The latest in the demand for democracy is Russia, where people feel that the election is rigged.
Why is the word democracy so charming? Is there any country where it functions in the interest of the people?
England is the model for democracy. Tony Blaire managed to hoodwink the Members of Parliament, who supported the attack on Iraq, because there was imminent danger of an attack on Britain!
Once elected, the ruling party ignores the true interests of the people, who helplessly watch, because there is no way of recalling the elected representatives. Now Anna Hazare has demanded this right to recall.
A government is interested in contracts, because from each deal they get bribe. In a dictatorship, the politicians are denied this opportunity.
Who will contest an election, if they cannot get bribe? Why do they spend huge sums of money, if they cannot reap the benefits?
The very existence of the state apparatus, is to extract money from the people in the form of taxes and bribe.
The United States love democracy only if it suits their ulterior motives, otherwise, it is happy with dictators.
Yes, true democracy is a mirage.



The US Ambassador came all the way, to declare the battle for the Indian MARKET!
So the cat is out of the bag, even though the timing was bad for the ruling coalition. It is American money. So Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh chorused the battle cry, Chamber of Commerce gleefully joining it.
It is a battle between the Rich and the poor. United States is facing a revolt by Pakistan and a threat to its economy. So the Indian market is important for them.
Pity our Prime Minister, who has endangered the very existence of the Government, to please his Master.


Pakistan is the only country in the world to threaten the mighty USA WITH NUCLEAR BOMBARDMENT, IN CASE THEY INVADE IT.
The US vice President came running to assuage their feelings.
If they invade Pakistan, not a single solder will return home alive It will be worse than Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan. It seems Prof. Obama has forgotten history!

WAR AGAINST THE ARAB PEOPLE –<script type='text/javascript' src=

The neocolonialists have started the war on Arab people
The United States and France are the flag bearers. They hope to divert the attention of the workers, who are waging struggle against salary cuts across Europe.
Bin LADEN IS SMILING. What has happened to the war on terror?
The Imperialists are eying the oil in Libya. But their calculations may go wrong, because they are isolated, with China, Russia, and even Germany abstaining from voting in the Security Council.
Another imponderable power is Iran, the seat of ancient civilization connecting the East and the West, along the silk route. They are a united people capable of action, defying the United States. They threw away the puppet regime of Shaw and held the US embassy staff captive for a long time. They have missiles capable of hitting Europe.
The Libyan war may prove a misadventure, like the take over of the Suez Canal in 1956.


Long ago, during the age of sailing ships, the Europeans used to extract concessions from the Chinese Government, by threatening and bombarding the coastal towns.
Now, we are reading about the American ships coming close to Libya, to intervene if necessary, because they have interest in oil.
They want to repeat what they did to Saddam Hussain.
Let Libyans kill Libyans. In the end, a regime friendly to the United States, will be installed. That is their aim.
Will they succeed?

WIKILEAKS AND VODKAKOLA=’text/javascript’ src=’

Recent releases by WikiLeaks reminded me, of a book titled Vodka-Kola which I read long ago. Vodka is the common ale of Russia and Cola the favourite drink of Americans
The book contains all details about meetings held regularly between representatives of the United Sates and Russia, including the room number of the hotel, date etc., during the hottest days of cold war.
The two countries maintained very cordial relations, as Russia needed the wheat produced in the States and American businessmen wanted a market for it; and Russia gave the cost in gold.
It shows how cynical the politicians are, who hoodwink the gullible public, to maintain their hold.
The cold war hysteria suited the arms manufacturers, who made money. The people lost money as taxes.


Reports coming from England and the United States, indicate that a crisis is imminent.
Economic advisers of capitalist countries of the West, recommended financial packages to continue production in automobile industries; this was agreed and there was a temporary halt to the downward slide in economy, which gave rise to optimism.
As the money was not sufficient, as more and more countries of Europe, clamoured for more money, it became necessary to cut wages. Then the working class of France and now, students of universities in England, came out into the streets, something unknown in the recent past, to protest against government policies.
American observers have pointed out that more than fifty thousand workers are losing their job every month. Production can somehow be continued, but not indefinitely, without sales. Obama is not having the courage of Roosewelt who created jobs, by developing infrastructure
These are symptoms of the coming days.