If you want that your beloved should not talk or even look at others, it will harm yourself.
We all love freedom. Should not you allow it to your partner? Jealousy is the worst malady, affecting healthy marriage.
I remember a lady doctor, extremely beautiful, who was asked to resign her job, by her husband, a railway engineer.
In one novel, the husband, a parson posted with an army unit during war, imagines his wife enjoying with the neighbor. Poor guy!
Possessive love may be between father/mother and son/daughter, or even for your car!
We may not relish if our friends live in our house, lying vacant, or give it on hire.
It is easy to say it; but like ego, it is part of human nature.
Love and marriage must help each other, encourage one another. Learn it slowly.



Parents love their children very much. When the children grow up, their love for parents will decrease; instead, they start loving their own children. Here love flows downwards.

A > B > C > D are all young men and women. But their love for each other will never be equal. instead, one partner may love some other chap. Love  invariably results in envy and jealousy.

This gives enough material for writers and film makers.