A twenty one year old boy, Hardic Patel has set Ahmadabad on fire. Several buildings are burning there. Modi whose pocket borough Gujarath is , is worried.

The boy has demanded backward caste status for Patel community , for the purpose of reservation and is touring the State . Wherever he goes , mammoth crowd is cheering him.

Now the movement has become violent and Modi is worried.

It is something intriguing . How has this demand come up suddenly? Who is instigating the crowd? Is any foreign hand behind it? We are all worried about this.



Equality is a beautiful dream. All men are not of the same make, like a manufactured product. Some have initiative, urge to explore opportunities, leadership qualities, will to conquer etc. which mark them, different from the rest of the population.
So far as women are concerned, the very idea of equality with men is ludicrous. Their body structure itself is different. Men and women have to perform complementary functions. Equality smacks of competition. Is there any point in women joining the Army?
Can men become sex workers?
The institution of marriage is beset with the competitive spirit between husband and wife. Live-in is much better, as the partners are free and so,` will easily adjust to the ways of each other.
Reservation of seats in legislative bodies, for ensuring equality, will result in merit being the casualty. As a matter of fact, any type of reservation will be inimical to natural sprouting of the intellect.
We have to change our mindset.


A new type of joint family

The old joint family broke up due to industrialization and consequent education and empowerment of women. Quarrels within the joint family arise mostly because of intolerance and antagonism between wives. In the old set up all such bickerings were smothered by the patriarch, who was a dictator.

The nuclear family is very much handicapped to face day to day problems which all families have to face. Getting ready to go to work, attending to  the needs of children, contacting offices for redressal of grievances, going to bank or making reservation etc. etc – there are endless worries for each.

In the industrialized society, a bond develops between workers of the same institution. It may be the school or the factory or government department.

The proposed joint family may  may be a spacious accommodation or a cluster of apartments, depending upon the number of nuclear families deciding to live with a common kitchen, crèche, library and gymnasium. There will be enough grandmothers to look after the kids. If there is a doctor family, it is ideal.

We can save money and have fun  and company. As it is voluntary, there will be no autocracy.

We can have picnics and other social activities. Each group will have a website if you like.

Do you like the idea?


Prof: J Mundassery was the Education Minister in the first Communist Ministry in Keralam. He wanted to help the teaching staff who were mercilessly exploited by the Managers of private schools and colleges. So he made a law for payment to the staff directly by the government.

The managers were too clever. They extracted lump sum money before giving appointment order to the staff. So the government was burdened with mounting expenditure, as a major part of the expenditure was salary of school staff, government as well as aided private schools.

Till now, the department of education is a headache for the government. Now, the Swashraya colleges who take large amounts from students as capitation fee is defying all efforts to control them. They admit students with less marks, by bargaining for more money. There is no interference from the government in other states. So students are attracted to such states. Reservation for students on caste basis is proving cumbersome.

In addition to all these problems, even question papers are a headache. Sometimes, they fail to reach the examination centres in time. Often the papers are leaked out from the printing press itself.Then there is mark list scandal.

There is an unwritten rule that students should not fail up to the tenth standard. Even in tenth, a good percentage is to be passed. So the standard of education is going down every year. Those who pass the common examination in the tenth year can neither read nor write correct Malayalam. English is a far cry.

Now, a teacher has been arrested because a question in the paper set by him, is not liked by a religious group !


For the last two days Parliament has wasted time, in trying to pass a bill for reserving one third of the seats in Parliament for women.

I think the whole concept is ill conceived, because only a limited number of women will benefit. The majority will continue to be exploited. Ill treatment of women will continue. Has the Women’s C ommission achieved anything? Has prostitution and rape decreased? Have girls started going to school in the villages in North India?

Let us set our priorities right.