Keralam is the Kashmir of the south. In addition to natural beauty, there are a number of magnificent, old temples like Sabarimala and Guruvayoor, attracting millions of devotees.

There is good scope for exploiting the natural beauty of our country side by a new approach to tourism.

In Nepal, many tourists stay with individual families as paying guests. This trend is not in vogue here, though there are palatial buildings, lying vacant in almost all villages. The owners are working in gulf countries and the houses are built, as there is no other way of investing their savings.

A tourist will prefer to stay in these quiet houses, away from the congested, dirty towns. With all places well connected by roads, this is an ideal proposition.

All houses which the owners are willing to let out to tourists, may be notified through suitable web site. Families, willing to accommodate tourists, both Indian and foreign, may also utilize this facility. Now, a number of middle class families are availing LTC facility provided by Government and Public Sector Undertakings. For those people, cheap stay in families will be very attractive.

I am staying in Keralam. We intend to visit 108 Shiva and 108 Devi temples considered sacred. We shall definitely prefer staying with families near the temple.



Ignorance of geography was the main reason for the failure of IPCC.


Legitimately, climate is a chapter in Physical Geography and temperature at different stations is recorded by Meteorological Stations all over the world.

Both these departments have been ignored by the people who made the IPCC reports.

I had a heated exchange of views with a young professor from Harvard, while on my way to Ujjain

According to this worthy, the data furnished by the Met. Dept. is unreliable. So they calculate the temperature of the globe as a whole, from satellite studies, samples of ice core and tree rings etc.( All these sound like Greek and Latin to me). Naturally the result of my study, incorporated in my book GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH, is at variance with the conclusions reached by IPCC.

IPCC expected very high temperature of the globe in the year 2010.

My conclusion that there is no global warming, is supported by actual temperature data.

All over the world, universities and colleges have a new School of environment, where this new method of calculation of global temperature is in vogue. It is time for them to realise their mistake and study data provided by the Meteorological Department.