Keralam is the Kashmir of the south. In addition to natural beauty, there are a number of magnificent, old temples like Sabarimala and Guruvayoor, attracting millions of devotees.

There is good scope for exploiting the natural beauty of our country side by a new approach to tourism.

In Nepal, many tourists stay with individual families as paying guests. This trend is not in vogue here, though there are palatial buildings, lying vacant in almost all villages. The owners are working in gulf countries and the houses are built, as there is no other way of investing their savings.

A tourist will prefer to stay in these quiet houses, away from the congested, dirty towns. With all places well connected by roads, this is an ideal proposition.

All houses which the owners are willing to let out to tourists, may be notified through suitable web site. Families, willing to accommodate tourists, both Indian and foreign, may also utilize this facility. Now, a number of middle class families are availing LTC facility provided by Government and Public Sector Undertakings. For those people, cheap stay in families will be very attractive.

I am staying in Keralam. We intend to visit 108 Shiva and 108 Devi temples considered sacred. We shall definitely prefer staying with families near the temple.



The allopathic system is the product of science.

There was the Unani system, the Acupuncture system and Indian Ayurvedic system etc. which came up automatically, after thousands of  years of experience and observation. Our doctors simply reject it. This is unfortunate, to say the least.

The recognised system treats the human body as a car or as a computer, without soft ware. Surgery is miraculously advanced. The surgeon can work wonders. But they are helpless when it comes to the mind, our soft ware for making the human computer work.


It is like the computer virus. This can be removed by curing the mind of the virus. The importance of gold has been commented in my blog. Our babies were given gold with vashampu (vayampu) and ghee for some years. Ghee is a compulsory item in namboodiri diet. Unless it is served with a small quantity of rice, we cannot begin eating our food. Afterwards it became a farce. A strip of plantain leaf is dipped in a spoonful of ghee and hundred people served, by just shaking the leafy spatula over the rice to show that ghee has been served!

Snehapanam is a course of treatment in Keralam. Ghee is served in small quantity initially. The doze is increased slowly under medical supervision, till as much as one  hundred gms. a day. I have only heard. They say even the sweat smells of ghee! It is worth experimenting in ayurvedic hospitals.

Kizharnelli, a plant which grows in plenty, during rainy season, is the only treatment for jaundice. In the north, a special variety of sugar cane is normally given. The juice of the middle white cylinder of the plantain tree after the fruits are cut, dissolves kidney stone.

Sorry for the digression.

I was speaking of the mind.

As a computer is damaged by voltage fluctuations, our mind gets upset by emotions. Even an otherwise healthy person, may be subjected to emotional voltage disruption, inducing even suicide. Under happy surroundigs one may never even think of it.

An eighty year old namboodiri, well versed equally in Engish and Samskrutam, now helping Calicut University, in cataloguing old Samskrutam books written on palm leaves, obtained from the palace of Samoothiripad, with whom I had the good luck of travelling in car, told me one thing: if the origin of the disease is in the mind (read software) the latter should receive treatment. How wise a statement!

He told me another fact: if a floating substance is placed deep down in the sea, it will sink! Some university can experiment it. Why are dead bodies of whales etc. not floating in the seas? Are they not sinking down?

He could easily respond to my new theories in science. May He give him long life to serve the university.

The present system of dumping “mental patients” in godforsaken hospitals is a case of Human Rights Violation. We treat our animals better than the unfortunate lunatics.

Even the body of all people is not alike. In our Ayurvedic system, the patients are of three types: vatham, pitham or kapham. Some have combinations of both. So, before prescribing medicines, the doctor first decides to which type a patient belongs.The individuality of a person is taken into consideration in homoepathy too.

When it comes to mental cases, allopathy is helpless. The yoga may help in reducing tensions unavoidable in modern life. Tension can cause any number of diseases from cancer to depression.

The large number of devotees thronging the temples at Vaishnodevi,Tirupathy, Sabarimala, Guruvayoor etc. where they get only a glimpse of the Lord, after waiting indefinitely for hours, travelling for days, undergoing all sorts of hardships gladly, is a proof of the agonies of the generation of our times.

I suggest a combined approach by the varios branches of medicine, taking into account the age old wisdom of natives, including tribals, to find the Indian way as opposed to blind imitation of the West.