If the engine of a speedy train is switched off , the train will not come to a halt. It will continue to run; this is called momentum. Newton’s first law of inertia.

When photons (light particles) are pushed off the Sun, with tremendous force, they will continue to run indefinitely .

Philosophically, this is untenable because nothing is permanent. Change is the law. Remember that there are myriads of suns. Photons emitted by them are bound t meet in space and coalesce, forming bigger and bigger mini-suns (all suns are stars) which get attracted together , to form black holes. In due course, the pressure inside, will cause bursting of the black bodies, throwing photons into space. The cycle will continue.

This is my theory.



A popular misconception is that diabetes is caused by want of insulin. This is true of Type 1 diabetes, found among children who need daily injection of this valuable, life saving hormone.

However, elderly people who suffer from this disease, which is the greatest killer now, have more than enough insulin in their blood, according to two Canadian doctors, who are running a clinic for treatment of obesity, which is threatening even children. They have come up with a new theory, explained in their book PROTEIN POWER. It is like a water tank, getting filled with water, drop by drop. If the outlet pipe is clogged, water will come out with difficulty. By increasing the height of water level, we may succeed in getting more water.

According to this theory, hyperinsulinamia is the villain. Around the age of thirty, in India at least, the capacity of the cells to receive insulin is impaired.  To give a crude example, suppose the door of the house is reduced in size, we cannot easily enter the house. We may have to squeeze in.  When the medical department in our body gets information about apparent insufficiency of  insulin, it produces more insulin. More people will result in overcrowding in the street, that is, more insulin in the blood serum. Doctors will give you medicine to widen the door, which will be sufficient initially. Afterwards, they will administer insulin by injection, even when the patient is having insulin, much in excess of the permissible limit of ten units. There is no way of measuring insulin, except in a few research institutions.


1)      Insulin is a miser. It keeps everything under lock. It will not allow fat for energy requirements. You may walk daily for hours; but it will not reduce fat in your body. You will simply get tired.

2)      If the insulin level is reduced, glucagon will become active and all fat will be burnt. This is what happens when continuous fasting is done. If you eat rice and ghee, stop (not just reduce) rice, not ghee, to reduce weight.

3)      Hypertension will result if fat is not reduced, because the arteries will become narrow.

4)      Production of platelets in the blood, responsible for clotting of blood, will increase. This may cause heart attack, stroke etc.

5)      Infertility in women may be another result, because the ovum may fall off prematurely from the ovaries.

6)      Of the several ailments normally associated with diabetes, we do not know the link it may have with hyperinsulinamia, which is responsible for the production of undesirable eicosanoids. Research in this field is sill in its infancy.


As soon as we eat even small quantities of starchy food, insulin is secreted. It may be very small, but cumulatively it becomes too high, because the cells refuse to allow it entry. So the only way is to reduce starch intake. The doctors who have authored the book, suggest 55 gms. per day. This much we may get from tomato, lady’s finger etc. So there is no need to eat starch. Avoid not only rice, but also wheat, corn etc. The eskimoes who live on meat, have none of the life style diseases, which threaten modern men and women, as never before.

For a long time I have made soybean my staple food. Eggs, curd, vegetables (except tapioca, potato, colocasia etc.), limited quantities of dhal, ground nut (all nuts are good) are taken to supplement it. Take plenty of sambharam (curd mixed with water) before food. You will be satisfied after food. Raitha (curd mixed with cucumber, namkeenbundi or kheera etc.) is a good break fast.


It is extensively used in China. Its medicinal qualities are yet to be researched. It reduces cholesterol (all propaganda against cholesterol has been thoroughly exposed by the authors), rejuvenates the body and has even Viagra effect, though not immediately. My right hand used to shake while writing. Now it is not there. It shows a link to the nervous system.

Media, both print and electronic, have totally blacked out this new theory, even as they are full of articles about diabetes.


Tension is the greatest enemy of mankind.  IT CAN CAUSE EVEN CANCER. Regular exercise and yoga help in reducing tension. Things happen as scripted by Him. Why worry about any thing?


Why do cells refuse to receive insulin? Unless we can answer this question, we are unable to treat it. There are any number of plant derivatives, mostly fruits, which help in reducing blood sugar: from tamarind seeds to touch-me not. A patient may benefit from one item, which may not have any effect on another patient. This shows that each diabetic case is different. The farmaceutical industry is thriving by giving medicines and reaping profit, running into trillions of dollars.

Why should they bother?


The recent explosion near the American coast, in the gulf of Mexico, has raised several questions, not only about the environmental hazards, but also about the very idea of exploration in the deep sea.

