History is replete with instances of childlessness.

King Dashrath of Ayodhya conducted puthrakameshty yagam (Yajn) to invoke divine power to produce children.

Heroine of freedom struggle of 1857, Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi, was a close friend of the British. But she failed to have a son and the British refused permission to adopt one. She was so much annoyed that she herself fought against the British forces, in the ensuing war.

This trend has gained momentum in recent times. I know several couple who would pay any price to have babies, male or female.

Has the modern life style contributed to what is called anapathyata (infertility)?

I BELIEVE THAT WE SHOULD NOT ASK FOR ANYTHING. Our Father in heaven knows what is best for us.



In Bhagawat Puran, it is mentioned that until the beginning of Kaliyug, flesh was offered to Agni as nyvedyam (Prasad, food). It is also clear that Hindus, including Brahmans were nonvegetarians. All Kings indulged in hunting, including Dashrath, father of Lord Ram.

The yagam is a ritual, showing the way of life of Aryans. One such ritual was performed in our village in 1956, I think. One goat was killed by others, by suffocating it, by covering its mouth by hand. When it was almost dead, namboodiries took it and finished it. All other works like skinning it, removing intestines etc. were done by them. I felt disgusted.

A peace of meat was covered in butter and the namboodiries ate it.

How then, they became such strict vegetarians during Kaliyug?

I think it was the influence of Budha.