IS CARBON DIOXIDE THE VILLAIN? Billions of tons of CO2 is discharged into the air, by annual forest fires. Compared to this, CO2 emission from factories is just pea nuts. What happens to this carbon compound? CO2 is heavier than air . You can pour it from one glass tumbler to another, like water. Another property is its solubility in water. The major part of this gas falls on the surface of sea water, which absorbs it . This dissolved CO2 is the raw material with which miniscule molecules of plankton make starch for the fish population, which is thousands of times bigger than animals . The CO2 in the land surface is is hungrily swallowed by trees and grass. The result is that percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere is very stable . In fact oxygen percentage has slightly increased. The politicians (Heads of Governments ) are vainly discussing climate changes , without consulting scientist .


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