I was new to Jaipur city, when I was posted there as Manager of the Canara Bank. I hired a room in the city. It was my habit , to roam about and have break fast before reaching the Bank

My favorite shop was Ammu’s stall . I did not know she is a keralite , but she judged me correctly and enquired in chaste Malayalam:”Chetta, what will you have ?”

I looked at her in amazement. She is not a beauty, but her young age added to her charm. I thought in my mind:”I want you”, but said aloud:”Anything you like”. My gaze followed her ample buttocks and fell in love with her! From then on I was her secret lover . On Sundays ,when the shop remained closed , we began touring the city . “How long , you are here?”

“My father was in the army. On retirement, he began running this shop. When he died, mother went home , but I remained here . I love this ciy.”

“True ! I too like it. It is clean and spacious. The roads are straight and wide.”

“It was built by a Malayalee divan of the Raja. The old city is at Amber(The locals pronounce it Amer). We went there by bus, quite far away from Jaipur.

Happy days have wings. We did not realize it is six years , since we first met! But she never mentioned about marriage, may be , because of inferiority complex. “Ammu , don’t you like to marry? You are , how many years old?”

“I am getting request from locals , but I do not trust them.”

A letter came from home . They have fixed my marriage; come and see the girl, it said. A photo was enclosed . I showed it to Ammu. She exclaimed:”How cute! I want to see her immediately”. Her innocence touched my heart. Should I not marry this girl? Anyway , I applied for leave.

On the first night , I was thinking about Ammu. Her thighs and breasts refused to leave me , even when I began undressing the new bride. This one is marvelous , I thougt.

After one month I returned to Jaipur. Soon I met Ammu”Are you unhappy that I married?” “Oh, no. I am no match to her. What is her name?” “Remy” “Bring her to my shop”.

The two women became friends. There was no jealousy.

I continued to patronize Ammu. In sex, she is more active and imaginative . While in her embrace, It is real heaven! Why did I marry ? I could have easily rejected that proposal. Curse me…

“My brother is still unemployed . Could you arrange some work for him?” “Let him come here .” Thus Rohit began staying with us. I told Ammu about him. Several Malayalee businessmen used to come there , as it is the only place where Kerala style food is available . I began approaching Ammu almost daily, rarely caring about my wife. She did not even notice it.

Rohit got a salesman’ job in the market.

Then tragedy struck.

My wife’s body was found hanging from the ceiling fan. It was Roit who noticed it , when he returned home; I was with Ammu. I was informed by mobile phone. We both rushed home . A crowd had collected there . Police took me to the station to file FIR. Almost daily , I had to attend the station. They asked me about my relationship with Ammu, imputing motives for the crime. Ammu helped me with the influence of her businessmen. At last , the police closed the case as suicide.


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