In ‘who will become crorepati?’, two seventh standard girls , Krishna and Thrishna won Rs. 1,60,000, to become the youngest children to become ‘lakshaprabhu’ in Sureash Gopi’s show.

They had a shaky start. In the very first question about Cyndrela , they had to seek the help of audience, because they had not heard that story. In another question from Ramayana, they floundered ; Shoorpanakha was the correct answer.. Here too they sought help. For the question to earn ten thousand, they sought phone friend. Somehow, they gained that base line.

After that, without any help they earned one lakh and sixty thousand. I felt happy about the twins. Their desire was to help their father to set up a vegetable shop. This amount is enough and more.




As the only daughter of wealthy business man , I was much pampered by my father.

After graduation , I did not know what to do. I hated business. My friends and I used to spend time , in restaurants and cinema halls , avoiding boys , who are interested only in sex and wine.

At that time , a Madrasi was appointed as accountant in our company. He is small and very gentle , always smiling . My efforts to befriend him failed , as he is always busy in his work.

One Sunday, I invited him to have dinner in a restaurant. Then I learned that he is from Kerala. He said it is actually Keralam and Trichur is his town. I said I am eager to see that area and extracted a promise to take me there, when he went home the next time. My friends asked me whether I am in love. I laughed:”He is like an innocent  boy , may be younger than me.”

It is difficult to get leave for Sanku (Sankaran is the full name) except in exceptional circumstances. To attend his sister’s marriage, he was allowed one weeks’ absence and I told father that I too will accompany him. To save time, we went by plane. It was nice to see Keralam . We got down at Nedumbassery and went by road to Trichur. All the villages are continuous ,  and looks like a forest. His home stands on the edge of a rice field . Both his mother and sister talks broken English but do not know Hindi at all.

The marriage was at Guruvayoor , the famous temple town  and took only a few minutes . The couple garlanded each other , that is all. The dinner was in a hotel. I took video of the proceedings and the scenery, almost everywhere we went, as the whole country is a picturesque scene. “Sanku, it is a pity you have to work in Bombay. Can’t you get a job here?” He smiled. I have never heard him talk. “Yes, Sir or Yes, Madam”-that is all he ever said.

“Do not call me Madam , I am Meenakshy. Call me Meenu.”

He smiled . I began helping father in his business. From eight in the morning till ten in the night , we three were working hard. Fther increased Sanku’s salary to fifty thousand . In addition to keeping the Accounts and preparing balance sheet for auditors to check , he found ways to save Income Tax . So his salary was less than what he deserved.

For my work , he gave me ten thousand. I learned the ins and outs of the company and father was pleased. We did not realize the passage of time. I became thirty and felt that I should marry. Sanku never opened his heart. On Sundays we used to go out. Once my friend Susheela saw us and called out. Sanku remained there but I went to her.

“Have you not been married ?” She asked . I told my difficulty. “You are a fool. Try him in the bed room. Remove your cloths. Any Vishwamithr will fall to your charms.”

I tried that also. But he remained calm. I removed his underwear ; the thing remained small and sluggish. I went to a Doctor alone. He wanted to see Sanku also. Then he gave some advice and medicines and things to eat to increase semen. After about one year , I became pregnant . I told father I wanted to marry Sanku.MINUTES,COUPLE


