Nepal , which depend on us even for salt , has turned enemy. They like China and depends on it even for oil. One Indian was killed recently in Police firing.

Pakistan is enemy no 1 from its inception . Now Bangladesh has a friendly Government , thank God .What is wrong with us?

The first mistake was , absorbing independent Kashmir Kingdom into the Indian Union , because the King , an Indian , wanted our help . This Muslim Region would have been in Pakistan , had it been a British territory at the time of partition in 1947 . This fact is conveniently forgotten by in Chauvinists in India. Kashmir remained free even during Moghal time . Its freedom was guaranteed by it geography, cut off from India by high mountains . Every day our soldiers are dying there by Pakistani bullets. We spend good money in subsidizing food articles , to please the people , forgetting the fact that food is no substitute for freedom! Our big brotherly attitude is the root cause of our becoming hostile to our neighbors.


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