I am clumsy. In the bath room, while rubbing my body with soap, it slips off, often into the Idian style toilet.

If one side of the soap is made rough, with ridges, for instance, this will not happen.

Will manufacturers listen?



Americans are crazy over the word POWER.

I have read three books- Power Healing, Protein Power and Power Sleep, the last one by a professor of sleep!

It is no joke. He has done research in SLEEP and come up with some remarkable theory about sleep arrears.

These are my observations, by way of introduction. We all know that a student preparing for examinations is always sleepy. Boredom induces sleep. I think it is just an escape mechanism. But I have also observed cooks sleeping soundly on a pile of faggots, after continuous work during the night. Here it is a bodily requirement. Nehru is a poor sleeper, but he falls asleep, as soon as he enters the aeroplane!

While traveling in a bus, I have fallen asleep, just before reaching my stop and carried onward, much to my annoyance. I used to go to sleep while hearing the Hindi news of All India Radio.

If sleep is a replica of death, both come when you least expect it!

Now about the book. The author says that a man requires a certain amount of sleep. He can manage with less sleep for a few days even, but eventually sleep will demand arrears. If denied, it will overpower you when you least expect. The driver of a vehicle may go to sleep suddenly, causing most accidents. I think this is a very important conclusion. Drivers should not work overtime!

In India, where there are too many unemployed people, why are drivers (both in the railways and in road transport) made to work overtime?


Think of it. All well known politicians and even writers are employing others, to write their script.

Call girls are selling their beauty and body for making money. Those with the skill to sing and dance, exhibit their inborn talent to please all, for earning money.

Is there any difference?

Ordinary workers too sell their labour for money. But there is no moral stigma in it. A drama troupe earns money by entertaining audience. That is honest art, because they all do it openly and honestly. Not so the ghost writers. I am told that a well known figure in the newspaper industry has published a lot of well written articles, travelogues and books- all by ghosts !

Like the prostitutes, they deserve sympathy.

A Chief Minister is unable even to read what his ghost has scripted. Many Heads of Scientific Institutions read research papers in a gathering, as if he has done the research.

Long ago when such activities like writing, doing research etc. were done by almost unknown people, who did it without realizing its commercial value; ghost writing was unknown. Nehru never read from a paper. Be honest. Do not give a lecture, if you cannot speak.

Do not depend on ghosts. Let the ghosts come out and earn their money and respect in society.


Iceland is the coldest country in the world.

A volcano eruption burst through a glacier, in Eyjafjallajokull, spewing an ash cloud which blocked air traffic throughout Europe.

As if to tell global warmmongers: See. How I have melted a glacier. You are telling industrial activity of human beings is melting Himalayan glaciers.

Normally the mouth of a volcano, called the crater, is open and contains water, which may get blocked over the years. The geothermal energy causes steam pressure to exceed the strength of the thin crust of the earth; when this happens, the steam comes out, along with the debris and ashes. This is volcano eruption. In Iceland, the whole land is covered with ice sheet, including the volcano crater. The steam pressure melts the ice block in the crater and this results in expulsion of huge quantities of steam and ashes, forming a cloud.

Surface tension

A cloud retains its form, unless disturbed by air currents, because a gossamer-like cover envelops it. This is just like the surface of any body of water, including a water drop. In the case of the Iceland volcano, the ashy debris is caught inside the cloud and is not allowed to diffuse out. That is why it is moving like a cloud, pushed by the Polar wind.

In other volcano eruptions, the water content is not enough to form clouds. So the ashes get dispersed by diffusion.

The whole Iceland is a huge water boiler. Steam comes out continuously, through streams and hot springs and causes earthquakes almost daily. The hottest springs in the world are there. They make use of it to produce electricity.

To prevent eruptions of this magnitude, suitable pipes will have to be inserted near the crater, to draw the steam out. This can be done in other quake prone areas too.

See my blog “Pressure Cooker Model”.


If there is no supply of electricity, even for a few hours, we feel frustrated. Imagine our plight when we had to manage five full days without current!

It was a Saturday when it happened. We duly recorded the particulars in the complaint register maintained in the local office. Nothing happened.

The next day was Sunday; but two line men came and examined it  They said the meter was damaged and can be replaced only after the approval of the Engineer. So we must wait till Monday. I should contact the Engineer and give an application for checking and replacing the meter.

I did as directed, but because of some urgent work involving shifting of electric posts, nothing could be done during the two days and I must meet him afterwards.

On Wednesday, they assured me it would be done. Go and wait at home, I was told. When no one came, I went and remained in the office during the next two days, till a line man was deputed for the work. He did come and our house lighted up again!

In the meantime, we learned how to manage without electricity.

My son who is lazy, used to draw bucketfuls of water from the deep well and fill various containers.

My wife did all washing manually.

We all forgot the TV AND I MISSED MY BLOGS.

Luckily, we had good showers in the nights and slept soundly, without fan.

I used to waste a lot of water for my bath, pouring large mugfuls over my body; now I learned to use minimum water.

We could live even without electricity!.


Her crime was bed wetting.

A three year old girl was tortured by her own father, by scorching with burning cigarette butt all over her body, including private parts. There were injury marks caused by his thumb nail. The man was arrested when the whole story was known.

How can one be so cruel to an innocent baby? The traumatic suffering may have a lasting psychic effect.


Hindus believe that the soul is a distinct entity which leaves the body when one dies. If the person is destined to suffer more, he is again born inside another body, not necessarily human.

It is a somewhat pessimistic view of life.When we observe the poverty stricken millions of people in Africa, India and Bangladesh, how can we be otherwise?

The rishis advise us to refrain from all worldly desires, because these longings bind us to birth and rebirth. This cycle can be broken and soul liberated to merge with God Almighty. This is called moksh.

In practice, no one, not even the so called sanyasis care to leave this life, with all enjoyments of pleasures.

Yet there are some genuine sanyasis who do not receive any hospitality from any person. The Budha was one such example. The Sirdi Saibaba was another sanyasi who never took anything more than what is required for survival. The very presence of such gentle souls have a beneficial influence on the mental and physical health of their disciples.

So there is nothing to feel joy when a baby is born or to grieve when the soul goes away to meet the Almighty.