I had gone to the Municipal Office to sell books . The staff there did not know English- ‘give us Hindi books’ , they said. Still I was able to sell some ten books.

To return home , I went to the nearest Metro Station which is named WELCOME. There, the passengers told me to go to Kashmiri Gate and then come down to the ‘yellow line’ The station there is a four storeyed bulding . The ground floor is underground where I must board the train. Seeing my confusion a young man held my hand and took me along the escalators . He sat beside me , up to ‘Rajive Chauk’ I thanked him and gave him a book. “You can contact me ; my phone number is given on the back side.”

Thus we departed as friends.



 With the break of the joint family, members of the clan meet but rarely.

Now  social networking through the electronic media is becoming popular.

 Long ago I remember a marriage in our ancestral home. Relatives started coming in, even weeks before the event. There will be any number of children to play with.

 The day before marriage is ayini oonu That day all the relatives, even very distant ones, assemble to watch the bride or the groom eating! She sits on the floor, in front of a large plantain leaf and lighted bronze lamp, with her best friend seated on her right, in a similar style. All the dishes are served, even if the time is six in the morning and a hot cup of tea may be more welcome!

The time is determined by the panditji (we call him odikan or oikan). Even now this drama is performed with the video camera man doing his work.

All people will be busy talking, as some of them may be meeting after ten or twenty years. On one side, an improvised kitchen will come up, two days before for frying banana chips etc. In our home there are plenty of rooms for cooking, eating and other purposes.

After the oonu, the bride will not leave the house. The next day, all the boy’s relatives will come to attend the formal marriage, the ritual lasting four days after the marriage, during which period the couple are not allowed to meet.

 During the four days, the girl is offered to different Gods! On the fourth day, the odikan instructs the couple how to do the act (in those days the age of the boy and girl may be fifteen and twelve). He actually shows the way, the dhoti is removed to one side and the member exposed, they say. I have not seen it. After the act, they have to take the ritual bath.

As there will be a number of marriages in a year, all clan members have ample opportunity to meet. That is real networking!


They are not interested in sex as such.

They want children, our love and sense of security. Petting, kissing and all such things are welcome. Hard sex depends on their mood.

A fat book on female sex states that 90 % of women with two children, just do not need sex. The movement inside the vaginal canal, which we enjoy much, may even irritate them.

There is a lot of ignorance among boys about satisfying the female, as if they are sex bombs. Well, there is a minority of women, who like a variety of men for their enjoyment. They and the frigid type are in minority.

A popular myth is that, by increasing the duration of intercourse, from the time of insertion of the penis, till the  discharge of semen, we can satisfy women. What I believe is that she must be warmed up, first. This may take time. Once she is heated up, she will attain climax in record time.

Many people do not know the difference between vulva and vagina. All things covered by the lips (flaps) are referred to as vulva. Inside, above the vaginal opening, is a miniscule penis, which in some cases may be some what bigger in size. Touch it, and the woman’s body becomes  sexually electrified. It is called the clitoris (the boat man), the whole vulva being the boat.

Our body is a chemical factory, producing millions of ckemical compounds every second. The full moon/new moon effect, in the context of producing hormones for creating the sexy mood in females, is not yet studied. I have noticed it from personal experience, after I wrote an essay in my blog, about the influence of gravity. If you try it, you will believe me !

One has to be sensitive in such matters. Soybean helps in reguvenation of the system.

Poor sex workers have to pretend to be enjoying sex, for our satisfaction, though they curse us, even when we enjoy sex !

Girls have no facility for washing their vulva in the school. Urine trapped in the lips of the vulva breeds bacteria. To avoid urinary infection, parents must ensure that they wash it meticulously with water mixed with dettol.

Namboodiri girls used to clean their private parts with turmeric paste, obtained by rubbing turmeric on wet stone, and then wash it off, while taking bath in the pond. It is a very effective germicide.

It is desirable to have a room in the terrace, where all can have nude sun bath. The sun light will destroy bacteria. The skin will make vitamin D in the presence of sunlight. If you smear the body with coconut oil, olive oil etc. it is all the more better.


At the end of world war two, Briton became bankrupt. Waging a war is not a joke. Some how, they wanted to get rid of the colonies, because, now they can exploit us, without the botheration of fighting and maintaining colonies.
 We welcome foreign investment with  both hands folded in a namaste.
What does it mean? When money is invested in India, they exploit our resources and cheap labour, to reap enormous profit. This is what Briton was doing when we were their colony. SO WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?
If we use our brains, we can progress without foreign money. Welcome black money. Abolish all taxes. Ban strikes and bandhs.
Reduce the number of government staff, reduce salary of all, including ministers, to minimum subsistance level. INTRODUCE STRICT RATIONING. Sell all things at the same price throughout India. Regulate production acording to the needs.
 This is how they were doing in Russia.

 During post war reconstruction in Germany, WHICH WAS REDUCED TO ASHES BY BOMBARDMENT,  people worked hard, as only Germans could do.
They never recceived any salary.
This is how Israel is doing now. There is no Capitalism there.
 Life is more important than anti-communism.
 Or else, do not abandon Capitalism. Hold on to the vampire and perish.
 The choice is yours, not mine!