I was working as Principal in a School in Calicut , when my uncle negotiated my marriage with girl of the Royal family of Samoothiri in the same town. I was excited at marrying a princess and went to ‘see the girl’, along with my uncle. There was almost a crowd of members of the royal family and we were given tea and sweets. Then she was introduced to me. She is fair and slim, almost as tall as myself. She had ‘cats eye’, which I did not like. We were allowed to talk in private; she asked about my family . I said:”I have only myself and my parents . We live at Kannur, where I took my post graduate degree in English.”

“I studied up to tenth ; as I failed, I stopped studies”

“I will help you to learn ; you must continue your study”.

After that I was led to the hall where drinks were served . I refused ; her brother said:”Come on boy, at least one peg , to celebrate this event .” I took orange juice.

Th marriage was in an auditorium. More than a thousand guests arrived. As we sat in chairs resembling ‘simhasan’ and gifts piled up , I felt a heavenly awe.

The days passed smoothly. Wife (Renu)passed plus two and joined the Samuthiri college. I was selected as lecturer in the University. After her graduation, she too joined a school . Then we decided , it is time to have a baby. She was studying for architecture in Pune .

One day, we were informed that she is dead… I went there and saw the body; there were marks of injury … The Police informed that she was raped….

Renu was in bed for a week; Doctors gave her sedatives .

I consoled her :”Dear, we will have another baby”



“A new UK study says that soy contains substances that help combat bone loss and can protect against osteoporosis in women over 50.

As women get older and go through menopause, they experience a drop in the level of the hormone estrogen which protects against bone loss. This can make them particularly susceptible to osteoporosis, a disease which leads to 9 million fractures annually worldwide.

A research team from the University of Hull in the UK has concluded that a diet rich in soy protein and isoflavones (plant substances which act in a similar way in the body to estrogen) provides protection from bone weakening during menopause.”



In Malayalam, we call it ‘kadalasu poovu (kagas ka phool). Bright red in colour , it attracts attention from a distance . It has no fragrance and does not wilt easily. Hence the name paper flower.

Make an iron net and allow the plant called bougainvillea , to grow along the frame . You may do it in front of your garden. In due course , it will look like a red screen!