The lessons of the grand victory of the Indian National Congress , in Gujarath Panchayat elections , where it trounced BJP , (20 out of 31), are worth analyzing.Congess is the only party having a nationwide base, from Nagaland to Kanyakumary. It was the Nehruvian economic policy and dependence on Russia’s friendship , that laid the foundations of a strong India. The five year plans modeled after the Stalin era , emphasizing growth in heavy industry, like steel, and dams , railways etc. made our country a strong nation.

Manmohan Singh became a stooge of the US imperialism and abandoned this policy and brought in globalistion. Is said that his first budget was drafted in Washington ! Corruption flourished . The people were fed up and looked at Narendra Mod as a messiah, to save India . He had proved gem in his rule of Gujarath . In parliamentary elections,  the Congress was wiped out. Modi promised the moon and to bring back black money from the Swiss Bank .

But he followed the same policies as Manmohan Sing.

Prices went up . Not a penny was brought from the Swiss Bank. He toured the whole world . The electorate taught him a good lesson in Bihar and now in Gujarath.

Dictatorship and hierarchy in the Congress Party should stop. It should be modeled after the Democratic and Republican Parties in the United States.


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