His origin is obscure. Some say it was Paru who discovered him.
Paru is the sweeper, who, while cleaning the premises of the grocery shop in the village, saw some movement in a bundle of cloths. On closer examination, it was a baby, hardy a day old. She took it home and looked after it.
They called him chekkan, child, until someone called him idiot.
He did all things, without any remuneration, ate anything given to him, always smiled and never quarreled like other children. Ask him to bring your baggage, left behind some three miles away; he will run all the distance and carry the heavy thing on his shoulders. If you give him money, he will accept, otherwise also he will smile and go about doing other errands. Only an idiot will behave like that; so the word Pottan became his name.
Paru had her own children going to school. So she sent Pottan to school. Teachers told her that he cannot understand a word. So there too he was sent to bring tea, water etc.
Pottan went to all feasts and ate till his belly bulged like a balloon. There, too, he worked like other laborers.
No wonder they liked Pottan.
If you get an impression that Pottan is an uncouth figure, you are sadly mistaken.
Far from that, he is fair and handsome. So it is not surprising that a young lady took a fancy for him. This is how it happened.
One day, this girl arrived at the grocery shop, Pottan’s home, having got down from the bus, with a lot of baggage. Puttan promptly took all that and having placed each item on his head, shoulder and two hands, looked at her, indicating with his eyes- where to go?
“Who are you?”
“All people know me; I am Pottan.”
“Idiot? I wanted to know your name.”
“I have no other name.”
She, Madhu, told that her father will return shortly from Dubai and set up business there. She gave him a hundred rupee note and Paru was very glad to have it.
Slowly their attachment thickened and she took Pottan as her escort, wherever she went.
She was a graduate and computer programmer. She slowly taught Pottan to speak and understand English words. She tried to make him understand the working of computer.
Pottan now approached eighteen years of age and was appointed as peon in the Panchayat Office.
He was given the name of Gautam by Madhu, because he cannot be a Pottan in office records. In fact, all were surprised by the change in the boy, who now commanded respect.
It was a great relief for Paru, who was struggling with four daughters, all growing too fast. There was no help from her husband who was a drunkard.
When Panchayat elections came, Madhu contested as President, because it was reserved for women. Pottan, as he was still called by the villagers, worked hard and Madhu won by a comfortable majority.
Madhu’s father came and established his own business in the town. Gautam was the natural selection for the post of office boy.
All went well for a period.
One evening, Madhu and Pottan were returning from the town. It was Sunday and there was no bus for the village. They decided to walk.
The half Moon shone brightly and a breeze cooled the hot atmosphere. Madhu held his hand and they sat down in an isolated spot. Intoxication of youth overcame them and the girl guided the inexperienced boy to explore her body, with its hills and valleys and hidden tunnel, waiting to be filled with his vigour….
Suddenly some one flashed the torch light.
The next day, they discussed it. Madhu told him to go away for the time being, but he refused.
Within a week, some people, armed with lethal weapons, attacked Paru’s house, pulled Pottan out and beat him to death….
Post script.
Madhu shifted to Paru’s house and in due course, delivered a bonny baby. In its birth certificate, its name was Ashok and father’s name Gautam.
Madhu never married and looked after the child and Paru’s family.

ELEPHANT AND THE JACK FRUIT -<script type='text/javascript' src=

Both are very familiar and have some oddities
The elephant is the only animal with the scrotum inside its body. If the genital organ is not excited, you cannot say whether the African elephant is male or female! The Asian male can be distinguished by its tusks; the African female too has tusks.
The trunk is extremely unique. It can store a huge quantity of data about the smell of other animals etc. When you approach it, it stretches its trunk to smell you. It never forgets the smell. For the animal, t is your finger print. The trunk is used dexterously, as we do our hands, and can carry gallons of water, for pouring over its body, into its mouth. My father has told us about an elephant, that can write alphabet in Malayalam
These are only some oddities.
As children, we used to wonder how elephants mate, as the penis elongates downwards, reaching almost to the ground. When the cow elephant is standing, how can it be inserted?
When sexually excited, the penis bends upwards like a U- tube and forces itself into the female organ. Normally vulva is near the tail; in the case of the elephant, it is between the legs
Now, of course, all can see it in TV channels.
The jack fruit is also very, very strange!
First of all, it is a collection of a large quantity of individual fruits. Each fruit has a big seed covered with yellow petals which we fry or cook as a delicious dish, simply by boiling in water! In the season, in Namboodiri homes you get it every day (not now). When ripe, it is very sweet. The seed too is cooked. I like it very much, if boiled for a long time, until it becomes a pulp and then liberally sprinkled with coconut oil and allowed to remain over the stove for a long time. Bing deficient in starch, this dish is ggod for diabetic patients!
All the individual fruits, in what we call the jack fruit, is well covered with a thick, prickly skin, given to cows as food. A jack fruit can weigh up to twenty kilograms.
Another notable thing is that, unlike in other trees, jack fruit forms in the trunk! There is a saying in Malayalam, ‘if it wants, the fruit may come even from its root’.
In tender, flowery stage, the whole thing can be cooked, and eaten as ‘thoran’.(a dry dish)
A question comes to my mind: when the flowers are well covered by the skin, how are they pollinated?


