A gas cylinder is now costing more then a thousand rupees. Middle class housewife, already groaning under rising costs, is given this new year gift! The Government is too callous to care for the people….
During discuusion in TV channels it came to light that the cost of production to the oil companies is only Rs. ten. They are charging more than 90 to the gas distributors. The Minister is adamant and refuses to revise prices, though Rahul Gandhi has demanded roll back
The election results will show public anger.


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All intellectuals, who influence the course of history, come from the middle class.
There are several layers in this category. The lowest layer is extremely eager to hide their poverty.
Alas! Today, they are crushed under the weight of spiraling prices. I belonged to this class, until I was promoted. We got salary on the first of each month. So the first week passed off comfortably. The last week, I borrowed money from my colleagues.
I used to take advance from salary, normally given for Festivals. Occasionally, money was taken out of Provident Fund, on false pretexts. Afterwards, I count the months to see when I would be free from salary cuts!
In fact, the thrill of bringing money in cash, on salary day, is now gone, with pension being credited in the bank and needs few, to buy things.
Sometimes I feel that good salary is required, when we are young, gradually decreasing in old age!


When I paid Rs. 390 for a cooking gas cylinder, my heat burned! ONE WILL LAST ONLY FOR TWENTY DAYS.

The recent increase in price of petrol, diesel etc. has already increased the cost of transportation by trucks, which in turn, has pushed up the price of all commodities. People of the level of lower middle class and below, are finding it difficult to make both ends meet. So I can understand the hartal called by all parties, to be observed on Monday. But it will have no effect on the Government led by Manmohan Singh. Any dislocation of normalcy cannot be justified on rational grounds

The Prime Minister has already surrendered to the dictates of Ambani and co. He knows that he is the last Emperor of the .Dynasty ruling at the Centre. The next election will throw up a hung Parliament The majority of MPs will be independents, ready to join any group that pays them handsome bribe.

What is to be done by the people? Elections are always there. By elections, Panchayat elections, State Assembly elections etc.  Not a single person must vote for Parties ruling at the Centre!


English speaking, urbanized middle and upper classes constitute the elite Indians, who think in terms of Indian-ness. They rise above parochial interests and try to view matters affecting the future of the country as a whole.

All others are little better than cattle. Most of them, especially in rural areas,  do not even read newspapers. If they see TV, THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN NEWS CHANNELS OR DISCUSSIONS

Even the topics given prominence in local papers, may not be mentioned in English newspapers. Thus the English language, which unites us all, tend to divide the whole nation vertically into two classes.

The local papers had been warning about an imminent gas leak at Bhopal, but the elite India ignored it.


I suggest the following :

1) Unreserved second class fares – No change.

2) Sleeper class – Double the present fare in normal times and four times during summer. We must learn from the air lines. I see that, those who travel by sleeper class are upper middle class travellers, who can afford to pay. We are losing money in trying to present popular budget. Cancellation charges may be made equal to 50 % of the fare.


The aim is to make more money and reduce congestion in summer. No summer specials should be run.

Popular budget is a myth.