Western Ghats lies along the west coast of India, like a vertebral column. It is a mountain, like Andes of South America. Chile is similar to Keralam, the coastal strip separated from the rest of the continent

A notable difference is the pass named Palakkad churam  (pass) of Keralam. It is 22 miles wide, allowing easy passage from the east.

Most mountain passes are rugged depressions in the mountain, dangerous and beautiful.But Palakkad churam is almost plane.

The Western Ghats are locally known as Sahyadri. I wish it is renamed so. It is still to be explored. The topmost point at Ootakamand  is very high. There is a rail line (narrow guage, still in use)  to this town which was the summer destination of Europeans; I have seen only in films. It is worth traveling but most tourists are not aware of it.

This part of the mountain is known as Anamala (mountain of elephants).