The easiest way is chain snatching . Not only in the towns , even in the remote Sastha temple at Chathakudam , a man coming on bike, pulled the necklace of a woman and escaped, in broad day light. The police could not nab him.

Robbery of banks and jewelry shops is happening daily, especially in Trichur. They make an opening in the wall and remove all valuables. The number of jewelry shops is maximum n Keralam. Here in Delhi , one has to search for it! Money coming from the Gulf, has to be spent. Unemployment is the major cause of increasing criminals.

‘Quotation’ killers are buy , because murder is a political weapon. The killers can earn easily , rarely are they caught ; do policemen get a share?

Concealed crime like corruption, is at its peak. Smuggling of gold and narcotics is daily news. The road is not safe, even for those who walk; drunk drivers and those on motor bikes care nothing for us.

I will not recommend Keralam, to those retiring from service. Tamilnadu may be a better place. In Keralam , all things are coming from there!



It has been reported today 15-6-10, that two hardened criminals escaped from maximum security prison in Kannur in Keralam.

Apparently no one suspected it, because every thing was intact. The camera installed there to watch the inmates, did not function.

Five jail officials have been suspended and enquiry has been ordered.

Obviously, there was collusion between the culprits and the jailers.

Throughout the country, there is a close alliance between criminals and the police. A share of the money earned by criminals is given to the police, which gets transferred to the highest authority. This is a well known secret. There are many films exposing the criminal-police-politician nexus.

Nothing can improve in this type of demoracy. Politicians are to blame. If they are honest, others will be forced to be careful.

Instead, they enjoy the benefits of corruption. They want to earn as much as possible, within the five years they are in power.


Let a hundred criminals escape; no innocent man may be punished. This was the motto of the judicial system of England, evolved at least a millennium ago.

In the age of terrorism, if we want to adhere to it, it is like hunting a lion, riding a pony, with grass arrows!

The Supreme Court knows it, but it has to function within the system, which we borrowed, lock stock and barrel, from our erstwhile masters. The Americans just threw it away and devised their own methods, because they hated everything British, at that time, including the spelling of words!

Even if the judge sees the murder of a person and can recognize the culprit, he cannot sentence him for that offense. There must be witness.

A Chief Minister is a confirmed murderer. But he has not been convicted.

No one dares to give evidence against some powerful goondas; how can they be convicted? There are any number of films showing the nexus between wicked elements and the police.

A witness may give false evidence; there is no law to imprison him!

The law favours the culprit if he is rich and powerful. Sister Abhaya case is now notorious. There were four CBI enquiries. All know who has done it. The law suit may linger on for decades.

So do not be upset by the Supreme Court verdict. What is required is the overhaul of the system. (see my blog-Judicial revvolution).