My theory is that the crust of the earth is a huge pressure cooker, the steam under very high pressure circulating the whole area below the ocean bed, through thousands of channels. It comes out in the form of hot springs (some are 416 degree C) or volcano or causes earthquakes, when the pressure becomes too high

When you try to make a hole in the bed, you are creating an artificial volcano. The strata between the oil well and the steam zone may be either thick or thin. So long as it is sufficient to prevent a link up between hot steam and the oil well, we are safe. As there are any number of steam channels, there is every likelihood of the steam forcing into the oil well, causing an explosion. This is probably what happened.

On the land we can at least try something or at least burn away the oil. Nothing is possible under a depth of 10.6 KM.

So banning oil exploration below the sea bed is a must.

The presence of oil indicates that forests were there, billions of years ago. How can trees grow in the deep sea? Of course, any form of life like fish, sea animals etc. (both animal and vegetables) can get converted into oil, but only under high pressure. So the question remains: how did it get under the sea bed?


Hindu mythology is rich in content and variety. For everything, there is a parallel.

It is said that suras and asuras decided to churn the sea, to obtain nectar (amrit, eating which one gets eternal life), like house wives churning milk for butter.

Well, God is continuously stirring the sea with the help of ocean currents, hot and cold, sweeping the whole length and breadth of the oceans. Each current is thousands of times bigger than the continental rivers, both in volume and sweep. This way, the saltiness and the temperature of water in the seas, the world over, is maintained fairly constant.

Then the volcanoes and hot springs disturb the sea, when billions of tons of water are thrown into it. The ocean bottom is thus whipped up, throwing sand up from the bottom of the water. How else, do sands come in the sea shores? If water is not pushed down continuously from the bottom of the ocean, to the interior of the earth, as described in my book GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH,mean sea level will rise every day.

During volcanic eruptions (there are thousands of volcanoes in the sea), magma is thrown up from the interior of the earth.

In short, unlike the continents, the three dimensional contour of the seas get transformed into different shapes, almost every day! This may be the explanation for the debris of vegetable and animal life forms getting underground, where it is subjected to the high temperature and pressure required for formation of coal and gas.


The oil companies doing exploration and mining of oil, should pay compensation to the nations of the world. All such activities should be banned. Do not play with fire.


NASA lost contact with the instrument exploring the Mars, because it was covered with a thick  layer of solid carbon dioxide.

In the atmosphere, carbon dioxide is the easiest to covert into solid form. We can do it in the laboratory also. It looks like ice then. So it is called dry ice.

I was told about a theory that our atmosphere too was full of carbon dioxide. As and when life forms like anaeroid bacteria ( which can live without oxygen) evolved, they produced the first molecules of oxygen. I have commented about the slight increase in percentage of oxygen, from 20% to 21%, during the last fifty years.

This clearly proves that carbon dioxide has no role in warming the atmosphere, which is just crying wolf to terrorise us!


Kaithapram is a well known Malayalam film music director and lyricist. His village is known as Kaithapram.

More than five hundred years ago, a group of twelve namboodiri families came down to an uninhabited area, almost encircled by a river and settled in the uninhabited,fertile valley. Then three more groups followed.

Now this village has more than two hundred families, all of the same caste and is known as Kaithapram.

Long ago, when my niece was married to a family there, we felt sorry for her. The village was too remote for us to approach, equidistant from Kannur and Payyannur stations on the Mangalore-Shoranur railway route. After leaving the station, we must travel by bus up to Plathara and then walk for an hour or so. Not a single terrace house and the only toilet, thankfully belonging to a lady who recently came there from south Malabar, was my relief. In those days, people just defecated any where outside the house!

Now I was taken aback by the changes, during the last two decades, which were a pleasant surprise. Almost all houses had concrete roof. Most of them have a car. We were picked up from Plathara by one of the twins of my niece (one is studying for engineering and one for medicine, with government scholarship) in their jeep. They had internet connection at home. Most namboodiries are computer shy. Many do not know what a blog is.

That evening they took us to the Parssinikadavu temple. It is an impressive big temple, right at the bank of the river by the same name. It is full of clean water. There are some boats, but something could be done to remove plastic bags and bottles.

The deity is Muthappan or grand- uncle. The head of an old man is worshiped here. The devotees are offered tea and dhal free of cost. Free meals are also given all the time.

Next morning I went for my walk with just a bath towel, after my bed tea. Within a few minutes, I reached the river. As the water was dirty, I reversed the direction and reached the Srikrishna temple, with good clean water in the pond in front. As there was no one around, I removed the only cloth I was wearing and plunged into the water It was my first dip in a pond, on coming to Keralam, this time.

