Every Sunday , I used to go to the Public Library . One day , a young , fair lady passed by me and stopped. She smiled and wished my good morning :”Are you not Sham”, she asked.

“Yes . And you? How do you know my name?”

“I came to your Thaluk office . I am Sunitha , My family is Paliyam” “That is a big aristocratic family ; you used to rule that area” “That was long ago ; now we are bankrupt”

“I cannot believe it. Come, we will sit in the garden and talk” We became friends.

“We are a large tharavad. After land reforms, we lost our land . Men indulged in drinking and sold our home land , piece by piece”

“You can approach the Court and get an injunction”

“That is all cumbersome. Let us marry and take me out of this hell.” “Take me to your home ; I shall approach your father.“

The next Sunday we went to her home. She categorically said that she will marry me only. They enquired about my details and were satisfied. Then I took her to my house . Mother was glad because she had been pressing me for marriage .

Now both familie met and date of marriage was also fixed.

We were walking along the road . A speeding motor bike knocked her down. People surrounded her and took her to the hospital. Doctor did surgery and then told me: “She may never conceive” I never told her .


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