Every day, the congestion on the roads is increasing. Express high ways cause controversies, especially in Keralam.

Low cost flights may be the answer, at least for passenger traffic.

In the nineteen fifties, people used to travel from Kathmandu valley to Pokhran valley in Nepal, in aeroplanes without air hostess, seat belts or food. Even ordinary workers and peasants used the aircraft, because it was the only way to travel in the country criss crossed with mountain ranges. They used to travel along with pick axes, spades and baskets.

A single pilot used to manage things. There were o accidents.

Such mode of conveyance may be tried from the Kerala towns, from Kasargod to Kanyakumari in Tamilnadu.

If low altitude flights are undertaken over the sea, the accidents caused by mountains can be avoided.

The cargo portion also may be used for passengers, thus avoiding delays and accommodating double the number of passengers, who may be seated on benches. Air conditioning may not be necessary.