A popular misconception is that diabetes is caused by want of insulin. This is true of Type 1 diabetes, found among children who need daily injection of this valuable, life saving hormone.

However, elderly people who suffer from this disease, which is the greatest killer now, have more than enough insulin in their blood, according to two Canadian doctors, who are running a clinic for treatment of obesity, which is threatening even children. They have come up with a new theory, explained in their book PROTEIN POWER. It is like a water tank, getting filled with water, drop by drop. If the outlet pipe is clogged, water will come out with difficulty. By increasing the height of water level, we may succeed in getting more water.

According to this theory, hyperinsulinamia is the villain. Around the age of thirty, in India at least, the capacity of the cells to receive insulin is impaired.  To give a crude example, suppose the door of the house is reduced in size, we cannot easily enter the house. We may have to squeeze in.  When the medical department in our body gets information about apparent insufficiency of  insulin, it produces more insulin. More people will result in overcrowding in the street, that is, more insulin in the blood serum. Doctors will give you medicine to widen the door, which will be sufficient initially. Afterwards, they will administer insulin by injection, even when the patient is having insulin, much in excess of the permissible limit of ten units. There is no way of measuring insulin, except in a few research institutions.


1)      Insulin is a miser. It keeps everything under lock. It will not allow fat for energy requirements. You may walk daily for hours; but it will not reduce fat in your body. You will simply get tired.

2)      If the insulin level is reduced, glucagon will become active and all fat will be burnt. This is what happens when continuous fasting is done. If you eat rice and ghee, stop (not just reduce) rice, not ghee, to reduce weight.

3)      Hypertension will result if fat is not reduced, because the arteries will become narrow.

4)      Production of platelets in the blood, responsible for clotting of blood, will increase. This may cause heart attack, stroke etc.

5)      Infertility in women may be another result, because the ovum may fall off prematurely from the ovaries.

6)      Of the several ailments normally associated with diabetes, we do not know the link it may have with hyperinsulinamia, which is responsible for the production of undesirable eicosanoids. Research in this field is sill in its infancy.


As soon as we eat even small quantities of starchy food, insulin is secreted. It may be very small, but cumulatively it becomes too high, because the cells refuse to allow it entry. So the only way is to reduce starch intake. The doctors who have authored the book, suggest 55 gms. per day. This much we may get from tomato, lady’s finger etc. So there is no need to eat starch. Avoid not only rice, but also wheat, corn etc. The eskimoes who live on meat, have none of the life style diseases, which threaten modern men and women, as never before.

For a long time I have made soybean my staple food. Eggs, curd, vegetables (except tapioca, potato, colocasia etc.), limited quantities of dhal, ground nut (all nuts are good) are taken to supplement it. Take plenty of sambharam (curd mixed with water) before food. You will be satisfied after food. Raitha (curd mixed with cucumber, namkeenbundi or kheera etc.) is a good break fast.


It is extensively used in China. Its medicinal qualities are yet to be researched. It reduces cholesterol (all propaganda against cholesterol has been thoroughly exposed by the authors), rejuvenates the body and has even Viagra effect, though not immediately. My right hand used to shake while writing. Now it is not there. It shows a link to the nervous system.

Media, both print and electronic, have totally blacked out this new theory, even as they are full of articles about diabetes.


Tension is the greatest enemy of mankind.  IT CAN CAUSE EVEN CANCER. Regular exercise and yoga help in reducing tension. Things happen as scripted by Him. Why worry about any thing?


Why do cells refuse to receive insulin? Unless we can answer this question, we are unable to treat it. There are any number of plant derivatives, mostly fruits, which help in reducing blood sugar: from tamarind seeds to touch-me not. A patient may benefit from one item, which may not have any effect on another patient. This shows that each diabetic case is different. The farmaceutical industry is thriving by giving medicines and reaping profit, running into trillions of dollars.

Why should they bother?



History is replete with instances of childlessness.

King Dashrath of Ayodhya conducted puthrakameshty yagam (Yajn) to invoke divine power to produce children.

Heroine of freedom struggle of 1857, Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi, was a close friend of the British. But she failed to have a son and the British refused permission to adopt one. She was so much annoyed that she herself fought against the British forces, in the ensuing war.

This trend has gained momentum in recent times. I know several couple who would pay any price to have babies, male or female.

Has the modern life style contributed to what is called anapathyata (infertility)?

I BELIEVE THAT WE SHOULD NOT ASK FOR ANYTHING. Our Father in heaven knows what is best for us.



 First, brush up our knowledge of biology.

 There are two ovaries with each one studded with thousands of ova of various stages of growth. Every 27 days, one ovum (egg) matures and get detached from the ovary. The next one will be from the other ovary; thus there is a continuous chain of eggs, coming to the uterus, except during pregnancy. This is called ovulation.

 Even if not fertilized by a sperm from the semen, the ovum tries to develop a rudimentary placenta. Then the whole thing is thrown out of the uterus. This is the monthly, bloody discharge.

During ovulation the temperature of the woman’s body shows a slight increase. So the first requirement is to prepare a permanent temperature chart, with which we can even predict the next menses time.

 The ovum remains alive for some five days. The sperms in the semen, too, have a life span of two days. So if sexual intercourse is done during ovulation, pregnancy chances are more. Care should be taken to take the temperature of the woman, before she gets up from the bed, without taking any food, not even bed coffee. Three days after the ovulation, chances of pregnancy are rare. So sex should be confined to the day of ovulation, so that maximum accumulation of semen can be ensured. After the first intercourse, keep up the tempo for two more days.

The calendar can be useful for birth control too. Avoid sex during the week, beginning from three days before and ending three days after ovulation.


 Apart from improving general health, regular intake of soybean will ensure better health of sex organs, including sufficient build up of semen and increase in the number of sperms in the semen. In case of hyperinsulinamia (see my blog Protein power), eggs in the ovaries whither away, causing infertility. If starchy food is totally avoided and a diet of soybean, eggs, meat, milk, vegetables etc. strictly followed, the insulin level will come down. The ovaries will retain the ova and thus help in pregnancy.


 In modern life, the man is subjected to continuous pressure of work, resulting in temporary impotence. The favourable days of the menses calendar should be ear marked for tension free sex. Understanding between husband and wife is a must.

Yoga may help.