I do not think it is a new disease. Now, all are suffering from this mysterious illness.
Religious hysteria is no less than war hysteria or any flimsy cause like the death of a cinema hero, causing suicide by a number of fans!
I forget whether I had switched off the stove, after locking the door. They say, this to is a type of hysteria!
A maid in our ancestral home, used to see Lord Guruvayoorappan. Kuttichathan used to throw dirty things in cooked rice, avers those affected by its mischief. In Ceylon, people see the ghosts of dead elephants.
Hallucination may be a type of hysteria.
Is it allied to schizophrenia? I may have both.
Once, I had returned from evening walk. Where we were staying, I saw three elephants with drum beating etc. It was usual during pooram festival season. When I came close, lo!; there is only one elephant.
Where have the other two disappeared?


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Several people complain about gas.
Those who fart frequently irritate others; they are not uncomfortable. They even enjoy it!
The movement of food, down the intestines, causes gas produced during digestion, to push ahead of other stuff, escaping through the anus. There is nothing wron about it.
When it is unable to escape, it is highly painful.
Allopathy does not have a solution to digestive complaints. Ayurveda prescribes thriphala which is excellent for the system, as also for the eye.

“Triphala is an Ayurvedic[1] herbal rasayana formula consisting of equal parts of three myrobalans, taken without seed: Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula).[2] The word triphala (better triphalā, from Hindi/Sanskrit: त्रिफला [trɪˈpʰɐlaː], widely pronounced /triːˈfɑːlə/ or /triːˈfælə/ by English speakers) means literally “three fruits”.[2]” – wikipedia

Our system recommends cow’s ghee, before starting regular meal in the morning. For this purpose, a handful of rice is mixed with a tablespoonful of ghee and eaten as the first course. This is compulsory for namboodiries. Now this practice is reduced to a farce, with a small strip of plantain leaf dipped in a spoonful ghee and shaken ove the rice, hoping that some molecules will get dropped there!
In the North, chapaties are smeared with ghee.

The colour of the faeces gives an indication of the health of the digestive system. It should be that of straw and must not be too loose or too hard.
If the movement inside the intestine becomes sluggish, fermentation takes place due to bacterial action, producing methane gas. The movement can be enhanced by taking plenty of water, regular use of green leafy vegetables and exercise.
Do not eat when you are not hungry. Avoid fast food.
Eat slowly, in a calm atmosphere- this will improve digestion.d with ghee.

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Udad dhal is an essential item for making the South Indian special dish called masala dosa. Three parts rice is mixed with one part dhal and soaked in water overnight, for grinding and making the dough, to make delicious, mouth watering dosa, which is liked by all. Irrespective of nationality.
When I had to shell out Rs. 92 for a KG of dhal, I felt wounded!
I gave strict instructions to manage the whole month, with this ration.
I shall give you a tip. Methi seeds (uluva) can be substituted for udad. Only a small quantity will be sufficient, as it is bitter to taste. I like the taste and it is definitely more healthy, as it helps in reducing blood sugar of diabetic patients.


We do not know how we started growing food. Some how we learned that several types of grass seeds (rice is one such seed) can be eaten.

In the same way, after generations of observation, we learned about the medicinal properties of several plants.

So there is nothing wrong in accepting the findings incorporated in Ayurvedic texts, especially for those diseases, for which a proper treatment is still not available in modern medicine.

Many doctors have understood this simple truth.

Tribal people know many plants with wonderful properties; but they keep it secret.


When I returned from a short visit to northern areas of Malabar, I am very much excited about the unspoilt rural charm   and the vibrant enthusiasm of the people.

After seeing “theyyam”, a semi tribal ritual, in which the Goddess enters the dancer’s form and speaks to the devotees, who believe evry word spoken and gain the same feeling, as if they have actually seen the Goddess, I am overwhelmed by the simplicity of the village folk. They kept awake throughout the night!

