Chief Whip of the UDF in Kerala State is hated by all because he talks too much. He says that all Ministers in the State are involved in corruption. He shared the dais with BJP leader Modi in a function in Trivandrum in connection with the statue of Sardar Patel; all congressmen were angry, but he refused to apologise. Somehow, the Chief Minister keeps mum.
Desabhimani, CPM mouthpiece published a story involving the son of Home Minister Radhakrishnan, alleging huge fraud by land mafia, to convert black money generated in the State to white money. For this purpose, fictitious companies were floated in Dubai and Ahmadabad, in which the Minister’s son is a director. In a discussion in TV channel, George agreed wih all that the CPM spokesman said. He said the Chief Minister too is involved.
I admire his guts!



All people are free to deposit in Swiss banks because they keep all information about their accounts secret. In a way, they are abetting black money transactions. Now Wikileaks are about to release details of amounts deposited there. See this item:

Want to know how WikiLeaks exposed the Big names so far?

The ex-banker in his reply stated that the disks contain proof that 40
politicians and several multinational companies are guilty of tax

However, Assange also confirmed that the website will expose the truth
after verifying all data that the CDs contained.
Read: ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ / தமிழில் / తెలుగులో
Elmer, who worked for Julius Bar, is one of the first whistleblowers
who supplied his client secret data to Wikileaks in 2007 and he will
face trial in Switzerland on Jan 19 over the issue of transfering data
to the whistleblower.


It is shocking to know that french President is involved indirectly in aiding terrorism All talk of fighting terrorism is just lip service.

Except the US, no government is serious about it.

Pakistan terror attack probe links Sarkozy to corruption

<!– –> <!–Pakistan terror attack probe links Sarkozy to corruption–>Fri, Jun 4 05:11 PM

Paris, June 4 (DPA) A broad investigation into a 2002 terrorist attack in Pakistan that killed 11 French naval engineers has linked French President Nicolas Sarkozy to a complex kickback affair.

As a result, the lawyer representing the families of the victims of that suicide bombing in Karachi has demanded that Sarkozy resign.

‘We consider that Sarkozy lied to the families when he met with them,’ Olivier Morice told DPA. ‘The families are indignant. We think this was a state lie. Sarkozy must therefore resign’.

Morice based his demand on the fact that the judges investigating the May 8, 2002 attack believe it was not part of Al Qaeda’s terror war against the West, but rather the result of political infighting among French right-wing politicians, in which Sarkozy apparently played a major role.

According to the French online daily Mediapart, Luxembourg police have found that in 1994 Sarkozy, then budget minister under Prime Minister Edouard Balladur, set up an illegal offshore company to help finance his boss’s upcoming presidential campaign.

Called Heine, the Luxembourg-based company was allegedly used to pay bribes to intermediaries in overseas arms sales by the French naval defence company DCN and funnel kickbacks from those deals back to France.

While paying bribes to foreign agents was legal at the time, kickbacks – or retro-commissions, as they are called here – were not.

‘According to a document, the agreements on the creation of (Heine) appear to come directly from Prime Minister Balladur and Finance Minister Nicolas Sarkozy,’ the Luxembourg police file reportedly says, misidentifying Sarkozy’s post.

More than 94.4 million francs (14.4 million euros, or currently $17.5 million) are believed to have flown back to France in kickbacks from weapons deals, including from the sale of three Agosta 90 submarines to Pakistan for an estimated $950 million.

‘A part of the funds that passed through Luxembourg returned to France for the financing of French political campaigns,’ Mediapart quoted the police dossier as saying.

Some of that money is believed to have been used by Balladur in his unsuccessful campaign for the French presidency in 1995, which Sarkozy managed.

He was defeated in the first round by his conservative arch-rival Jacques Chirac, who went on to win the second round of the vote.

More important for the investigation into the terrorist attack, more than $80 million in bribes were allegedly to be paid to Pakistani politicians and military personnel in the submarine deal.

But when Chirac became president, he immediately shut down Balladur’s alleged bribe-and-kickback system, leaving about 15 percent of the Pakistani bribes unpaid. Judges now believe that the Karachi bombing was a retaliation for non-payment of the bribes.

Morice said that one of the investigating magistrates, Marc Trevidic, told the victims’ families last year that this theory was ‘cruelly logical’.

Significantly, the 11 French nationals killed in the Karachi attack were there to complete work on the three submarines. (A total of 15 people died in the bombing, and another 40 were injured.)

French government spokesman Luc Chatel labelled the reports about Sarkozy’s involvement in the affair as ‘grotesque’.

‘The president of the Republic has expressed himself in the past and said these are just fables,’ Chatel said Thursday in a televised interview. ‘The president has nothing to do with this affair’.

