Common people are penniless, these last few days.
In my youth , I used to borrow money , though I was working as a UD clerk. This was because both my wife and myself , did not know how to run a house hold. I had to send money to my unemployed brother in Keralam. I used to take all sorts of advances, Like Festival advance . As soon as one advance is recovered , there will be another festival. Mercifully , I never had account in the grocery shop; all purchases were paid, down cash.
Things improved when I got promotion .
So, what I was going to say is , that I avoid going to sell books in houses , during these days.
Today I went to Trichur Railway Station . Travelers are never short of money. I was lucky to sell some seven books!



Those were exciting days!
I was working in the Foreign Affairs section of the Central Secretariat in Delhi.
I used to give my name for any assignment abroad, mainly to escape from the domination of my mother-in-law. Ultimately, I was sent to Sweden and stayed in Young Women’s Christian Association hostel.
The driver attached to the hostel was a young fellow, with poetic heart, who befriended me. On holidays, he used to take me for sight seeing. He would read a story about his own life and I used to hear it. It was interesting.
Having nothing to do, on Sundays I used to go to some Park. I was sitting in the lawn, when an elderly gentleman passed by me. He turned back and asked:
Are you from Asia or Africa?
Are you a visitor?
No; I am working in the Embassy.
Where are you putting up?
In YWCA hostel.
He came and sat by my side.
“Sorry if I am encroaching on your privacy, Madam.”
“No, uncle.”
He went on to say that he and his wife were living alone, as his only son was in the States. He was a teacher and knew English. We went on talking and promised to meet again, next Sunday.
I sent a detailed letter to my husband who was against my going abroad. He called me and said he was happy to learn about my new friendship.
Next Sunday, my “uncle” took me to his flat and introduced me to his wife who seemed to be somewhat depressed. I used to make Indian cuisines, which they relished and aunt became more lively, when I stayed there.
He had a good home library, with books on almost all subjects. I borrowed some, whenever I went there I came back.

Uncle was really wealthy. That Christmas holidays, he hired a yacht and the three of us visited various islands in the Mediterranean sea. I carried my painting kit with me and painted a portrait of uncle and aunt. But we had to cut short our visit, as aunt fell ill. We hurried back by plane and admitted aunt in a hospital. Her uterus had withered and had to be operated. I took leave and stayed in her room.
Her son came and looked at me with an unpleasant look. He asked his father, who this nigger is?, meaning me, as I am dark skinned.
Uncle turned livid with rage.
“She is an Indian. They had developed literature five thousand years ago, when Europe was in wilderness. Apologize to her,” he said.
I had taken leave for about a month and this did not go well with my in-laws. But my father complimented me. I do not remember my mother.
My efforts to renew my tenure in the embassy failed.
I invited uncle to visit and stay in India; he promised to consider it. In the meantime, he had told his son to deposit in the Swiss bank one lac dollars in my name. He gave the papers to me.
At the airport, I lay my head on uncle’s shoulder and wept. He too was tongue tied…
When the plane took off, I felt as though I had woken up from a sweet dream….


Demonstrations by disgruntled elements and their suppression by the police, is now common in other Arab countries, apart from Egypt, where the people face an uncertain, leaderless future.
In Libya, which is quiet these days, the army has killed 84 demonstrators. In Bahrain and Yemen, the ant-establishment revolt is simmering. Even Pakistan is restive.
Russia is afraid that militants may hijack the movement.
There is growing concern that the whole Muslim world is facing an imminent revolution.


These days koorka (Malayalam) is available in plenty. I like it very much. It can be cooked easily, by boiling in a cooker and then mixed with oil and kept in pan over a low flame.
It lowers cholesterol and can be taken by diabetic patients, as starch value is less than 20%.

LET US CHEER THE MINERS OF CHILE!!!=’text/javascript’ src=

On the fifth of August, 33 miners were trapped in a rock collapse, half a mile inside the mine, in Chile.
On 23 Aug. they were located and food was sent to them regularly afterwards. All helped in the efforts to drill a tunnel into the spot.
Today they have been rescued and embraced by the family, waiting all these days!
I have been writing about insane humanity.
Oh God ! Forgive for losing my sense of proportion and forgetting the great men who are the true sons of God.


I like to walk in the rain!

Today it reminded me of those days when it used to rain for days together. We used to play chess, with pieces of the midrib of plantain leaves serving as chessmen. The 64 squares were drawn with chalk on the floor.

Our game will be interrupted when something hot comes from the kitchen.

When the rains stop, we go for boating.


This I wrote yesterday. Today the rain is still continuing. According to our elders, the new moon induces the clouds to form rain drops.  The satellite photo shows thick couds all over the sea and south India. There is no wind. The steady rains will fil up the wells and ponds.

God gives plenty of water. We allow it to flow into the sea, carrying precious top soil. All my writings about ways to conserve water and prevent soil erosion, have no effect.


That shy plant, which is aptly called “touch me not” is not alone, in protesting against our advances.

We all like to touch and fondle things we like. Pets are meant only to serve our emotional need for caressing. Some parents take it for granted that children like it. Indeed some may like it, but not all.

It is best if we leave all plants and trees alone.

Leaves and flowers are very dear to them. They are their organs. Of course, we have to live and we need food. But why turn and twist the branches of trees not of any use to us, like the touch me not?

Laksharchana is fashionable these days. People go on collecting tulsi leaves and several types of flowers for this purpose alone.

Do Gods like it?