Ever since its discovery, Gold has attracted women and adventurers alike.

The GOLD RUSH, in which White men practically ran for it in Alaska, in North America is part of history. The law enabled any one to dig the soil and take gold. In India, if I find gold, while excavating my own land,  I must hand it over to the Government.

Even the religious book Bhagavat Puran speaks about the Lord Krishna decked in gold ornaments from the head to the heels! Women wear it even inside the petty coat where no one can see it!

If a woman is offered free gold ornaments, as much as she can physically carry on her body and walk ten miles, she will probably carry a weight of ten KG and fall dead on the way!

Our  Kerala State has the maximum number of jewelry shops per square mile in India. The film idol Mohanlal, selling “Malabar Gold” is the most popular ad in TV channels.

When you buy gold, it becomes a dead investment. Now you can deposit it in the bank and earn interest. Or, give gold and borrow money at cheap interest rate. This I learned, while trying to raise money for building my house in rural Keralam, at Chathakudam.

No wonder robbers prefer gold, as women offer easier target.