If our train is late , we cannot leave the station. So there is the waiting room. Same is the case at bus stops too.

At the ration shop or the post office , we stand in the line , waiting for our turn

AIn Bombay , there will be a very long line for each bus.; there will be a number of such lines . Aome people carry books which they read , to while away the time. Once you are inside the train or bus , you wait for the destination. Once our train was disabled because the driver found that the oil was mixed with water. We all waited till another engine arrived.

One can go on narrating such experiences.

There is another type of waiting. An expectant mother has to wait for nine long months . The worst type is for waiting for a job. Children wait for examination results , candidates wait for interview call .

Poor patients suffering from terminal diseases and culprits sentenced for hanging wait for death,

All life is a waiting game



I like to walk in the rain!

Today it reminded me of those days when it used to rain for days together. We used to play chess, with pieces of the midrib of plantain leaves serving as chessmen. The 64 squares were drawn with chalk on the floor.

Our game will be interrupted when something hot comes from the kitchen.

When the rains stop, we go for boating.


This I wrote yesterday. Today the rain is still continuing. According to our elders, the new moon induces the clouds to form rain drops.  The satellite photo shows thick couds all over the sea and south India. There is no wind. The steady rains will fil up the wells and ponds.

God gives plenty of water. We allow it to flow into the sea, carrying precious top soil. All my writings about ways to conserve water and prevent soil erosion, have no effect.


Shashi Tharoor is always in the news.

First, it was a reference to cattle class in the airlines. It made the twitters busy.

Then the word “interlocutor” made people search in the dictionary.

Now Lalit Modi wants him prosecuted. BJP WANTS HIM DISMISSED.

I think it is all “much ado about nothing”.

As I am totally unfamiliar with the sports column in newspapers, I do not understand the issues involved.

Cricket was a gentleman’s game. Only England and Australia played that game. In those days, it was the sailing ship which took six months to reach Australia and the game was played on board, to while away the time. What they brought back was “ashes”.

Things have changed a lot and now the players are auctioned like slaves in New York market, before slavery was abolished.

That gives me ideas. Why not auction our Members of Parliament?

First, I must float a company like the old “East India Company” which was a commercial enterprise in name only. Actually, they conquered the whole country.

My secret firm, with at least one crore rupees per share, will welcome all businessmen and political parties and mafia kings to buy shares. It will have a private detective force, to collect all details about those contesting elections, to estimate their price.

It will engineer splits in all parties and encourage rebel candidates, dummy candidates and also booth capturing, rigging and all such activities, now being attempted by clumsy uneducated hooligans. They will be given proper training, so that even TV reporters will not be able to smell what is going on. The aim is to produce a hung parliament, with maximum unattached individuals, where our firm can make trillions of rupees, by auctioning them. Don’t you believe it? Even CIA may offer a few billion dollars!

All profit made by our firm will be deposited safely in Swiss banks.

Keep it a top secret



Babar was the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India. He built a mosque at Ayodhya, where Hindus claim, stood a temple of Ram.

In 1962, there was a movement, spearheaded by Hindu fanatics, to demolish the mosque and build the original temple there. On 6-12-1992, the structure, which was a historic monument, was destroyed, followed be terrorist attacks by Muslims in Bombay.

Now the enquiry commission has come to the conclusion that, it was a conspiracy by leaders of the Hindutwa movement, and not a spontaneous mass movement that resulted in the demolition of Babri Masjid.

Earlier, there used to be Hindu-Muslim riots, in parts of India, but terrorism was practically unknown. All this changed after 6-12-1992. Davood Ibrahim, living in Pakistan, conspired terror strikes against India. Hindu terrorists too became a reality. Black money and illegal arms trade played their own role in this game.

Now, things are out of control.

In today’s paper, details have come, of how the Government of Uttar Pradesh posted police officers, Magistrate etc. sympathetic to their cause, so that none tried to preserve the historic monument when some people climbed up on top of the roof and started pulling it down, in the presence of TV camera !

This is India, our precious democracy.