Celebrating the victory of first female mayor….the Roman way!

History serves as a guide to future. Roman history has gripped our imagination and intrigued to no end. Romans continues to dominate our lives in many ways, from the calendar started by Julius Caesar (the month July is named after Julius himself), to the language, to religion, the science of urban infrastructure, the amazing aqueducts, spectacular architecture, the political vocabulary, census and much more.

The fascinating victory of the young politician Virginia Raggi brings back the lost focus on Rome once again. Ms. Raggi is the first lady mayor to be ruling Rome in 2700 years! Taking charge of the most prestigious office, she hopes to restore the city’s glory. Among her various promise, she vows for a more transparent and legal system by erasing the current anarchic Rome. She is also going to go after the much powerful and elusive Roman Catholic Church.

Although women did not play any direct role in politics in the Roman Empire, but there are few names that cannot be missed. Most influential of all was Livia, the wife of Emperor Augustus. She continued to play a pivotal role even after her husband’s death by guiding her son who took the reins from Augustus. Wife of Emperor Claudius, Agrippina was another feisty figure who earned respect from the men folk while she ran the empire till her son Niro was old enough to take charge. Talking about playing an indirect role, I can’t help but make mention of Sonia Gandhi, the current leader of opposition party in India at the federal level.

Ms. Raggi’s credence would depend on how well she plays in the battlefield of politics. Armed with elegance and skills, Ms. Raggi has plenty of inspiration to draw from her own rich culture and history to seek guidance for her future. If the young lawyer turned politician is going to be successful in carving out a name for her in the brutal political arena, only time will tell. But undoubtedly this is an incredible moment for womankind!


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