It is a sad day. Progressive thinker and rationalist Kalburgi was shot and killed by men who came on motor bike.

He was a researcher in Kannnada history , he was former Vice Chancellor of Kannada University in Humpy. As he fought against idol worship and superstition , Bajrang Dal , Vishwa Hindu Parishath , Sriram Sena etc. began to campaign against him and police protection was provided , which was later withdrawn as per his wishes.

Police investigation is directed against religious bigots.




This is incredible India. Yesterday , a six year old boy was killed by dogs here , right in the National Capital . And what is the response? NGOs are trying to sterilize the dogs.

Can we not have a law to permit slaughter of dogs? Throw them as fodder to tigers in the zoos.

In Keralam we are suffering . Two dogs have made our terrace their home. Dog bites are common. Vasectomy operation is the only thing the Government is doing.

When the number of elephants increase in African countries , culling is resorted to. Are dogs more sacred than Ganeshji?



In old age , cataract is a major problem . Now , with the laser surgery , it is very easy and takes only a few hours.

There is Gurunanak Eye hospital here , giving free treatment like AIIMS . My wife was operated last year , but I was reluctant to do it , because of some inherent attitude against surgery.

At last , I decided to try it and got my sugar level tested . It was too high because I was taking sweet things almost daily during onam festival . So I boycotted all starchy things and began walking for one hour after breakfast. This will automatically reduce sugar level . After some ten days , I may take one more test and get ready for the operation.



At the time of Atal Behari Vajpai , an ambitious program was conceived , to build a high way connecting Srinagar in Kashmir to Kanyakumari in the South. A similar road is to connect Calcutta to Amritsar. It was termed the Golden Quadrilateral . The PM himself wanted report about its progress and especially any hindrances to its construction.

Now the media have forgotten it . To my knowledge , land acquisition is the major problem . Now the law for facilitating this has come into force.

I request the Prime Minister to unearth the old file in PMO and make a computer program . Similar files should be maintained by State Governments also .

Let us not quarrel ; let us work for the future.



My father sent me to the bank , to fetch gold ornaments from the locker and fifty thousand in cash , for my sister’s marriage. It was Monday and there was a long line in que. At last my turn came and I kept all things in my bag and got out.

Some miscreant was watching me in the bank itself and he snatched the bag from my hand . I ran desperately to catch him . I got an iron rod , left behind by construction workers , and hit his head hard. Blood was rushing out and he fell down . Before people could understand what was happening , I ran with the bag and knocked at the door of my friend Nalini. I hurriedly described what happened and gave her the bag:”Dear, call my father and give him this bag. Tell him I have taken ten thousand from the bag.” I kissed her good bye and got out of the house.

Where shall I go? Bombay? I do not know Hindi. In fact , I have never been out of Keralam and was somewhat afraid of strange places. I grew up as mummy’s boy ; somehow completed my studies in the school . So I called my uncle and explained the circumstances . “Do not worry , boy. Come to me and we shall think of some way.” He lives in a village near Aluva and I decided to go there. When things get cleared , I can come back.

Uncle and aunt were very glad. “You have become big and handsome. How are things there? What about your sister’s marriage?” I explained the developments and how I am involved in a murder case. My cousin sister was very much shocked. I said no one had seen me . A local newspaper has given a report without mentioning my name . It seems the fellow is not dead. He is in the ICU , unable to talk. He has seen my face and can easily identify me.

“I have an idea. At Mukkam there is no grocery shop. You work in Peter’s shop here and learn the trade. Then we can set up a shop at Mukkam.” The next day I joined the shop. The work is easy . Goods come in a van and we unload it . There will be rush in the evening , at other times it is easy. Peter himself sits at the cash counter. Before the shop is closed at 8.30 PM , I help in tallying the account . In his absence , I am the cashier.

I found that most people have a pass book and we have to write the amount in it each time. Even rich people prefer monthly payments . Ladies enjoy talking to me and my own self esteem increased. After one year , I set up my own shop.

I used to talk on phone with Nalini “You can come back safely. The police has closed the case . The fellow is all right now , they say. “ “ I have set up my own grocery shop and am making good profit, as it is the only shop here.”

“Your father asked me recently whether I am willing to marry you. I think he has spoken to Daddy. Are you not eager to see me? Or are you in love with a girl there?” “Will you be jealous?”

“Oh no! It is a man’s privilege. He can pick and choose. We are helpless. “

“Mukkam is a tribal area Women come without blouse . Something like a bath towel covers the breasts

You have not shown yours.” “You naughty brute . Can’t you enjoy our face?“

“I am hungry . You must give me soothing to eat.”

Thus the days passed . I made good money and was confident of making a living without help .

One fine morning , her father came to see my business. He discussed with my uncle. , who talked to my father .When I married , I was thirty five.

“Whom should we thank?” I asked.

“God”” “Or the person who tried to rob me?”

“God appeared in the guise of a robber !”



During Ona days all shops and offices remain closed I dear Keralam . In small towns and villages , even buses do not run ; the workers observe onam.

How do people spend their time? Eating and gambling , I suppose. Even otherwise , young people play cards to win or lose Policemen catch them and release them , after extracting their dues. Ladies may engage in folk dance.

According to legend , Mahabali was cursed by Vishnu and sent to the nether world . Every year he was allowed to visit his land . When he comes , we all show him that we are happy!



Narendra Modi is celebrating the victory of the war of 1965 on a grand scale , this being the fiftieth anniversary .

Our Prime Minister was Lal Bahadur Shastri , the greatest and most honest PM , WHO , OWNING MORAL RESPONSIBILITY AS Railway Minister , RESIGNED , FOLLOWING Ariyalur tragedy in which two bogies of the train fell into the river.

The war was planned and executed with remarkable success by Pakistan. Thousands of Pak soldiers crossed the border in Kashmir and Jammu. Our cities were bombarded by them . We were taken by surprise and had to withdraw . The Generals hit upon the idea of counter attack in Punjab and crossed the border and advanced towards Lahore . The farmers there saw the march of the army and informed the Police. What saved them , was the Ichogil canal , built by their experts for stopping such march. Our Generals failed to take note of it and did not carry necessary equipment to cross it.

Pressure mounted on our Government , by the US ,UNO and Russia , to stop war and sign cease fire agreement . Shasthri went to Tashkent in Russia to sign the treaty. He was so much affected morally that he had a heart attack and he died there . The body was brought to India.

I wonder what is there to celebrate. A victory worth remembering is the war of 1971 when Pakistan was humiliated and lost Bengal . It was Indira Gandhi who led India and Atal Behari Vajpai called her the avtar of Durga!

Shasthri’s soul must have enjoyed the victory . It was he who brought Indira into his cabinet!

Do you find any statue of Shastri?

The irony is that ex-servicemen are still fighting for ‘one rank one pension’ ; some are on hunger strike till death.