Parashar Maharshy was crossing the river in a country canoe. A tribal woman was rowing the vessel. There were no one else in the canoe.
In the middle of the river, the sage felt sex urge and so he did it with the woman. Vyas was thus born. He had some ugly skin dicease. Vyas is credited with authorship of Vedas, Mahabharath and also Bhagavath puran- all voluminous books.
When the Royal family at Indraprasth was threatened with extinction, Vyas was invited to father children Maharanis. The first one closed her eyes to avoid seeing the ugly man; the child born was blind. He is Dhritarashtr, Suyodhana’s father. The next one felt revulsion and the child was Pandu, father of Pandavas.
Vyas enjoyed sex with the maid servant also. She welcomed it and a wise and honest man, Vidur was her son.
As Dhritarashtr was blind, the war was described to him by Sanjay who was gifted with the power of seeing the events, with the mind’s eyes.
Krishn and Balram
Both were brought up by Yashoda. Balram was straightforward and honest. He favoured Suyodhan and taught him the use of Gada, a club with one end enlarged and weighty. During the war, he was away on pilgrimage. He was sad to know about the war and its consequences.
He vowed to remain Brhmachary (bachelor), because his father wanted to marry Ganga who wanted to ensure the throne for her sons. In fact, he was very powerful and used strong arm methods to bring women from their marriage pandal and forced them to marry his brothers. He was sympathetic to the Pandavas, but sided with Suyodhan in the war. He could have prevented war by exerting his authority as grand uncle, and, threatening to stay neutral.


Actually her name is Krishna, meaning black girl. She came from the sacrificial fire of King Drupada, a mysterious appearance.
The King had offered to give the girl to whoever was able to shoot a revolving bird. Arjun did it and brought the girl home, during the period of their wandering.
Ma, we have brought something- they told Kunthy
Whatever you brought, must be shared- she told them, without seeing anything.
They gladly shared her as a common wife.
She was a spirited woman, intelligent and cunning. She kept all her husbands
in good humor.
She had some inexplicable affinity with Krishn, the only other black figure in the epic. He too was found beside Yashoda, no one knew who the father was.
A scene is described, where both are found by Arjun, lying in a couch. Whenever in distress, she calls Krishn and not her husbands. But for them, there would be no war!
When she was publicly humiliated, she vows never to do her hair, unless, smeared with the blood of Yudhishtyr. Krishn helps her, by using all sorts of tricks to see that Suyodhan is defeated.
When Drupad was young, he was on very friendly terms with Dronacharya. In a fit of camaraderie, Drupad offered to give him half the kingdom, when he became the king
Dronacharya reminded about his promise, only to be insulted by Drupad. Thus they became enemies. Otherwise, Drona would have remained neutral in the war.

ALL ICONS HAVE FEET OF CLAY – GANDHI- ext/javascript’ src=

M.K.Gandhi is described as Mahatma. He is the father of the Nation.

Our nation is India. Was there no India before him? Why is his birth day a National Holiday?

His eldest son wanted to go to England for higher studies. He refused to help him. The unlucky boy became a nuisance and in the end, died like a beggar. The hospital authorities never knew he was Gandhi’s son. ALL THIS HAPPENED BECAUSE HE DID NOT HEAR GANDI’S ADVICE. HOW CAN A FATHER BE SO CRUEL TO HIS OWN SON?

As a father he failed miserably and even God will not pardon him.

Whoever called Gandhi the father of the Nation, is a foolish hypocrite.

He forced his wife to clean the toilet. In those days, people used to sit on a raised platform and expel the faeces, through a hole, into a vessel which is cleaned by scheduled caste untouchables (Harijans). Gandhi wanted to do it by each family to save the Harijans from this dirty work. It is a good idea. But why did he not do it himself? Why force his unwilling wife?

He was sexually very active and produced several children. After his wife’s death, he used to sleep naked, with a young girl on each side. Why? Why did he force Acharya Kriplani to abstain from sex with his duly married wife?

Within the family he was an autocrat.He never respected the wishes of his wife and children, who liked to live like other people. He wanted to give the Indians an impression that he is a sage (sanyasi, fakir) because Indians revered such people. He was a pretender. Why didn’t he live in a Harijan colony? Why did he accept the hospitality of Birla, a capitalist who ruthlessly exploited the labour? If a bureaucrat had done so, he would be penalized.

When the  Nation was butchered by Nehru-Mountbatten agreement, by cutting it into three in 1947, Gandhi connived. He could and should have prevented it. He had declared that partition of India would be over his dead body. Why didn’t he fast unto death, as he had done on several other occasions?

Because, he wanted to make Nehru the Prime Minister. He eliminated all possible rivals like Subhash Bose and Maulana Azad by skilful manipulations, using his position as virtual dictator of the Congress party. He never allowed the party to become a democratic institution like Labour Party of England, though in everything else Nehru blindly imitated the English

He did not love his own children, but loved Nehru more than anything else. Can a fakir love a person like this, blindly, forgetting that he killed the Nation?

Godse was a fool and a coward, to kill an old man. Gandhi should have been be exposed, not eliminated by the bullet

The power of the media is terrifying. The whole world believe in the image of this man, not ready to examine his true nature, unprejudiced by the media.
Socrates is my Guru. Do not accept anything without questioning.