I was new to Jaipur city, when I was posted there as Manager of the Canara Bank. I hired a room in the city. It was my habit , to roam about and have break fast before reaching the Bank

My favorite shop was Ammu’s stall . I did not know she is a keralite , but she judged me correctly and enquired in chaste Malayalam:”Chetta, what will you have ?”

I looked at her in amazement. She is not a beauty, but her young age added to her charm. I thought in my mind:”I want you”, but said aloud:”Anything you like”. My gaze followed her ample buttocks and fell in love with her! From then on I was her secret lover . On Sundays ,when the shop remained closed , we began touring the city . “How long , you are here?”

“My father was in the army. On retirement, he began running this shop. When he died, mother went home , but I remained here . I love this ciy.”

“True ! I too like it. It is clean and spacious. The roads are straight and wide.”

“It was built by a Malayalee divan of the Raja. The old city is at Amber(The locals pronounce it Amer). We went there by bus, quite far away from Jaipur.

Happy days have wings. We did not realize it is six years , since we first met! But she never mentioned about marriage, may be , because of inferiority complex. “Ammu , don’t you like to marry? You are , how many years old?”

“I am getting request from locals , but I do not trust them.”

A letter came from home . They have fixed my marriage; come and see the girl, it said. A photo was enclosed . I showed it to Ammu. She exclaimed:”How cute! I want to see her immediately”. Her innocence touched my heart. Should I not marry this girl? Anyway , I applied for leave.

On the first night , I was thinking about Ammu. Her thighs and breasts refused to leave me , even when I began undressing the new bride. This one is marvelous , I thougt.

After one month I returned to Jaipur. Soon I met Ammu”Are you unhappy that I married?” “Oh, no. I am no match to her. What is her name?” “Remy” “Bring her to my shop”.

The two women became friends. There was no jealousy.

I continued to patronize Ammu. In sex, she is more active and imaginative . While in her embrace, It is real heaven! Why did I marry ? I could have easily rejected that proposal. Curse me…

“My brother is still unemployed . Could you arrange some work for him?” “Let him come here .” Thus Rohit began staying with us. I told Ammu about him. Several Malayalee businessmen used to come there , as it is the only place where Kerala style food is available . I began approaching Ammu almost daily, rarely caring about my wife. She did not even notice it.

Rohit got a salesman’ job in the market.

Then tragedy struck.

My wife’s body was found hanging from the ceiling fan. It was Roit who noticed it , when he returned home; I was with Ammu. I was informed by mobile phone. We both rushed home . A crowd had collected there . Police took me to the station to file FIR. Almost daily , I had to attend the station. They asked me about my relationship with Ammu, imputing motives for the crime. Ammu helped me with the influence of her businessmen. At last , the police closed the case as suicide.




We used to meet almost daily , during our morning walk in Lodhi gardens . Slowly we began to smile , just to indicate we recognize each other . One day she stopped and said:”We are seeing each other daily. I like to know more about you; come , sit on a bench.”

We sat close t each other “You look very young ; are you employed?”

“I am only twenty two, unemployed ; I stay with my sister.”

“What is your qualification?”

“I am BA English; I am a linguist. I know French , Russian and Chinese”

“Russian! That is good. We have contact with Russians . OF course , they come with interpreters. But if we can speak to them direct , it s an advantage “. She took out her purse and gave me her card. “If you come to my office tomorrow , I shall arrange for your interview . Now tell me , where is your village? Who are there at home?” “My village is in Trichur district , Kerala. Ours is a joint family. We are farmers. No one s employed “ We talked for some more time and went our way .

The very next day , I dressed up with coat and tie. Seeing my preparations , my sister asked:”Where are you going?” “To attend an interview.” I showed her the card. “We wish you all success”

I went by DTC bus. It took about one hour and at last I reached the office. It was a glittering , grand building . When I showed the card to the watchman, he talked on intercom .”Go to room no 321 on the third floor”, he said. I went and knocked the door. “Yes , come in” He was a middle aged ,bespectacled man . I showed him the papers. He asked a few questions and then went out , telling me to wait . After a few minutes , he came and told me to meet Madam in room no 310 . The peon was waiting , with the doors open. I went in and said:”Good morning , Madam.”

