The Captain of a sinking ship escapes, only after all his sailors are rescued. As the Commandant of the INA , HE SHOULD HAVE SUREENDED to the Indian Army and faced the consequences. The INA trial continued , in spite of protests . Sardar Patel was adamant and Nehru agreed with him. At least, Subhas could have escaped the fate of being a prisoner in Siberia.

He must have gone back to Japan , along with the Military top brass. Bose was continuously shadowed by CIA and its counterpart in Britain. They spread the canard that he died in an air crash. After the surrender of Japan , he must have been whisked away by Russian KGB . It is impossible to believe that Stalin did not inform Nehru. The declassified documents by West Bengal Government , confirms this theory. Bose is adored by all Indians . So the secret papers in New Delhi were destroyed by Indira Gandhi. There is bound to be furor in Parliament.



Prachanda has shown remarkable maturity, in leading a terrorist organization, fighting a guerrilla war against Monarchy, for the past several years.
Nepal being a Himalayan state, strategically placed between China and India, the latter looks with suspicion, at what is going on there.
The US too has placed CIA agents permanently there.
There are parties favoring India, trying to sabotage any agreement among a number of these political outfits.
Now the daunting problems of unemployment and economic reconstruction have to be solved.
I wish all success to Prachanda!


There are reports of negotiations, at a secret place, between representatives of the United States and the Taliban, FOR ENABLING THE FORMER TO PULL OFF THEIR TROOPS.
Long ago, when Afghanistan was ruled by Russia, the CIA created Taliban to harass and defeat the Russians. This was achieved, when the free people of that country, especially women, enjoyed freedom like their Western counterparts, were subjugated by religious fanatics, who enforced purdah (veil) and even the huge statue of Budha,
( I quot from the web “6th century[1] monumental statues of standing buddhas carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan, situated 230 km (143 miles) northwest of Kabul at an altitude of 2500 meters (8,202 ft). Built in 507, the larger in 554,[1] the statues represented the classic blended style of Gandhara art.[2]”)
was destroyed by machine gun fire, shocking the whole civilised world.
Now Taliban will rule the country once again.
Will history repeat?


The Indian National Congress was founded by a British spy, Allen O Hume, for channelising the freedom movement along safe lines, confined to friendly debates among rich people.

Mohanlal Gandhi changed it into a mass movement involving the Harijans and poor Muslims too..

When India became free, Gandhi wanted to disband the Congress Party which was an umbrella organization, with warring factions pulling to the Left and the Right, formed solely for fighting for freedom.

But the leaders of the party wanted to rule, on the basis of the good will generated during the freedom struggle. Nehru and Indira Gandhi tried to steer clear of the pulls of the United States and the USSR during the cold war years, with a slight tilt towards the Russia. Kissinger even called her “that bitch.”

All this time, CIA made inroads into Bureaucracy. When Manmohan Singh became the Finance Minister, with the sole object of introducing Globalization, when Narasimha Rao was the Prime Minister, the anti- communist lobby, nurtured by the CIA became active. The economic reforms meant to transform the mixed economy into purely private economy, was resisted by the Left forces, on whose support the ministry depended for survival. At that time, the privatization drive had to be halted.

Now the Congress does not care for any body. They have used their brute majority to push oil prices, even as the common man is groaning, with essential items getting costlier by the day.

The revelations about the role of CIA and Rajiv Gandhi, in getting Anderson out of India, with help from the Central Government, has put the Congress party in jeopardy.

This may prove to be the Dunkirk for the Party.


Shashi Tharoor is always in the news.

First, it was a reference to cattle class in the airlines. It made the twitters busy.

Then the word “interlocutor” made people search in the dictionary.

Now Lalit Modi wants him prosecuted. BJP WANTS HIM DISMISSED.

I think it is all “much ado about nothing”.

As I am totally unfamiliar with the sports column in newspapers, I do not understand the issues involved.

Cricket was a gentleman’s game. Only England and Australia played that game. In those days, it was the sailing ship which took six months to reach Australia and the game was played on board, to while away the time. What they brought back was “ashes”.

Things have changed a lot and now the players are auctioned like slaves in New York market, before slavery was abolished.

That gives me ideas. Why not auction our Members of Parliament?

First, I must float a company like the old “East India Company” which was a commercial enterprise in name only. Actually, they conquered the whole country.

My secret firm, with at least one crore rupees per share, will welcome all businessmen and political parties and mafia kings to buy shares. It will have a private detective force, to collect all details about those contesting elections, to estimate their price.

It will engineer splits in all parties and encourage rebel candidates, dummy candidates and also booth capturing, rigging and all such activities, now being attempted by clumsy uneducated hooligans. They will be given proper training, so that even TV reporters will not be able to smell what is going on. The aim is to produce a hung parliament, with maximum unattached individuals, where our firm can make trillions of rupees, by auctioning them. Don’t you believe it? Even CIA may offer a few billion dollars!

All profit made by our firm will be deposited safely in Swiss banks.

Keep it a top secret