After praying in the temple I roamed about for some time, but returned early, as I had not taken my break fast. I saw two old men reading newspaper, at Kaithapram Grameena Vayanashala (library). I too had a look at the head lines. I am a newspaper addict.

We were confined to the house, because of a hartal (bandh). In the evening, we climbed the highest hill in the locality. The top of the hill was a plateau, quite wide. I could not believe the spectacle of palatial buildings, constructed in feudal, artistic style. I was told that it was meant to be a music and dance academy , but the man found it impracticable and sold it to an engineering college.

There is a wide road along the periphery of the hill, from which we could see the surroundings.

The whole village is encircled by mountains and the river, which originates beyond Kerala border, in the Western Ghats. This explains the fertility of the soil and the abundance of water.

There is a well at the top, near a Shiva and Devi temple under construction. Water is available just ten feet below the ground. A large pond near by, also has plenty of water. This can only be explained by my theory of subterranean water channels, connecting the entire rocky crust of the earth ( Saraswaty- myth or reality? ).

At the foot of the hill, water level in the wells is fifty feet deep.

There is a rain gauge, well protected by fencing. I wonder if any one takes readings, climbing all the way up the hill.


To talk of permanency, on the basis of the experience of a few centuries is immature. But how capitalism is going to end, is a matter of conjecture.

I read a book in which the author, who is well versed in Marxism, opined that people have a habit of living with crises. Do people of earthquake prone areas migrate to safer places? In the same way, people live with economic crises too, according to this author.

If the developed world manage to survive this global crisis, well, we may accept his theory. Greece is already burning with street class war.


All of us agree that a worker and an engineer may not get the same salary. An entrepreneur is not satisfied with salary. He wants to make profit. The contradiction pointed out by Marx, between the greed for unlimited profit, keeping down wages to the minimum survival level, and the need to enhance purchasing capacity, which can be done only by increasing wages, has been solved in the developed world by timely negotiations between capitalists and workers. The loss of profit was recouped by exploitation of the workers in undeveloped world. If capitalists agree to be content with reasonable profit, the share of profits given to workers in the name of bonus can be increased, allowing workers to buy more.

But that is a big IF. The greed for more money became so high that they forgot all good manners and went on pick pocketing, not sparing even fellow capitalists. Here is the rub; can a leopard change its spots?


Marx wrote that every revolution is preceded by a change in the tools of production. He called man a tool making animal. The new economic forces mature in the womb of the old society, he added.

All these things happened during industrial revolution and the violent bloody changes in France, and 13 American colonies and the bloodless Cromvellian revolution in England conformed to these analyses, but the Paris Commune of 1871 did not. There was no change in the tools of production. The new society, established by the communards, did not develop within the womb of the old society. It was rather an abortion caused by the new ideology. The collapse of the first communist state saddened both Marx and Angels.

Lenin tried artificial insemination and succeeded to a great extent, in bringing out a new communist state. But he practically abandoned communism and replaced individual capitalism with state capitalism. Marx was a genius; a scientist in the chaos which came to be known as economics. After almost seven decades, full fledged capitalism came in Russia.

Mao only brought industrial revolution in feudal China.


The ideal social set up, where production and distribution will be regulated by super computers, may not come by wishful thinking. The revolution in communications has brought about the requisite change in tools of production. The only stumbling block is the military. In the United States, the President is a tool in the hands of oil cartels and industrialists. The military supports the president. If they do not like a President, he is killed.

In Pakistan, Burma, Turkey etc. the military calls the tune. In some South American countries, Leftist Governments are coming up, changing the equation between die hard capitalists and progressive forces.

It is too early to write off Marx’s predictions about communist revolution coming about in the most advanced countries first. The whole of Africa, most of Asia and South America are still under feudalism. First capitalism may develop before any futuristic predictions can be made about communist revolution.


 Some one has compared the size of an atom, say the hodrogen atom, as that of the Taj Mahal of Agra. In that case, the size of a proton will be that of a mustard  seed!

The electron will be like a bacterium!

This is simply to show that, what we call solid is actually a big void, with a few particles here and there.

The proton is assumed to be solid. Once, the atom itself was a solid, when Dalton propounded his theory. With the energy- matter convertibility suggested by Einstein, now accepted by all, the smallest component of ”reality” is the photon. Less than that, nothing is visible.

 This does not rule out the possibility that, photon too is made up of still smaller “particles”.

Paramahans Tiwari, who retired as the Chief Project Engineer, from the Atomic Power Plant at Kaiga, has written a book about Brahma being the imaginary particle pervading the universe. He may be right. He did some experiments to prove that electricity can be produced from Brahma. It proved a failure.

I like to call Brahma as thermons, heat being the intermediary between matter and energy.