When our Prime Minister met his Pakistani counterpart recently , the discussed for half an hour , ways to improve mutual relations. This a welcome step. I always maintained that our neighbor is not an enemy , but we are brothers. That country was born in blood and became a Muslim State, feudal , always under military control. It is not industrialized. The US accepted military treaty with it and it survives only with arms aid from that country.
At the time of partition , there was East Pakistan, now Bangladesh . Indira Gandhi helped freedom fighters there and sent our army , to overthrow the regime. The whole Pakistani army surrendered. A secular Republic was born.
In the same way , we must help secular forces there, by overthrowing the Military regime. The whole country is ruled by IS and the people will welcome liberation. For some time , it can be a UN protectorate.


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All are concerned with calorie.
It is a measure of the heat content in a substance.
One calorie = heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water, by one degree Celsius.
When anything is burnt, heat is produced. Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen in the food we eat, combine with oxygen, to produce heat. This heat helps the body cells to conduct their activities like breathing, blood circulation etc. and maintain body temperature. If we eat more, the extra heat is conserved in the form of fat, to be used when required. Hence, if we eat more, we become fat.
For calculation of calorie value, dry mass of a thing is required, as water has no calorie value as far as our body is concerned. Thus, watermelon, plantain, leafy vegetables etc. have major water content and correspondingly less calorie value.
One gram of all things, except oils and fats, yield 4 calories of heat. Oils etc. give double this number, 8 calories. That is why doctors advise us to avoid fats.
These rules do not apply to children, who need more energy during growth period.
Calorie requirement can be calculated by dieticians, with reference to life style etc.


Now it is clear that Gaddafi was killed deliberately. tHE un has decided to investigate it.
The US is behaving like a bully. The scene is reminiscent of Saddam Husain’s end, when his statue was pulled down. Having ignited the fire of protest against Dictators in Arab world, now they do not know how to proceed further. America’s aim is to install a puppet regime, so that they can get oil.
What a fall from the country of Washington, Jefferson, Abraham Lincolon,Roosewelt etc.


He is known only in Keralam.
He is similar to Gurunanak of Punjab. Both signified a revolt against Brahman dominated orthodox Hinduism. Both belonged to backward classes. They did not make any difference in the name of caste or creed.
The followers of Narayana Guru are the back bone of communists in Keralam.
Most of them are toddy tappers and alcohol flows in their blood!


The communists have now discovered that religion and caste play a role in electoral politics. It is wonderful that they have now found this out. When they were winning elections, they never bothered about it. Pinarayi Vijayan found it easy to befriend Madani, charged with terrorist links.

All parties want reservation in educational institutions. Why? Because, if they oppose it, they will lose votes. Now they want reservation based on backward class basis. Even a definition of backwardness is not available. So a new phrase “creamy layer” is introduced. And yet, they are still debating debating whether caste should be mentioned in the census.

Even the Supreme Court is not free from this double standard.

I am for elimination of religion and caste from politics. Then there should not be any reservation based on these, whether for elections (Why is there scheduled caste reservation for Members of Parliament?) or for Medical and Engineering seats.

Dress must not indicate religion. That is why secular France objects to Sardarji’s turban.

Can we do it?

Even names should not show the tail: namboodiri, menon, yadav etc. Is it possible?

Then stop all this bull shit.

Indians are religious and caste conscious. Nothing can change this!


When the Government sends armed personnel to fight the Maoists in the forest, without understanding anything about the enemy, you are responsible for the consequences.

The forest is unfamiliar to us, while the Maoists and their supporters know it like their palm. They are familiar with the terrain, rivers and hill features. They know every movement of the army (whether you call it CRPF or BSF is immaterial) and can reach any spot with lightning speed.

We are handicapped in every way. This was what happened in 1962 China war.Luckily, they did not annihilate our army men. Maoists cannot afford to keep prisoners.

Why don’t you read history, Chidambaram?

The Americans tried to fight the Viet Cong guerillas by destroying forests but their enemy used extensive tunnels net work to baffle them. In the end, when forty thousand Americans lost their life in Air to ground war, they sued for peace.

How many people should be killed in our forests before we accept their offer of cease fire? Ten thousand, one lakh or ten lakh?

You do not care because you are safe in Delhi or at Lalgarh, because a lot of jawans are ready to lay down their lives.

Remember, history will judge you.


The offer of seventy two day cease fire by Maoists is a genuine desire to avoid blood shed and pave the way for peace negotiations.

After independence, tribal people have been driven away from the forest land, which is their home and source of livelihood, by the mining mafia. Politicians and the police connived at this attack, because they got money. Now, when the tribals were organised by Maoists to resist this onslaught of plains people, like the white men who exterminated the red Indians in the United States, we hear all this hue and cry in the media

Let the cease fire provide the necessary climate for proper dialogue. Only blood will come out of gun battle. We want ahimsa. Gandhigiri is the way for all concerned, including the police.