I have a problem of recognizing my own shoes. One day I left my chappals in front of the temple and came back home, wearing foot wear belonging to some one else . The next day again, I went to the same temple, quite near our house. The poojary recognized his chappals immediately and I had to cut a sorry figure! Luckily he knew me and laughed it off.

Once in Delhi, I was not so lucky. To enable me to recognize my shoes, I make it a point never to polish them. For a lazy person like me that is the best option. I can take the dirtiest pair and if it fits, well that is all right.

But this time I had some difficulty with my right shoe; it was a little loose and came off easily. Apparently, there was another devotee who preferred dirty foot wear. When I came home, my daughter cleaned the shoes, when she saw that both shoes were of different brand! She purchased a new pair for me.

Another namboodiri, who was Deputy Collector of Trichur district, was traveling in a bus. He was sitting between two other passengers. All the three were comfortably relaxing with their slip- in chappals off.

When his destination came, the namboodiri put his left foot in one chappal, not his, on the left side and he inserted his right foot in his neighbour’s foot wear. The bus went off. The person waiting for him was embarrassed. The man , Deputy Collector, had chappals of different colours. Then only the namboodiri realized that neither chappal belonged to him!

My cousin Vanthu, about whom I have written a blog, he being the richest among us and extremely miserly, used to choose chappals from a heap of used foot wear, sold dirt cheap on the foot path. It could easily be recogised that left and right ones are not matching. He says: what does it matter?

I know at least two namboodiris who go bare foot, even now, as we all did in my childhoood.



I forgot it was 4 PM. Schools close and children were waiting for the line bus. I too waited patiently.

When the bus came all rushed in. I was in  the middle. By the time the doorway was packed with children, I managed to have a foothold on the step. There was no way to get inside.

The bus moved and several grown up people were hanging on from the steps. After some passengers got out at the next stop, I was able to be inside the bus which was packed like cattle in a van carrying them to the slaughter house. I felt I am one of the cattle.

When my point came, I got out and paid the conductor my fare.

Every day the school children travel like this. They are the lower middle class ones who do not go by school bus.

Each has to pay only one rupee as bus fare!


I am fond of books and scenery. Being a pensioner, I cannot afford to buy books which are becoming costlier by the day. To enjoy new scenery I have to travel which is also not easy, as I have no car.

At Mt. Abu, I bought a Rajasthani painting showing the village scene. I liked it and bought it for Rs.100, though my wife objected.

I did not think of the difficulty of carrying it. For the time being my friend kept it in his house at Pali Marwarr. We came back to Delhi.

He got it covered with glass and framed.

Well packed, he brought it all the way to our house in Keralam. I kept it in a safe corner, to be carried to Ernakulam, to be given to my friend, VBS, as a gift. In all my life, I never gave gifts to any one.

In our absence, it was thrown up, on to the concrete shelf. When I took it after wards, it made a noise, as if something has been broken inside. Apprehensively, I opened it and was in tears, not really, to see the glass broken into small pieces!

Very patiently and delicately, as a surgeon would remove from the heart of a patient, I TOOK OUT ALL THE BROKEN GLASS PIECES. It took some time, but I managed it.

The painting got crumpled at some corners, still it was presentable. So I carried it in a bus up to Kodungallur. I HAD KEPT THE ROLLED PAINTING PACKAGE IN THE RACK OF THE BUS. When I saw most of the passengers getting down, before the bus reached the bus stand, I enquired and was told to get down there if were going to Ernakulam. My wife was in the front seat and myself in the last row. I hurried to tell her and somehow managed to get down there. The bus conductor ws annoyed as all had got off by this time.

A bus for Ernakulam was waiting there ready to start. We were happy to get seats.

When we were happily settled…..I remembered the painting I had kept in the rack!

Whoever got it, may accept it as a gift from an unknown friend!


Last minute change in the arrival platform is very vexing. The passengers have to go quickly to the new platform, carrying all their luggage, crossing over through the over bridge, which may be far away. The passengers without reservation are worried about getting  seats because the trains are overcrowded.

Yesterday, it is said that the change was not even announced. In the stampede, a woman and child died.

Still the Minister says the passengers were at fault

There is no checking of those coming into the station.ANY BODY CAN JUST WALK IN.

Being the busiest station in the National Capital, one expects better facilities, cleanliness and tidiness.


Every day, the congestion on the roads is increasing. Express high ways cause controversies, especially in Keralam.

Low cost flights may be the answer, at least for passenger traffic.

In the nineteen fifties, people used to travel from Kathmandu valley to Pokhran valley in Nepal, in aeroplanes without air hostess, seat belts or food. Even ordinary workers and peasants used the aircraft, because it was the only way to travel in the country criss crossed with mountain ranges. They used to travel along with pick axes, spades and baskets.

A single pilot used to manage things. There were o accidents.

Such mode of conveyance may be tried from the Kerala towns, from Kasargod to Kanyakumari in Tamilnadu.

If low altitude flights are undertaken over the sea, the accidents caused by mountains can be avoided.

The cargo portion also may be used for passengers, thus avoiding delays and accommodating double the number of passengers, who may be seated on benches. Air conditioning may not be necessary.