Common people are penniless, these last few days.
In my youth , I used to borrow money , though I was working as a UD clerk. This was because both my wife and myself , did not know how to run a house hold. I had to send money to my unemployed brother in Keralam. I used to take all sorts of advances, Like Festival advance . As soon as one advance is recovered , there will be another festival. Mercifully , I never had account in the grocery shop; all purchases were paid, down cash.
Things improved when I got promotion .
So, what I was going to say is , that I avoid going to sell books in houses , during these days.
Today I went to Trichur Railway Station . Travelers are never short of money. I was lucky to sell some seven books!



Man used to travel in search of better prospects and commerce. It is difficult to guess why early men migrated from his native place.

Comparatively modern men traveled for commerce. The famous silk route is an example.

Water offered the easiest medium for transport. Climb on to any floating piece of wood and row forward.

As the whole continents were covered with forests, it was difficult and dangerous to travel along the interior of vast continents. Grass lands offered better chance. As water transport was slow, carts drawn by horses were invented in later centuries.

Railway trains drawn my steam engines were a grand success. It offered quicker transit for a number of people at a time. When it was first suggested that wagons could run on steel rails, common people wondered how  these rails could be laid for great distances!

Simultaneously, steam ships solved the problem in water transport. Earlier sailing ships were handicapped, whenever the wind stopped. Nothing could be done for days together.

Resistance was a great problem for both water and land vehicles. So man turned to the air which has least resistance. From aeroplanes traveling on wind cushion to jet planes, using a old theory of” action and reaction” was a big leap forward!

Man is never satisfied. So he looked higher into outer space. The space shuttle is ideal as it cuts time to a few minutes, compared to the long tedious hours you have to spend, in traveling from the Old to the New World. But it is too early to book tickets for a seat in the shuttle!


In medieval India, taxes were very high. The only source of tax was the farmers. At one time, one third of the produce was extracted as tax. Farmers who could not afford it, left their fields fallow.

The money collected was used to meet the expenses of the Palace. In other words, people worked hard and the rulers enjoyed the fruits of their labour.

Today, in this so called democracy, the ruling establishment extracts taxes for their lavish living. Look at the way Members of Parliament and their servers go about in airoplanes any number of times and common people manage to travel in overcrowded trains.

In return, we get a chance to vote.

That is all.


The Indian Police Force was trained by the British Raj, with the twin objective of suppressing resistance to the Raj and protecting the interests of the propertied class. So they are hated by the common people.

It is a pity that a new method of training, in accordance with the democratic traditions, has not been thought of, even after sixty two years.

But the case of individual police man is pitiable. He and his family becomes bankrupt, in case he is killed or maimed.

It is necessary to provide insurance cover, if necessary by deducting money from his salary, so that his family will continue to get pension after his death. In case he is handicapped, he should be given alternate employment.

How can he face well armed and well trained terrorists or dedicated Maoists?

Only fully trained and well armed army personell should be deputed to fight terrorists and Maoists.