SNAPS FROM MY LIFE-baby boy scared a big cat

SNAPS FROM MY LIFE-baby boy scared a big cat
When we were in Rajasthan Atomic Power Project , our neighbor had a baby moving on hands and legs. It was quite big , black and strong. Seeing it coming towards himself , a big cat got scared and backed out and ran away!




While I was going to attend a marriage, a very amiable gentleman came close to me . “Who are you? What do you want? “ I asked irritably. He was tall and has a likeable face with curly hair . But a lady cannot be comfortable, if followed by a man.

He replied:”I am a wanderer. I thought I may get food in the feast, if I pretend to be your companion. I have no invitation.”

I could not help laughing , but did not want to offend him. In a marriage party, anyone can come and eat. Is it necessary to have a friend?

“You must be having some job, a family in the town or some background. Tell me , I may be able to help.?”

“I worked in the army for some months; but was disqualified after Police verification. They found some leaflets circulated by my Communist friends. Actually I have no connection with Naxalites. At home I have my parents and a sister, studying in the college. I belong to Wynad.”

I felt sorry for him. The marriage was to take place later in the night and we sat at the same table and began enjoying snacks and sweets. My companion (Sunil) ate voraciously . Poor guy might not have taken food in the day. The microphone blared songs for some time and then it was announced:”If anybody can sing , he or she is welcome?”

Immediately Sunil went up and began singing a beautiful Hindi song of some fifty years old. Pin drop silence prevailed and there were cries:”More and more” After half an hour , when he stopped, there was thunderous applause.”Who are you?”, the man at the microphone asked.

I stood up and cried :”He is my friend, Sunil by name.” The bride had come by my side, by this time and she asked me:”You never told me about this wonderful chap?” I explained the circumstances . When Sunil came, the bride shook hands with him. I felt proud .

We three talked for some time. Then her father also came. All guests crowded round the new hero. After the wedding I invited him to my house. Father had come by his car and we all went home. I showed him the guest room and wished him good night. “You must be very tired . At what time do you have bed tea?”

“As early as the maid can prepare it.” “I will make the tea or coffe?”

Tea at five in the morning and then I go for a walk.”

His stay continued. Father contacted some film guys and soon his recordings began. He got more offers.

Our happy days came to an end when the Police located their Naxal prey.

As I had his home address, I went to his home. I told them of our efforts to get his release. Unfortunately, Some Naxal activity was reported in Wynad. Still his sister and myself went to Wynad and contacted Police station. They confirmed his presence but refused permission to meet him. They were sympathetic as Sunil’s song CDs were very popular . Many pictures were released . Everywhere it ran ‘house full’

Meanwhile, there were demonstrations in all districts.”Rajan case must not be repeated “ the crowd demanded. Matter was raised in the assembly. But nothing came out. As the arrest was under the National Security Act, the culprit cannot be released, until his innocence is proved.

I missed my monthly period. I did not panic, because I had decided that I will not marry any other man. I told Sunil’s sister the good news . As I knew that my father will not allow marriage with a Terrorist, I went to the US to my close friend’s house and remained there till delivery. It was a cute girl ,resembling its father. I felt I am the happiest woman in the world. I used to contact his family and gave them the good news. After some time , I returned to India and gave the child to its grandmother. I stayed in my house, as if nothing had happened.

The fight for Sunil’s release continued . As a special case, the court gave him parole to work for the film industry. After his release, we registered our marriage.

PURELY RIDICULOUS THOUGHTS =’text/javascript’ src=

Muslims are allowed to have four wives. I need all the four,
One will do house keeping; Cooking, looking after the cows and hens, gardening etc.
One will take my dictation, publish my blog etc.
Yet another will accompany me always in my tour, carrying my bag etc.
The fourth will officiate if any of the others fall ill or take leave.
After the birth of the baby, my wife is rarely seen here. All the while, she is in the hospital!

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I became a dada (paternal grandfather), when my son Sudhir got a female baby on 17-12-2010, at 4.15 local time.
Other details are:
Malayalam month- Dhanu
Thithy- shukla ekadashi

MUSCLEMEN TO COLLECT DEBT DUES =’text/javascript’ src=

Suicides are too common in Keralam to deserve any mention. However today’s item in the newspaper should be studied by sociologists, to examine remedial measures.
A young man and his wife took poison and ended their lives, but failed to kill the baby which survived. They were without work and used to borrow from different sources. Musclemen employed to collect dues, were threatening them. In the end this happened.
The poorer strata of society are always in need of money. Banks will not oblige them. People from Tamilnadu are on the look out, to spot such needy guys. They come to your door and give you ready cash. It is tempting to borrow from them; you get money on the spot!
My suggestion is that women’s group of volunteers must come forward to handle such matters. Recovery must start from the next day, daily in the case of wage earners, without waiting for the amount to accumulate.
Each village must have one such group.


The maternal instinct is the noblest of all sentiments.
All the nine months she carries the baby inside her body, she has only one thought- about the baby. She suffers the birth pangs, to see the face of the new born baby, when she forgets all her sufferings and enjoys a fresh beginning.
Both the mother and child share a new life, though she must have given birth to a dozen babes earlier, which was quite common in earlier days.
When the child goes to school, a new world of friends beckon him and love is slowly transferred from home to the outside world.
During young age, youth get different interests like sports, reading, travelling, painting etc. The nature of love changes, but it still remains the motivating force.
Marriage and love are not sufficient for many people. Some want to amass wealth; others want fame and power and are ready to go to war, to achieve their aim.
In old age,love has ceased to be a force. It is just a pleasant experience.
There is a saying: you are as old as you feel!
Then, I am in my teens, ready to fall in love!


All efforts to cap the spill has failed. Now the US federal authorities feel that the efforts will continue till the year end. I quote from a report:

“As hundreds of cars streamed through the toll booths at the entrance to the beach, a protester stood at the side of the road wearing a gas mask, lab coat, latex gloves and holding a “Drill Baby Drill” sign with tea bags hanging from the edges.

Shawn Luzmoor said he works at a local environmental lab and has been testing the oil and tar that is washing up on the beaches.

“It’s not safe and it’s not right what’s happening out there,” he said.

Capping is like filling the mouth of a volcano. When the inside  pressure increases, it will burst again.

Another quotation:

Coast Guard account of Deepwater aftermath contradicts White House timeline

The Newsroom – Fri Jun 4, 3:12 pm ET

Documents obtained by the Center for Public Integrity — a nonprofit that funds investigative journalism — reveal that the Coast Guard knew from the get-go that the Deepwater Horizon platform explosion was an environmental catastrophe in the making. The newly released Coast Guard log entries — which the center analyzed in conjunction with the New York Times — contradict public statements from Obama administration officials about when federal officials knew of the magnitude of any leaks from the accident.