I HAVE A PARALLEL BLOG ‘CHTHARIYA CHINTHAKAL’ Today when I opened it , I was shocked to see that my blog hs been blocked in European union. It was prominently displayed there.

I could not believe it . What is the reason? Will freedom loving people tolerate this?



The latest in the demand for democracy is Russia, where people feel that the election is rigged.
Why is the word democracy so charming? Is there any country where it functions in the interest of the people?
England is the model for democracy. Tony Blaire managed to hoodwink the Members of Parliament, who supported the attack on Iraq, because there was imminent danger of an attack on Britain!
Once elected, the ruling party ignores the true interests of the people, who helplessly watch, because there is no way of recalling the elected representatives. Now Anna Hazare has demanded this right to recall.
A government is interested in contracts, because from each deal they get bribe. In a dictatorship, the politicians are denied this opportunity.
Who will contest an election, if they cannot get bribe? Why do they spend huge sums of money, if they cannot reap the benefits?
The very existence of the state apparatus, is to extract money from the people in the form of taxes and bribe.
The United States love democracy only if it suits their ulterior motives, otherwise, it is happy with dictators.
Yes, true democracy is a mirage.


Those were exciting days!
I was working in the Foreign Affairs section of the Central Secretariat in Delhi.
I used to give my name for any assignment abroad, mainly to escape from the domination of my mother-in-law. Ultimately, I was sent to Sweden and stayed in Young Women’s Christian Association hostel.
The driver attached to the hostel was a young fellow, with poetic heart, who befriended me. On holidays, he used to take me for sight seeing. He would read a story about his own life and I used to hear it. It was interesting.
Having nothing to do, on Sundays I used to go to some Park. I was sitting in the lawn, when an elderly gentleman passed by me. He turned back and asked:
Are you from Asia or Africa?
Are you a visitor?
No; I am working in the Embassy.
Where are you putting up?
In YWCA hostel.
He came and sat by my side.
“Sorry if I am encroaching on your privacy, Madam.”
“No, uncle.”
He went on to say that he and his wife were living alone, as his only son was in the States. He was a teacher and knew English. We went on talking and promised to meet again, next Sunday.
I sent a detailed letter to my husband who was against my going abroad. He called me and said he was happy to learn about my new friendship.
Next Sunday, my “uncle” took me to his flat and introduced me to his wife who seemed to be somewhat depressed. I used to make Indian cuisines, which they relished and aunt became more lively, when I stayed there.
He had a good home library, with books on almost all subjects. I borrowed some, whenever I went there I came back.

Uncle was really wealthy. That Christmas holidays, he hired a yacht and the three of us visited various islands in the Mediterranean sea. I carried my painting kit with me and painted a portrait of uncle and aunt. But we had to cut short our visit, as aunt fell ill. We hurried back by plane and admitted aunt in a hospital. Her uterus had withered and had to be operated. I took leave and stayed in her room.
Her son came and looked at me with an unpleasant look. He asked his father, who this nigger is?, meaning me, as I am dark skinned.
Uncle turned livid with rage.
“She is an Indian. They had developed literature five thousand years ago, when Europe was in wilderness. Apologize to her,” he said.
I had taken leave for about a month and this did not go well with my in-laws. But my father complimented me. I do not remember my mother.
My efforts to renew my tenure in the embassy failed.
I invited uncle to visit and stay in India; he promised to consider it. In the meantime, he had told his son to deposit in the Swiss bank one lac dollars in my name. He gave the papers to me.
At the airport, I lay my head on uncle’s shoulder and wept. He too was tongue tied…
When the plane took off, I felt as though I had woken up from a sweet dream….


There are reports of negotiations, at a secret place, between representatives of the United States and the Taliban, FOR ENABLING THE FORMER TO PULL OFF THEIR TROOPS.
Long ago, when Afghanistan was ruled by Russia, the CIA created Taliban to harass and defeat the Russians. This was achieved, when the free people of that country, especially women, enjoyed freedom like their Western counterparts, were subjugated by religious fanatics, who enforced purdah (veil) and even the huge statue of Budha,
( I quot from the web “6th century[1] monumental statues of standing buddhas carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan, situated 230 km (143 miles) northwest of Kabul at an altitude of 2500 meters (8,202 ft). Built in 507, the larger in 554,[1] the statues represented the classic blended style of Gandhara art.[2]”)
was destroyed by machine gun fire, shocking the whole civilised world.
Now Taliban will rule the country once again.
Will history repeat?


The more we delay, the worse wil be the consequences.
I have always maintained that, keeping the armed forces there will only add to the resentment of the people. They want freedom, not packages.
The first step in an orderly withdrawal, is to give full power to the State Government.
Let the army keep inside the barracks.


In many ways, the gas leak from an American Company in Bhopal, on 2-12-1984, is worse than the oil spill in the Mexican gulf.

I feel that the gas leak was a deliberate attempt to see how deadly the gas is. Of course, I cannot substantiate it.

Even today, people are still suffering. The place has not been decontaminated.

What is most shocking is that all Governments at the Centre have been soft to the killers, because America is involved. Has any one condemned the bombing of Hiroshima? Was it not a weapon of mass destruction? Why was not America termed a terrorist state?

The innocent people of Bhopal are considered as worms; Anderson is still enjoying his freedom in America.

Is it not slavish mentality towards American masters?

Why was it located in the city? It was all preplanned. To know how effective this chemical bomb is. May be part of the chemical warfare being planned during cold war before the collapse of communism in Russia.

There should be an enquiry similar to the enquiry about the Iraq war, beig conducted in Britain. The committee must include not only retired judges, but also expert chemists  humanists and Members of Parliament.

The role played by Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be scrutinised.


Many men are afraid of marriage. As Bernard Shaw said, if you marry, you will repent immediately.

But they will not allow you to enjoy your freedom indefinitely. Mother needs an assistant when she gets old. A number of fathers will try to get you entangled for their daughters. In India, an unmarried girl is a curse on her parents. If nothing else, your friends come forward to help you. I think such things are unknown in the West.

Once married, there is no going back. You are tied for seven lives, one after another.

Every day you have to bring vegetables, milk and such things in addition to taking her for shopping, cinema and visiting friends. As soon as you come back from your work place, tired and angry, on account of the bickerings and fights with your colleagues and the irrational Boss, she will be waiting, fully dressed, to go out. Not her fault, as she is kept inside the house, bored to death. Well get fresh, change your dress and go out.

When children are born, at least two, there is no end to your worries. Worries are multiplied, with the children fighting each other, then school, tuition, home work and all that.

Wife falling ill, in-laws coming and all sorts of complications.

If she is beautiful (who will marry an ugly girl?), you are suspicious of that idle fellow, who is always so sweet and glib tongued.

And, when you want to do it, she is not in the mood.

Before you realised it, your daughter has grown too big. Now it is your turn, to hunt for a husband for her.

W-I-F-E means, Worry Invited For Ever !.