The open space and the landscape full of hills and valleys, where rice is grown is an invitation for even lazy folks, to come out and walk in the wilderness. A woman who could not believe that a person will walk, without any aim, asked me where I am going; and showed me the proper direction to the house where I was staying!

I shall write in detail about my experience.


Some hundred years ago, many of my uncles have actually seen the construction of the Shoranur- Cochin railway line as a deposit work by the company owning the South Indian Railways.

The company never did anything in a Princely State like Cochin, unless the money for building it, is given to the company. Malabar was under British rule; so they built the line from Madras to Calicut, by 1862 and further extended it up to Mangalore.

The Raja of Cochin State must be a farsighted person, to realize the important link to the Queen of the Arabian sea, as Kochi was called. Rice for the state came from Burma by ship and it could be transported by rail to the northern districts. He had no hesitation in selling gold ornaments of Goddess Mahalaksmi (Ammathiruvadi) of Oorakam The line connecting Ernakulam to Quilon (Kollam), came up much later, in the fifties, first as MG and was  converted into Broad Guage afterwards.

At Eravakad, on the south bank of the R. Manalipuzha, is a small patch of fertile land owned by Akarakatil family. It was completely cut off from the land by the railway line, the embankment being very high and surrounded by rice fields on all sides and the river in the north. Up to Pudukad railway station, some two miles away, one has to walk. Now too it is in the same state. The railway bridge had only sleepers, and one has to stretch his legs , with only a trolley refuge to escape from running trains.

How a family called Akarakatil lived there, surrounded by water during the monsoon from June to August, and again during October-November (retreating monsoon), without electricity and any conveyance, with the sound of creatures like the frog and grasshopper, for company, is a frightening mystery.  In floods which were common before the construction of Peechi dam, water flowed across the family orchard!

When I was a young boy, a namboodiri of Kuroor mana was crossing the bridge. He saw Cochin Express, the fastest train at that time, and moved to the cage for trolleys. Seeing him move away from the track, the driver, who had seen him, went ahead in full speed. At that point, somehow, the namboodiri came out on to the track, to walk quickly over a few sleepers still left. He missed it by a second and was hit by the engine. He died on the spot.

At that time I was young and there were only a few trains. Now, the number of trains has gone up very high. Though the steel sheets over the sleepers have made it easy to cross the bridge, I feel nervous when I think of going over it.

Now there is a barrage at Muttikal which falls on the way from our village. So I crossed it and walked along a good pathway along the side of the river for some ten minutes. I could see the rail very near and took a narrow path which took me to the railway embankment. A flight of steps and then the house could be seen some hundred metres away.

The inmates must have been surprised to see a stranger in pants and shirt, approaching them. So I told them my name and address and the fact that I just wanted to meet them, without any purpose.

I was well received and we talked about Madhavan, a close friend of my uncle Vasudevapphan, both ardent communists and contemporary of E.M.S. Namboodiripad, the first communist in the world, to be elected democratically.

They eagerly bought my book and I was glad of the opportunity to wax eloquent about my pet topics!

We departed as close friends. Dr. A. Ramachandran who accompanied me up to the rail line , offered to take me across the bridge; but I preferred to walk back the way I came.

On my way back, I was surprised by a bright green, thin snake which crossed my path within a few inchess !


When the common man is being sqeezed by merchants (HOW CAN WE LIVE WITHOUT RICE AND SALT?), the Finance Minister has decided to finish him off. How else can we explain the increase in excise duty on petrol and diesel?

The plea that there is no other alternative is baseless. I suggest some measures to save money:

1) Cut defence spending by postponing all procurements for one year. Nothing will happen in one year.

2) Shelve the moon mission Chandrayan. It is like a middle class baboo buying a helicoptor. We learn nothing new about the moon.

3) Withdraw from Commonwealth Games.

All parties, including Congress allies like Trinamool congress, RJD, DMK etc have opposed the move to increse the cost of oil. Please see the writing on the wall and withdrw this antipeople move.