The results of the election to the Bihar assembly , in which Nitish Kumar routed his opponent Narendra Modi , by an overwhelming majority , clearly show that the Hinduthwa agenda is counterproductive. The grand alliance of Nitish and Lalu Yadav , in which the Congress and now Mulayam Singh Yadav has also joined , has posed a great challenge to Modi, who may not win the next election.

The Panchayath election in Kerala State results of which came one day earlier, show that the support of Christians and Muslims which supported the corrupted Ooman Chandi government has been totally rejected by the electorate. In Malappuram District which was the preserve of Muslim League, whose Minister was in charge of education, which earned the notoriety of being the worst Department of the Government, (even text books could not be supplied to the schools, even after six months ) fared badly in the election. Their strong hold in Kondoti, Tirur and Ponnani were captured by Communists.

This also shows that Communal Politics do not pay. On the whole, elections in the state have shown that the people have become wise and votes can be gained only by good governance.


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