She told me to sit down. “Are you happy? Every day you have to travel a lot ; we have our guest house , if you like , you may stay there for the time being , till we give you a flat. Go and bring your bag now itself . I will give my car.“ So I went and came back . That day I did not have any work . I was asked to study the files relating to contracts . I wrote a detailed letter to my mother . We were farmers without any one getting salary income .

The guest house is near to Madam’s bungalow She told me to come and have super with her. She called me at 8.30

After finishing meals , I was about to leave , when she said:”What is the hurry? Come to my room. Without any hesitation , she removed her cloths and became naked . Her breasts were like ripe oranges She placed my hand on them and pressed hard . My penis stood up . When I went to switch off the lights she said “No , I like to see it in the mirror.” There is a large wall mirror . She removed my cloths and enjoyed seeing us in the mirror . She kissed all over my body and when I could not hold any longer …

We lay happy , she placing her head on my hairy chest . She soon slept ; I lay awake ,wondering whether she loves me or merely using me to quench her thirst.

My salary was thirty thousand , after observing y performance , it was raised to fifty thousand . Every month I sent home ten thousand .

I had reason to believe that she slept with important clients . Such things cannot be kept secret . The driver know much , but I cannot ask him . Well , why bother ? Keep your eyes closed and earn money when you can, my heart told me

Some five years passed and pressure mounted from home , to marry a girl whom they had chosen. I told Madam. She was upset . She said:”Why hurry? Can you not wait for some more years?”

So I told my mother t o wait:”My job is purely temporary ; let me be confirmed “ I told them.

Some years passed . Madam said:”At first it was pure sex and your body that attracted me . I do not claim to be pure. In modern times , chastity is a obsolete concept. Now I love you and cannot think of another man as husband. Think of it .”

After some debate with myself , I agreed .



As the only daughter of wealthy business man , I was much pampered by my father.

After graduation , I did not know what to do. I hated business. My friends and I used to spend time , in restaurants and cinema halls , avoiding boys , who are interested only in sex and wine.

At that time , a Madrasi was appointed as accountant in our company. He is small and very gentle , always smiling . My efforts to befriend him failed , as he is always busy in his work.

One Sunday, I invited him to have dinner in a restaurant. Then I learned that he is from Kerala. He said it is actually Keralam and Trichur is his town. I said I am eager to see that area and extracted a promise to take me there, when he went home the next time. My friends asked me whether I am in love. I laughed:”He is like an innocent  boy , may be younger than me.”

It is difficult to get leave for Sanku (Sankaran is the full name) except in exceptional circumstances. To attend his sister’s marriage, he was allowed one weeks’ absence and I told father that I too will accompany him. To save time, we went by plane. It was nice to see Keralam . We got down at Nedumbassery and went by road to Trichur. All the villages are continuous ,  and looks like a forest. His home stands on the edge of a rice field . Both his mother and sister talks broken English but do not know Hindi at all.

The marriage was at Guruvayoor , the famous temple town  and took only a few minutes . The couple garlanded each other , that is all. The dinner was in a hotel. I took video of the proceedings and the scenery, almost everywhere we went, as the whole country is a picturesque scene. “Sanku, it is a pity you have to work in Bombay. Can’t you get a job here?” He smiled. I have never heard him talk. “Yes, Sir or Yes, Madam”-that is all he ever said.

“Do not call me Madam , I am Meenakshy. Call me Meenu.”

He smiled . I began helping father in his business. From eight in the morning till ten in the night , we three were working hard. Fther increased Sanku’s salary to fifty thousand . In addition to keeping the Accounts and preparing balance sheet for auditors to check , he found ways to save Income Tax . So his salary was less than what he deserved.

For my work , he gave me ten thousand. I learned the ins and outs of the company and father was pleased. We did not realize the passage of time. I became thirty and felt that I should marry. Sanku never opened his heart. On Sundays we used to go out. Once my friend Susheela saw us and called out. Sanku remained there but I went to her.

“Have you not been married ?” She asked . I told my difficulty. “You are a fool. Try him in the bed room. Remove your cloths. Any Vishwamithr will fall to your charms.”

I tried that also. But he remained calm. I removed his underwear ; the thing remained small and sluggish. I went to a Doctor alone. He wanted to see Sanku also. Then he gave some advice and medicines and things to eat to increase semen. After about one year , I became pregnant . I told father I wanted to marry Sanku.MINUTES,COUPLE


It was in the news.
I was not surprised. In feudal India, it was a tradition to train “Dancing Girls” in the art of pleasing customers.
They are taught to be sizzling hot, even while maintaining their purity, because they fetch a large sum of money from aristocrats, for the privilege of “deflowering”!
Old Hindi films are many, glorifying the “nauch girls”.