However, Morice said that the Luxembourg police report ‘demonstrates’ that the president’s implication was not a fable.

‘I am certain that the operation he put in place when he was budget director played a central role in the affair,’ he said.

Opposition politicians have demanded a formal investigation into the kickback allegations, but this is unlikely to happen. For one thing, the parts of the police file cited by Mediapart provide no proof for the allegations.

In addition, most of the French government documents linked to overseas arms sales are classified as state secrets, and this veil is unlikely to be lifted as long as Sarkozy or any other right-wing politician is president.


The system known as oligarchy is working in camouflage as democracy.

In oligarchy, you can identify the rich men who rule the country.  Now they all work behind the scene, as puppeteers.

The liquor barons, smugglers and the arms manufacturers, to mention some, manipulate the politicians and reap trillions of dollars.

The people have only to pay the taxes.

Throughout the world, farmers produce food grains and raw materials for the industry.

Without it mankind cannot survive. But farmers are unhappy all the while. Now the media are silent about suicides by farmers in Vidarbha area.

The really poor people in the cities and villages find it extremely difficult, with the prices going up every day.

The politicians and their henchmen enjoy life because of taxes paid by poor people.

Salaried workers cannot escape income tax; but the real sharks and black money hoarders enjoy tax free income.

I would call it lootocracy


Tharoor episode has exposed the tip of the iceberg called black money.. Now the Income Tax Officers are trying to measure its volume.

They are like the monkey that sees no evil. Can you imagine that they were unaware of the crores of rupees changing hands through the IPL?

All know that black money sustains building activity, industrial production  and smuggling. Only the Finance Ministry, pretends that all is well, like the husband of a well known prostitute.

Proclaim that they will not enquire into the sources of any money deposited in the banks. Tax just ten percent of all deposits above one crore. In other words, legalise black money.

There will be a big leap forward in economic growth.


Partition of India on communal basis was unwise and unworkable, in the long run.

It was opposed by Maulana Azad. But Nehru wanted to become Prime Minister immediately and so a secret agreement was hurriedly signed between him and Lord Mountbatten, allowing the Kings of about 600 States to remain free or align with India or Pakistan. As there was no princely Princely State in Pakistan, this provision was anti- India. No one bothered to read the agreement carefully.

If Kashmir, like the Punjab, was directly ruled by the British Government, it would have been automatically included in Pakistan, being populated by Muslims. The King being a Hindu, he opted to join the Hindu India. This is the root cause of all disputes between the two countries.

Recently, Manmohan Singh aligned fully with Bush, after signing the nuclear agreement. That time, Al Qaeda warned India that, next to the US and Israel, India is their enemy, which was dismissed lightly.

India is having more than ten crore Muslims who consider Pakistan with secret love. The majority of young Muslims are sympathetic and some of them actively involved in terrorist activities.

These are the ground realities, which have to be thoroughly understood, before formulating any policy against terrorism.

My suggestion is to free Kashmir, to decide its own future. I believe in freedom, not in Indian Imperialism. I have already written about illegal conquest of Sikkim, Hyderabad and Goa.

Our borders are porous. Our people are corrupt and inefficient, our Intelligence almost zero. In fact, the whole Government is paralysed. The war against terror is already lost.

Instead of becoming foolishly patriotic, let us be realistic.


Another notable fact is smuggling and black money which is financing terrorism. Even the US is helpless in this regard. Opium trail starting from Afghanistan, running uniterrupted through India-Pakistan border, ending in Nepal from where it spreads throughout the world, is the greatest menace, before which terrorism is just peanuts.

Has any one an answer to this?


I am quoting from front page head lines, Indian Express dated 14.1.10:

1) Lt. General got officers to serve builder’s agenda

Builder got project in Bhutan when Lt. Gen was commmanding the unit.

2) Haryana police’s crowded hall of shame. Top IPS officers have been jailed for involvement in murder, smuggling, fake encounters.

3) Man who used RTI (Right to Information Act) as weapon is hacked to death near Pune, Satish Shetty who was waging a lone battle against the land mafia in Mval are of Pune district, was hacked to death early in the morning.

Yesterday it was reported that a minister going to speak in an election rally refused to pay toll dues of Rs. 13. When the staff insisted that he is not exempt s he was going in a private car, the driver cum gunman threatened them and filed FIR when they walked out in protest.

The Chief Justice wants Judges to be exempted from RTI. Your Honour, what have you to hide.

Auditor General comments about Tamilnadu Government, for diverting funds earmarked for infrastructure development, for distributing TV sets etc.

Black Money is the only life line that keeps India’s heart beating, because it sustains economicc growth.