Family: Fabaceae (Pea family)
Genus: Trigonella
Botanical name: Trigonella foenum-graecum
Sanskrit: Bahuparni, Bahupatrika, Chandrika, dipani, Gandhabija, Gandhaphala
Hindi: Methi
English: Fenugreek, Greek-clover, Greek hay
Malayalam: Uluva, uluwa

This is excellent for mothers for increasing milk . We use the seeds , in making vegetable dishes, as spice; it is slightly bitter . It is a good laxative too .In the North , its leaves are cooked as vegetable . ‘Methi ka paurantha’ is tasty




I am now almost resigned to the life in Delhi. My daughters insist that I must stay here and return to Kerala , only with my wife . At home , they are managing things . As the Onam vacation has begun , Vaikha is not a problem. The printer has not yet completed his work.

Leena brought some English story book lying in her house and so I made a trial at Delhi u

University. Some ten were sold in one hour . So the idea entered my head that , if I get it printed here , I can gainfully use my time.

It would be ideal , if I can publish Hindi version of the book. But, where to find a translator? . I am writing both in English and Malayalam , so the flavor of the story is not lost in translation. These are my thoughts now .

One great advantage here is connectivity. At home , the computer always says :you are not connected to the net. Here , in no time, I can open my blog.

But , home is sweet. I miss the deeparadhana (arti) at 6’40 in the evening at Sastha temple , only a few minutes away from home .

MALAYALAM SUNDAY NEWSPAPER =’text/javascript’ src=

I shall be publishing my Malayalam Sunday Newspaper in the new year.
In due course, the paper will be published in Hindi and English also.
It will have current affairs, short stories, serialised novels, autobiographies etc.
It will be sent by post to share holders only, and, it is compulsory, that every reader must buy at least one share, priced ridiculously low at Rs.10, to cover the lowest strata of society. As there will be no office set up etc. the profits will be high and you may expect good dividend. So those who do not know Malayalam, can also buy shares. There is no limit on the number of shares one can buy.

As the value of share is low, a number of people may send one cheque or MO in the name of K.K.SUBRAMANIAN, KADALAYIL MANA,PO VALLACHIRA, TRICHUR DT, KERALA, PIN 680562

Application form can be had from:
malayalam.sunnews2011@gmail.com or waterfriendkks@gmail.com

I LIKE THE RAINS =’text/javascript’ src=

It is pleasant to watch the rains from the balcony of my bungalow, sipping coffee and eating snacks, because we are always hungry in this season, which brings down the temperature considerably.

I like to walk in the heavy rain, fully protected inside the mackintosh, watching the currents in the streams, at first muddy, afterwards clear, when little children catch fish.
I like to see the rainbow, drawn in the sky when He is in a jovial mood. It has a beautiful name in Hindi- indradhanush (bow of Lord Indra)

I like to see the lightning, followed by the deafening sounds of thunder, reverberating in the sky. I like even storms, shaking the trees and and blowing leaves in all directions.
The thirsty earth absorbs every drop of water, enabling grass and shrubs to come out from their hiding inside the soil, clothing naked earth with beautiful green saris, later laced with colourful flowers, attracting butterflies who impregnate the plants with pollen grains.
It is the time of all round growth.
When the soil is saturated with water, it flows in small channels which merge to form bigger rivers and flows back to the seas, from where the water drops evaporated to form clouds enjoying leisurely glide across the sky.
Alas! It is the season of floods, causing havoc all over the world. (See my blog about eliminating floods)


Hindi words are sweet sounding. Jugnu is the word for fire fly (minnaminigu in Malayalam). For a long time I did not know the meaning of the Hindi word, still I liked it.

I get excited like a child when I see fire flies. The fluorescent light is soothing to the eye. The word fire is a misnomer.

They are seen during rainy season. It is said that people used to collect them so that some light is shed during dark nights.

Once we were going in a train along the forests in Konkan area. I woke up at the dead of night and looked out. Nothing could be seen. Suddenly I was startled by a number of small electric bulbs brightening the surroundings! I was reminded of some birth day party, where such lighting arrangements are made. It was a colony of fire flies around some shrubs.

I woke up my companion to see this celestial, ethereal beauty! Alas, the train was moving fast.


It is something enigmatic, the way we are all moved by music. Even the cows would listen, when Krishna plays his flute. For the women of his village the sound is irresistible.

In all Indian movies, songs are their essence.

Long ago, when I was a child, it was rarely that we had a chance to hear a film songs. Dillagi, a Hindi film starring Suraiya and Sham was shown at Jose theatre at Trichur. We went to see it, though none of us knew a single word of Hindi. Thum mera chand me teri chandni – what a lovely song!

Only the town people had the radio. The first time a box was brought to our home at Kottical, for playing gramophone records, is still fresh in my memory. Even now as a very old man, music touches my heart. Has any one tried to play instrumental music before a dying man?

African men are good singers. They do well in sports and athletics. Is there any connection between the two?

It is my wish to have a collection of old film songs, Hindi and Malayalam. I have no patience for the classical variety.


 After sixty two years, Nizam’s ghost has come back to haunt the Delhi Emperors. My blog, INDIA DIED ON 15.8.1947 was timely.

 Hyderabad should have been the capital of India. It is a cosmopolitan city, neither Northern nor Southern. People speak Hindi also. I wonder why this centrally located gem of a city was not chosen by the British people in 1911, when they wanted to shift from the far away Calcutta.

 Nizam’s Hyderabad was the richest state in India. He wanted to remain independent, in terms of the agreement of 1947. He was forcibly removed by military action, without a debate. We all applauded the action as we are Imperialists at heart. Nothing would have happened if he was left free.

 There is a case for smaller states. The demand for Oudh etc. will now gain momentam. It was UITED PROVINCE before independence. The British raj illegally annexed several Kingdoms, with disparate cultural back ground and formed a big province. Now it is unmanageable.

 A small state is ideal for quick development. In Europe Belgium, Denmark etc. are very small, yet they are well developed. It is ironical that the States Reorganization Commission was established under coercion, following the death of Potti Sreeramalu, after prolonged fast unto death, demanding Andhra Pradesh. That time it could have been done in a democratic manner, by ascertaining the views of the people, by referendum, taking a Tehsil as the unit. This can be done now also.