BRAHMACHARY =’text/javascript’ src=

The word bachelor does not fully express the meaning of the term Brahmachary in Samskritham. Remaining single, because of the conviction that life is a curse, and, begetting children, who will necessarily be subjected to the miseries and conflicts of life, should be averted, is a philosophical approach of a Brahmachary.

All great religious figures like Samkaracharya, Vivekananda, Jesus Christ, were Brahmacharies. Budha who was married and with a child, abandoned everything and wandered in the forests, thinking about life and misery.

Why did God create Man?

Why did He send Eve to be a companion to Adam?

Did the parents of Hitler or Bin Laden ever regret parenting them?

We normal mortals obey the biological instincts and beget children and increase population of this world, already bursting with babies. Is it necessary?

A devotee once asked Vivekananda: what will happen if all the world adopted your model and abstained from sex?

He replied that practically no one will accept his advice!

WE WANT SEX, THEY YEARN FOR LOVE =’text/javascript’ src=

It is a fundamental difference between the sexes. For us, it is a biological necessity like urination. We can’t avoid it without mental repurcussions. And, is there any reason to suppress it?

But women too like to enjoy the variety which makes sex a joy. They are taught to remain chaste from girlhood and most of them remain loyal to their husband after marriage. But suppressing instinct for love and caressing make them morose; they sublimate their sex by indulging in other interests. Devotion to God is one way. They become irritable and moody. A chaste lady is a poor companion and reluctant host.

On the other hand, a woma of easy virtue is always in a happy mood and welcomes strangers, whether during a journey or at home!

As a wit put it, I want that my wife should be chaste but not other wives!

Among tribals in general, the concept of chastity is unknown. Many milkmen’s communities are very liberal in matters of sex. Krishna legend merely states what was the practice at the time. The flute tingles the nerves of women who want his attention and escape from homes and enjoy the night life!

That is why the Krishna story is so popular among ladies

In short, we like to have the same atmoshere as in Paradise, where Urvashi, Rambha etc. cater to the jaded tstes of men. But they come down to the earth, when they want the strong, stiff thing inside them, to flood with hot lava.

Urvashi cursed Arjun, when he refused, and he became an eunach
Menaka seduced the sage Vishwamitra.


Late Nayanar, who was a popular Chief minister of Kerala State, once remarked in a jovial mood, that ladies are responsible for rape! Why do they dress provocatively?

Now, one should make a distinction between ladies and women. The latter are simple females who have to work, either in the factories or fields or offices. They dress simply, taking minimum time for make up, because they are very busy, both in their work place and at home. How many of them have registered cases against rape?

Ladies are just the opposite. Twenty four hours they are free. They do not know how to while away their long hours of leisure, and so spend most of their time in shopping, because they have fat purses (now ATM cards in several banks), and social gatherings and parties. They may get up very late, take hours for their make up and “dress to kill”. I think Nayanar is right to some extent. if he meant “ladies”

There is a story that such ladies met Pratap Singh Kairon (who was the Chief Minister of Punjab), simply dressed and sitting in front of his house on a charpoy, a bedstead made of bamboo frames and ropes, very popular in the north, to complain about price rice. Kairon simply looked closely at the ladies (Punjabi ladies are the most fashionable in the whole of India) and asked: how much do you spend on your make up? The ladies were thus silenced.

Another important point is freedom for sex. In Calcutta and Bombay, there are brothels. In these cities, rape is rare.

Men are always hungry for sex. It is just biology. God made us like this.

Rape may be a temptation too. Initially a woman may appear agreeable. If caught, she will raise a hue and cry.

If the word means forcing sex on unwilling female, all husbands would be guilty. Have you not seen the hen running away from the cock, which has only one thing in the mind?

I am not advocating free rape. I feel that too much time is spent in the media on this topic. The law should understand human nature.

Rape cases must not be reported in the media, but settled mutually by negotiation in confidence, in the presence of the magistrate or judge.

Allegations of molestation split the Kerala Congress, causing a major storm in Congress circles and Kerala politics !