withstands the effects of alcohol to a great extent. But once damaged, it is beyond repairs.

The kidney too is very important. It filters the blood continuously and removes all unwanted chemicals. If its function is blocked or its capacity is reduced, as happens in the case of diabetic patients, dialysis is the only way. This is very costly and the number of cases requiring this costly method, is increasing every day because of the phenomenal rise in diabetes cases.

The only way to avoid it, is to depend on soybean and avoid all starchy food. You may use protein food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, including mutton and chicken. Fish is ideal.Use leafy vegetables and eggs and milk. Do not worry about cholesterol. Soybean will control it.

If you stop all medicines, your kidney will function normally, till the end.

Soybean is a wonder drug. Its medicinal properties are yet to be studied. Apart from diabetes, soybean helps in reducing fat, controlling hiper tension, reducing risks of heart attack and stroke.


Wherever we go to see a relative, the first enquiry is about mangoes. This time the mango crop has almost failed.

In any namboodiri family, mature mangoes, ripe or unripe, are boiled in water, salted and laced with coconut oil. Or, grated coconut may be ground like chutney and added, instead of oil. This is every day, very boring after some days.

In the North, ripe mango pieces are mixed with milk and ice and ground to a thick liquid in a mixi. It is called mango juice, very tasty and popular. I don’t find it here.

Old women used to extract sweet juice of small, ripe mangoes and spread it on a mat. Every day, fresh juice is added and kept in the sun. When the season is over, the sweet layer is rolled and kept in the cupboard (in those days, there was no fridge). That was the only chocolate we used to get. K.K.Raman’s grandmother used to give us this sweet known as mangathera. Recently we brought it from a hawker in the railway station somewhere in Andhra Pradesh.

Instant pickle can be made of unripe, full grown mangoes, by cutting into chips and mixing with chilli powder and salt. I like to add coconut oil also. Alternatively, the same may be mixed with grated coconut, chilli and salt and ground into a chutny.

Some variety of mangoes can be preserved by adding plenty of salt. Or, the chips may be dried in the sun.

Kadumanga is a special preparation, using very tender mangoes of special variety of trees, which is Kerala’s own achar (pickles), a hit here. Mustard is added; hence the name. The Engish changed “manga” of Malayalam to “mango”.


Many men are afraid of marriage. As Bernard Shaw said, if you marry, you will repent immediately.

But they will not allow you to enjoy your freedom indefinitely. Mother needs an assistant when she gets old. A number of fathers will try to get you entangled for their daughters. In India, an unmarried girl is a curse on her parents. If nothing else, your friends come forward to help you. I think such things are unknown in the West.

Once married, there is no going back. You are tied for seven lives, one after another.

Every day you have to bring vegetables, milk and such things in addition to taking her for shopping, cinema and visiting friends. As soon as you come back from your work place, tired and angry, on account of the bickerings and fights with your colleagues and the irrational Boss, she will be waiting, fully dressed, to go out. Not her fault, as she is kept inside the house, bored to death. Well get fresh, change your dress and go out.

When children are born, at least two, there is no end to your worries. Worries are multiplied, with the children fighting each other, then school, tuition, home work and all that.

Wife falling ill, in-laws coming and all sorts of complications.

If she is beautiful (who will marry an ugly girl?), you are suspicious of that idle fellow, who is always so sweet and glib tongued.

And, when you want to do it, she is not in the mood.

Before you realised it, your daughter has grown too big. Now it is your turn, to hunt for a husband for her.

W-I-F-E means, Worry Invited For Ever !.


I had suggested that farmers should get at least Rs. 21per litre for milk.

Now I find that, in Wynad district, in Keralam, they have stopped giving milk, as a protest against low procurement price.

I hope the government will heed to their demand and increase the price.